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         There were many more books I would have put here, but they were already on one of my other lists.
(The RC Page has more classics and history, including substitutes not on RC's list.) Be sure to take a look at the Free Books Online page for more great homeschool books, and the links section for free grammar, spelling, phonics books, etc.
         Many of these books are also available in HTML with pictures and maps, but I have not marked them as I did on the RC page. You can skim through a book, or use the Book Wizard or AR Book Finder to determine a book's reading level.

         Please see About the Format of Online Books if you have questions about online books.
         For your eBook reader, use one of Gutenberg's formats, or click on the MB links to find more formats at ManyBooks.

         Note: I have tried to learn what I could about these books and select them with care, but I still haven't read most of them. So if you find any that are inappropriate, please let me know.

Biographies (and autobiographies)
Conduct of Life
Fiction / Classics
Folklore, Myths, and Fairy Tales
Geography / Social Studies
Historical Fiction
History (non-fiction)

One-syllable Books
Science (not text books)
Series Books or Dime Novels (like supplemental books on RC list)
- Web Sites with More Free Books

         To find more biographies, try searching for specific names at Project Gutenberg. Or try their list of Historical Biographies list, as well as the Biography Section at MB. Or here are links to Audio Biographies and Memoirs.
Abbott, JacobAlexander the Great, History of Julius Caesar, Peter the Great, Queen Elizabeth, etc.  MB. Or audio - Wrote many biographies for children. Some available at Gutenberg, many more available in HTML.Numerous biographies for children
Abbott, John S. C.Christopher Carson, David Crockett, Daniel Boone, etc.  MB. Or audio.Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, etc.
Bolton, Sarah K.Boys Who Became Famous, Girls Who Became Famous, Famous American Statesmen, European Artists, etc.  MB. Or audio.Numerous biographies per book (for children)
Bradford, Sarah H.Harriet, the Moses of Her People. Or audio (which is an earlier, slightly different version than the text file, before it was rewritten).Harriet Tubman / Underground Railroad
Brooks, E. S.Historic Boys: Their Endeavours, Their Achievements, and Their Times  MBMarcus Aurelius, Brian Boru, Olaf II, William the Conqueror, Baldwin III, Frederick II, Henry V, Pope Leo X, King of Tezcuco, Louis XIV, Charles XII, Van Rensselaer
Brooks, E. S.Historic Girls: Stories of Girls Who Have Influenced the History of Their Times  MB. Or audio.Zenobia, Helena (mother of Constantine), Pulcheria Augusta, Queen Clotilda, Empress Woo, Good Queen Maud, Countess Jacqueline, Queen Catarina, St. Theresa of Avila, Elizabeth I, Christina of Sweden, Pocahontas
Brown, William WellsThe Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave  MBAutobiography / Underground Railroad
Courtenay, Calista McCabeGeorge Washington  MB. Or audio. Good for younger readers.George Washington
Craft, Ella and WilliamRunning a Thousand Miles for Freedom  MBA couple's escape from slavery
Douglass, FrederickMy Bondage and My Freedom, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, etc.  MB. Or audio.Autobiographical works of an ex-slave
Ellis, Edward S.Thomas Jefferson; a Character Sketch, The Life of Kit Carson, Dewey and Other Naval Commanders  MB. Or audio.Thomas Jefferson, Kit Carson, Various Naval commanders
Fields, AnnieAuthors and Friends  MBEmerson, Holmes, Longfellow, Stowe, Tennyson, Thaxter, Whittier
Fields, James T.Yesterdays with Authors - Contains a lot of the authors' correspondence.Thackeray, Hawthorne, Dickens, Wordsworth, Miss Mitford, etc.
Greenwood, GraceQueen Victoria, Her Girlhood and Womanhood  MBQueen Victoria
Hartley, Cecil B.Life and Times of Colonel Daniel Boone  MBDaniel Boone
Holland, Rupert S.Historic Boyhoods, Historic Girlhoods, etc.  MB. Or audio.Numerous biographies per book
Horne, Charles F. (editor)Great Men and Famous Women  MB. Or audio. 8 volumes containing many short biographies by various authors.Numerous biographies per book
Howells, William DeanLiterary Friends and Acquaintance  MBHarte, Holmes, Longfellow, Lowell, Taylor, Twain
Keller, HelenThe Song of the Stone Wall and The Story of My Life  MB. Or audio.Autobiographical works of a deaf and blind woman
Ketcham, HenryThe Life of Abraham Lincoln  MBAbraham Lincoln
Lee, Sir SidneyA Life of William Shakespeare  MBWilliam Shakespeare
Jefferson, ThomasAutobiography of Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
Johnston, Charles H. L.Famous Frontiersmen and Heroes of the Border, Famous Indian Chiefs, Famous Discoverers and Explorers of America, etc.  MBNumerous biographies per book
Nicolay, HelenThe Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln  MB. Or audio.Abraham Lincoln
Marden, Orison SwettLittle Visits with Great Americans, Vols. 1 & 2 - Great biographies of both familiar and unfamiliar names. Note: The table of contents in Volume 1 covers both volumes.Numerous biographies per volume
McSpadden, J. WalkerBoys' Book of Famous Soldiers  MB. Or audio.Washington, Grant, Lee, Napoleon, Wellington, Gordon, Roberts, Kitchener, Haig, Joffre, Foch, Pershing
Parton, James Captains of Industry  MB. Or audio.46 short biographies representing many interesting trades (watches, gardening, printing, cotton goods, hammers, ice)
Parton, JamesFamous Americans of Recent Times  MBClay, Webster, Calhoun, Randolph, Girard, Bennett, Goodyear, Beecher, Vanderbilt, Burr, Astor
Parton, JamesRevolutionary Heroes and Other Historical Papers  MBWarren, Hale, Washington's Spies, Soldiers at Valley Forge, Adams, Signers of Declaration of Independence, Morris, John Jay, Ames
Peters, De Witt C.The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson . . . from Facts Narrated by Himself  MB. Or audio.Kit Carson
PlutarchPlutarch's Lives  MB (complete). Or audio.
Or the Children's version.  MB. Or audio (of a different child's version).
Numerous Greek and Roman historical biographies
Sabin, Edwin L.Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters and Boys' Book of Indian Warriors and Heroic Indian Women  MBNumerous biographies per book
Stratemeyer, EdwardAmerican Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt  MBTheodore Roosevelt
Sweetser, Kate DickinsonTen American Girls from History  MBPocahontas, Dorothy Quincy, Molly Pitcher, Elizabeth Van Lew, Ida Lewis, Clara Barton, Virginia Reed, Louisa Alcott, Clara Morris, Anna Dickinson
Sweetser, Kate DickinsonTen Boys from History  MBStephen and Nicholas (child crusaders--may not appeal to all families), Peter of Haarlem, David, Louis XVII, Edward Plantagenet, Tad Lincoln, Samuel Morse, David Farragut, Mozart
Sweetser, Kate DickinsonTen Girls from History  MBJeanne D'Arc, Queen Victoria, Sally Wister, Cofachiqui, Jenny Lind, Eliza Lucas, Lady Jane Grey, "Gentle Annie," Madeleine de Vercheres, Adrienne de Lafayette
Thayer, William M.From Boyhood to Manhood: Life of Benjamin Franklin  MB - A complete biography. (Though Franklin's autobiography is great, it doesn't include his last 30+ years.)Benjamin Franklin
Thayer, William R.George Washington  MB - A single-volume biography.George Washington
VariousStories of Achievement Vol. III  MB - Orators and ReformersDemosthenes, Douglass, Beecher, Booker Washington, Burritt, Gough, Lindsey
VariousStories of Achievement Vol. IV  MB - Authors and JournalistsRousseau, Burns, Bronte, Dickens, Keller, Greeley, Alcott, H. George, Rideing, Riis
Warner, Charles DudleyCaptain John Smith, The Story of Pocahontas, Washington Irving  MBJohn Smith, Pocahontas, Washington Irving
Watson, VirginiaThe Princess Pocahontas  MBPocahontas
Allen, JamesAs A Man Thinketh, Above Life's Turmoil, etc.  MB - Still very highly rated.Motivational
Burgess, GelettThe Goop DirectoryHumorous book of manners - poetry
Burgess, GelettGoops and How to Be Them - At Google Books. Or visit my free files page to get it in Text Format.Humorous book of manners - poetry
Burgess, GelettMore Goops and How Not to Be ThemHumorous book of manners - poetry
Marden, Orison SwettThe Victorious Attitude, An Iron Will, Architects of Fate, etc.  MB - Still very highly ratedMotivational / Character
Smiles, SamuelSelf-Help, Character, Thrift  MB - Still very highly ratedMotivational / Character
Washington, GeorgeGeorge Washington's Rules of Civility  MBManners
Waterman, NixonThe Boy Wanted: A Book of Cheerful Counsel and The Girl Wanted: A Book of Friendly Thoughts  MB - These include advice on how to live and act, as well as wonderful positive quotes.Motivational / Character
Title - Many of the books listed in the other categories are also classics.Subject
Alcott, Louisa MayLittle Women, Jack and Jill, Eight Cousins, An Old-Fashioned Girl, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic literature
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyThe Story of a Bad Boy  MB - Similar to "Huck Finn," though written earlier. Used to be quite popular with boys.Literature
Atkinson, EleanorGreyfriars Bobby  MBClassic literature
Austen, JanePride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic literature
Barrie, J. M.The Peter Pan books  MBClassic juvenile fiction
Baum, L. FrankThe Wizard of Oz books, and others  MB - See the Oz book order.Classic juvenile fiction
Bronte, CharlotteJane Eyre  MB. Or audio, or dramatic reading.Classic literature
Burnett, Frances HodgsonA Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Lost Prince, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic literature
Dickens, CharlesGreat Expectations, The Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Bleak House, etc.  MBClassic literature
Doyle, Arthur ConanSherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Lost World, etc.  MBClassic literature
Fisher, Dorothy CanfieldUnderstood Betsy  MB. Or audio.Classic juvenile fiction
Grahame, KennethThe Wind in the Willows, Dream Days, The Golden Age  MBClassic children's fiction
Gruelle, John B. (Johnny)Raggedy Ann Stories, Raggedy Andy Stories, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic juvenile fiction
Irving, WashingtonThe Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon  MB - 34 stories, including Rip Van Winkle, the stories from Old Christmas, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow .Classic short stories
Kipling, RudyardKim, Puck of Pook's Hill, Jungle Book, etc.  MBClassic literature
Lagerlof, SelmaThe Wonderful Adventures of Nils  MB - A fun children's novel that also teaches about the geography, nature, and folklore of Sweden.Classic children's book
Lamb, Charles and MaryTales from Shakespeare  MB - Adapted for childrenClassics for children
MacDonald, GeorgeThomas Wingfold, Malcolm, Robert Falconer, etc.  MB - Many of his books are novels set in the Scottish countryside, and are very religious, while others are fantasy stories.Classic literature
Malot, HectorNobody's Boy (Sans Famille) and Nobody's Girl (En Famille)  MB - These have long been childhood favorites, and many say they inspired their love of reading. Each is a stand-alone novel, translated from the French.Classic literature
Mee, Arthur and John HammertonThe World's Greatest Books - Similar to the condensed literature in the "The Book of Knowledge." (Read more about it, and find other Mee books.)Classic literature (abridged)
Melville, HermanMoby Dick, Bartleby, Typee, etc.  MBClassic literature
Montgomery, L. M.The Anne of Green Gables Series, The Story Girl, The Golden Road, short story collections, etc.  MB. Or audio - See chronological order.Classic literature
Nesbit, EdithBeautiful Stories from Shakespeare, The Railway Children, Five Children and It, The Treasure Seekers, etc.  MB - See chronological order, and which are for children.Classics for children
Porter, Eleanor H.Pollyanna, Pollyanna Grows Up, Just David, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic literature
Potter, BeatrixPeter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter, etc.  MBClassic animal stories for young readers
Pyle, HowardRobin Hood, Men of Iron, Otto of the Silver Hand, etc.  MB - A number of his books deal with medieval folklore, while some are historical.Classic literature
Sewell, AnnaBlack Beauty  MB - Or the Young Folks' EditionJuvenile literature
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, etc.  MBClassic literature / drama
Stevenson, R. L. Kidnapped, Treasure Island, The Black Arrow, etc.  MBClassic literature
Stratton-Porter, GeneFreckles, Girl of the Limberlost, Laddie, etc.  MB. Or audio - The author was a naturalist without being like today's environmentalists. She just loved nature. (Most of her books are about people, but a few are about animals.)Classic literature
Twain, MarkTom Sawyer, Connecticut Yankee, Innocents Abroad, The Gilded Age, etc.  MB - Genres cover humor, historical fiction, travel essays, memoirs and short stories.Classic literature
Various Books from the "Every Child Should Know" library (edited by different people), including: Famous Stories, Legends, Folk Tales, Heroes, Heroines, Fairy Tales, Myths, Tales of Wonder, Poems, Pictures, Birds, Songs, Operas, etc.
To find these, search Gutenberg using the phrase "every child should know". Find more at IA, and more at Google Books, and at least one more here.  MB. Or audio.
Collections for children
VariousGreat Sea Stories  MB - Excerpts from 15 novels by Melville, Marryat, Hugo, Cooper and more.Sea Stories
Verne, JulesJourney to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyage in a Balloon, etc.  MBClassic literature
Wallace, LewBen-Hur; A Tale of the Christ  MBEarly Christianity / Classic literature
Wiggin, Kate DouglasRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Timothy's Quest, Mother Carey's Chickens, etc.  MB. Or audio.Classic literature
Title - It was hard to choose which Arthur tales to list, since they're aimed at different ages.   Warning: Older fairy tales are not as gentle as what we're used to today, and some may be too scary for smaller children.Subject
Andersen, Hans ChristianAndersen's Fairy Tales (a small collection), Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (a large collection), plus other books.  MBFairy Tales
Berens, E. M.Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome  MBGreek and Roman Mythology
Bulfinch, ThomasBulfinch's Mythology:  MB
1 - The Age of Chivalry
2 - The Age of Fable
3 - Legends of Charlemagne
Mythology of many countries
Cutler, U. WaldoStories of King Arthur and His Knights  MB - 42 chapters.Arthurian Legend retold
Gilbert, HenryKing Arthur's Knights: The Tales Re-told for Boys & Girls  MB - 13 chaptersArthurian Legend retold for children
Grimm, The BrothersHousehold Tales by Brothers Grimm  MB - Includes all the Grimm's fairy talesFairy Tales
MacDonald, GeorgeThe Light Princess, At the Back of the North Wind, Phantastes, etc.  MB - Many of his books are fairy tales or fantasy, while others are regular novels.Fairy Tales / Fantasy
Lang, AndrewThe Fairy Books  MB - 12 volumes of classic fairy tales from around the world. (Learn more about the books, and their order.)
Classic fairy tales
Mathews, CorneliusThe Indian Fairy Book  MBNative American legends
Radford, Maude L.King Arthur and His Knights  MB - Of all the Arthurian stories I've listed, this one seems to be for the youngest readers. (See Cutler, Gilbert, and Tennyson in this section)Arthurian legend for younger readers
Stockton, Frank R.The Lady or the Tiger, The Bee Man of Orn, Ting-a-ling, etc.  MB - Fairy tales with a moral, written in the late 1800s.Victorian Era Fairy Tales
Tennyson, Alfred LordIdylls of the King  MBArthurian legend in Poetry
         If you have a place in mind you'd like to study, search for it at Project Gutenberg. Or try Explorion for more free geography / travel texts, and the Travel Section at MB. Or here are links to Audio Travel & Geography and Exploration books.
Amundsen, RoaldThe South Pole  MB1st expedition to reach the South Pole
Andrews, JaneThe Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball That Floats in the Air  MBWorld geography for young readers
Bird, IsabellaAmong the Tibetans, The Hawaiian Archipelago, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, Journeys in Perisa and Kurdistan, etc.  MB. Or audio.Her travels in Asia, the Middle East, the U.S., etc.
Brooks, NoahFirst Across the Continent  MBLewis and Clark
Cooke, Captain JamesCaptain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World, A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World  MBCircumnavigating the globe
De Windt, HarryFrom Paris to New York by Land  MBAdventurous travels through Siberia, Canada, and U.S.
Der Ling, PrincessTwo Years in the Forbidden City  MB. Or audio.Life in the old Chinese court
Eastman, Charles A. (Ohiyesa)Indian Boyhood, Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, Old Indian Days.  MB - Autobiographical and biographical works, as well as historical fiction, about Native American life.Native American life
Fairbanks, Harold W.The Western United States A Geographical Reader  MB - Covers the geography, geology, and history of the area.Geography of Western U.S.
Jacobs, JosephStory of Geographical Discovery  MBGeneral history of explorers and discovery, in one volume
Lewis, Meriwether / Clark, WilliamThe Journals of Lewis and Clark and History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark Vol. 1-2 (which is an edited version of the journals, with editor's additional material)  MBAccounts of their travels and discoveries
Park, MungoTravels in the Interior of Africa, Life and Travels of Mungo Park in Central Africa, etc.  MBExploration of Central Africa
Peary, Robert E.The North Pole  MB1st expedition of reach the North Pole
Perkins, Lucy FitchThe Twins Books  MB. Or audio - Each story is about a set of twins (usually a boy and a girl) from another country. Some have pictures, some don't. There are more pictures available here, and some more here. Note: Some readers may want to skip "The Spartan Twins" (which focuses on pagan beliefs) and "The Cave Twins" (if your views of creation don't include tree-dwelling, hairy "monkey people").Life of children in other lands
Polo, MarcoThe Travels of Marco Polo  MB - Vol. 1 and Vol. 2Worldwide travels
Shaw, Edward R.Discoverers and Explorers  MBHistory of exploration and discovery
Stuck, HudsonTen Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled  MBTravels in Alaska
Synge, M. B.A Book of Discovery  MBExplorers and their journeys
Various"Our Little Cousin" books. Includes titles like "Bertha (Our Little German Cousin)," and "Our Little Dutch Cousin". Find a few more at Kellscraft in HTML. (Scroll down to the "O" titles.) More than 20 books available.Life of children in other lands
Yonge, Charlotte M.Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe  MB. Or audio.Fiction about children in many lands
         There's more historical fiction from which to choose by many of the authors listed here. (Some of them only wrote historical fiction.) Also see the Historical Fiction page for more. Authors marked with * here are also listed on that page.
         And check out the
Series section below for a few historical series.
Adams, AndyThe Log of a Cowboy, Cattle Brands, etc.  MBAmerican West; Cowboy stories
Altsheler, JosephThe Last of the Chiefs, The Civil War Series, The French and Indian War Series, etc.  MB - He wrote specifically for young people. Some books are stand-alone novels, and some are in a series (see their order here.)American Historical series and novels
Ballantyne, R. M.The Coral Island, The Lighthouse, The Young Fur Traders, etc.  MB - This boys' author was very religious, and his books reflect that. His books focus more on geography than Henty's.Historical adventures
*Barr, AmeliaRemember the Alamo, The Bow of Orange Ribbon, The Hallam Succession, etc.  MB. Or audio - Her novels were well researched, and full of wholesome characters.Historical Fiction
*Chambers, Robert W.Ailsa Paige  MB - This author has the same name, but is not the evolutionist.NY during firing on Fort Sumter
*Chambers, Robert W.The Maid-at-Arms  MB - This author has the same name, but is not the evolutionist.American Revolution
*Churchill, WinstonRichard Carvel, The Crossing, The Celebrity, etc.  MB - This is the American novelist, not the politician. (Though his books are fine, too.)Historical Fiction
Connor, RalphThe Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail, The Prospector, The Sky Pilot, etc.  MB - His stories are said to be very moral as well as historical.Canadian frontier
*Cooper, James FenimoreThe Last of the Mohicans, The Pilot, The Spy, etc.  MB - See a short description of each book. Some are in a series.Historical Fiction
Curtis, Alice TurnerThe Little Maid of Old Maine, Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter, A Little Maid of Old Philadelphia, etc.  MB. Or audio - Written for young girls.Historical Fiction, American
Douglas, Amanda M.A Little Girl in Old Salem, A Little Girl in New York, A Little Girl in Philadelphia, etc.  MB - Written for young girls.Historical Fiction (mainly America)
*Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Exploits of Brigadier Gerard and The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard / The White Company and its prequel Sir Nigel  MBNapoleonic Wars / Hundred Years War
*Dumas, Alexandre (pere)The Three Musketeers, Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge, etc.  MB - Most of his works of fiction were historical. You could probably choose any.Historical Fiction (mainly French)
*Ebers, GeorgHomo Sum, Cleopatra, In the Blue Pike, etc.  MB - Ebers was an Egyptologist who also wrote historical fiction. At first his novels were only about Egypt, but later he covered other historical subjects.Historical Fiction
*Ellis, Edward S.The Huge Hunter, Brave Tom, The Daughter of the Chieftain, etc.  MB - Mostly historical fiction, but also some historical non-fiction. Written for youth.Historical Fiction (mainly American)
Fox, John Jr.The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come  MBAmerican Civil War
*Frederic, HaroldIn the Valley  MBAmerican Revolution
*Johnston, Mary1492, Lewis Rand, Sir Mortimer, etc.  MB. Or audio - Her books are supposed to contain a bit of romance, so girls may particularly like them.Historical Fiction
King, CharlesA Daughter of the Sioux, Sunset Pass, Warrior Gap, etc.  MB - This general put his war and frontier experiences into his novels. These books may appeal to girls as well as boys, as they may contain a bit of romance.Historical Fiction (mainly American)
*Lang, AndrewPickle the Spy, or, The Incognito of Prince Charles  MBCharles E. Stuart
Meigs, CorneliaMaster Simon's Garden - in HTML  MB - By the Newbery Honor author.Colonial America through Revolution
*Muhlbach, LouiseThe Daughter of an Empress, Marie Antoinette and Her Son, Prince Eugene and His Times, etc.  MBHistorical Fiction
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Scarlet Pimpernel books.  MB - See the series order.Historical Fiction (mainly French Revolution)
Otis, JamesRichard of Jamestown, The Minute Boys of Mohawk Valley, Neal the Miller, etc.  MBAmerican History
*Parker, GilbertWhen Valmond came to Pontiac, Donovan Pasha and Some People of Egypt, Pierre and His People, etc.  MBHistorical Fiction (mainly Canadian, but some others as well)
Parrish, RandallMolly McDonald: A Tale of the Old Frontier, When Wilderness Was King: A Tale of the Illinois Country, Wolves of the Sea, etc.  MBHistorical Fiction
Sabatini, RafaelScaramouche, The Lion's Skin, The Snare, etc.  MB - These historical novels are often referred to as "swashbuckling" adventures.Historical Fiction
*Stowe, Harriet BeecherUncle Tom's Cabin  MB - Or try the Young Folks' Edition, or the more advanced Juvenile Uncle Tom's Cabin (at Google Books).
         Later Stowe wrote a defense of this book (showing the facts behind it) called The Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin. Note: We recommend reading this first, to see if it's too violent for your child.
Slavery in America
Watson, Henry C.The Old Bell of Independence, or Philadelphia in 1776  MBAmerican independence
Watson, Henry C.The Yankee Tea-party, or Boston in 1773  MBBoston Tea Party
Webb, Mrs. J. B.The Pilgrims of New England  MBPilgrims in America
*Yonge, CharlotteA Modern Telemachus, The Dove in the Eagle's Nest, The Lances of Lynwood, etc.  MB. Or audio - See a list and summary of her works, and links to texts (besides just at PG) at Charlotte Mary Yonge Fellowship. She also wrote some non-fiction history books, and a few moral novels.Historical Fiction
Title - Be sure to see the Biographies section and Geography / Social Studies section above, for more great books about history.Subject
Baldwin, JamesFifty Famous People, Fifty Famous Stories Retold (and Thirty More...), Four Great Americans, Old Greek Stories, etc. Find more here (in HTML).  MBHistory for Children (worldwide)
Bailey, W. F.The Story of the First Trans-Continental Railroad  MBFirst trans-continental railroad
Bradford, WilliamBradford's History of 'Plimoth Plantation'  MB - Written by the leader of the Plymouth ColonyPilgrims and Plymouth Colony
Bradley, Glenn D.The Story of the Pony Express  MBThe Pony Express
Brown, William WellsThe Negro in the American Rebellion: His Heroism and His FidelityAfrican Americans in the Civil War
Carpenter, John A.The Star Spangled Banner  MBFrancis Scott Key and the writing of the song
Channing, EdwardA Short History of the United States  MB - A basic history text intended for school use, written by the award-winning historian.American History for children
Davis, William StearnsA Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life  MB - Illustrates what day-to-day life may have been like. Interesting details, clear down to the furniture.Life in ancient Athens
Dickens, CharlesA Child's History of England  MBHistory of England for children
Drake, Francis S.Tea Leaves - Being a Collection of Letters and Documents relating to the shipment of Tea to the American Colonies in the year 1773, by the East India Tea Company. (With an introduction, notes, and biographical notices of the Boston Tea Party).  MBBoston Tea Party
Earle, Alice MorseHome Life in Colonial Days  MB. Or audio.Colonial Life in America
Eggleston, EdwardStories of Great Americans for Little Americans  MB - To help young readers, long words are hyphenated until repeated enough to be familiar (then hyphens are dropped).Famous Americans for young readers
Eggleston, George C.Strange Stories from History for Young People  MB - "Strange" meaning less familiar, or uncommon.History for children (worldwide)
Ferris, W. A.Life in the Rocky Mountains - HTML or PDF. Written by a fur trapper. Tells of life with Native Americans, trapping, clothing, food and cooking, tools and weapons, travel and geography, daily life, health, etc.Life of a fur trapper
Fisher, George ParkOutline of Universal History  MB - "Designed as a Text-book and for Private Reading." A great overview, and reference tool.History (worldwide)
Gordy, Wilbur FiskStories of Later American History  MB - Elementary school level.American History for children
Hall, Mrs. Cecil (Mary)A Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba  MB. Or audio - This books is a series of letters she wrote after leaving England, that tell about adjusting to her new life.Pioneer life
Henry, PatrickGive me Liberty or Give Me Death  MBHistoric Speech
Higginson, Thomas W.Army Life in a Black Regiment  MB - Written by a white commander, and supposed to be one of the best Civil War narratives written from the Union point of view.Civil War (Union) / African American soldiers
Larcom, LucyA New England Girlhood  MB. Or audio.Childhood in 1800s America
Hurlbut, Jesse LymanThe Story of Our Country Every Child Can Read  MBAmerican History for children
Lord, JohnBeacon Lights of History (14 volumes)  MB. Or audio - Written from a religious perspective.Ancient to modern times
Marshall, LoganThe World War: A History of The Nations and Empires Involved and a Study of the Events Culminating in The Great Conflict  MBWorld War I
Morris, CharlesHistorical Tales - The Romance of Reality (15 volumes)  MB - Each volume is devoted to a different region of the world. Most volumes are just history, but there's also a some legend, like King Arthur, thrown in.History (worldwide)
Paine, ThomasCommon Sense  MBPamphlet written during American Revolution
Pratt, Mara L.American History Stories - Multiple volumes in HTML. Or visit my free files page to get them in Text Format.American History for children
Roosevelt, Theodore and Henry Cabot LodgeHero Tales from American History  MBTales of American heroes and historical events
Stevens, William O. and Allan WestcottA History of Sea Power  MB - From ancient times through World War I.Naval History - Worldwide
Still, WilliamThe Underground Railroad  MBThe Underground Railroad
Sweeney, W. AllisonHistory of the American Negro in the Great World War  MB - Also includes accounts of the other U.S. wars dating back to the Revolution.African Americans in WWI and other wars
U. S. Army Corps of EngineersThe Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  MBWWII
U. S. PresidentsVarious works of the Presidents. Some include their speeches or writings. See the 2 listings below for speeches collected into one file.Inaugural addresses, State of the Union, etc.
U. S. PresidentsComplete State of the Union Addresses, from 1790 to ___  MB - The file at PG is periodically updated, whereas MB's probably isn't.State of the Union Addresses
U. S. PresidentsU. S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses  MB - The file at PG appears to be updated every four years, so it's always up-to-date. But the file at MB probably isn't.Inaugural addresses
VariousChronicles of America - Fifty-volume history series. This list was big enough I had to put it on another page. These are more along the lines of text-books.American History
Yonge, CharlotteYoung Folks' History of England  MBHistory of England for children
         Also see Project Gutenberg's "Christmas Bookshelf" as well as the Christmas books at MB.
Alcott, Louisa MayAn Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving  MBThanksgiving - short story
Brown, Abbie FarwellThe Christmas Angel  MBChristmas - short story
Dalrymple, LeonaWhen the Yule Log Burns  MBChristmas - short story
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The Cricket on the Hearth, Seven Poor Travellers, Going Into Society, The Holly-Tree, Wreck of the Golden Mary, Perils of Certain English Prisoners, A Message from the Sea, Tom Tiddler's Ground, Somebody's Luggage, and "Some Christmas Stories."  MBChristmas - short stories
Dickinson, Asa Don and Ada M. SkinnerThe Children's Book of Christmas Stories  MBChristmas - short stories
Dickinson, Asa DonThe Children's Book of Thanksgiving Stories  MB (Sometimes labeled as "Good Cheer Stories Every Child Should Know," but it's the same as this Thanksgiving book.)Thanksgiving - short stories
Gale, ZonaChristmas: A Story  MBChristmas story
Hanson, GlennThe Frontier Holiday "Being a collection of writings by Minnesota pioneers who recorded their divers ways of observing Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's" - in HTMLThanksgiving, Christmas, New Year - short stories
Henry, O.The Gift of the Magi  MBChristmas - short story
Howells, William DeanChristmas Every Day and Other Stories; told for children  MBSilly, short Christmas stories
Irving, WashingtonOld Christmas  MBChristmas - short stories
Moore, Clement C.The Night Before Christmas  MB - There are two versions available here, both in text or HTML with pics.Christmas poem
Olcott, Frances JenkinsGood Stories for Great Holidays  MB - This book covers just about every holiday, and was written for children.Year-round holiday stories
Pringle, Mary Poague and Clara A. UrannYule-Tide in Many Lands  MBHistory and description of Christmas celebrations around the world
Stowe, Harriet BeecherBetty's Bright Idea; Deacon Pitkin's Farm; and The First Christmas of New England  MB - The second story is a Thanksgiving one. The other two are for Christmas, the last being the story of the Pilgrim's first Christmas in America.Thanksgiving and Christmas - short stories
Van Dyke, HenryThe First Christmas Tree, The Lost Word, The Spirit of Christmas, The Sad Shepherd, The Story of the Other Wise Man  MBChristmas - short stories
VariousChristmas Sunshine  MBChristmas poems
VariousOur Holidays - From the "St. Nicholas Magazine."History of various holidays
Wiggin, Kate DouglasThe Birds' Christmas Carol (about a family named Bird, not animals), The Romance of a Christmas Card (not really a "romance"), The Old Peabody Pew  MB. Or audio.Christmas - short novels
Holbrook, FlorenceDramatic Reader for Lower Grades  MBShort plays for children
Lyng, Mary EllaHistory Plays for the Grammar Grades  MBHistory plays for children
McBrien, Jasper L.America First  MB - Collection of patriotic readings (from speeches, addresses, etc.), poems, and even a short play.Oral reading - Patriotic
Stevenson, AugustaChildren's Classics in Dramatic Form and Book Two  MBShort plays for children
VariousFamiliar Quotations  MB (Bartlett's Quotations)Quotations
VariousGraded Memory Selections  MB - Arranged by grade, this is mostly poetry, plus some speeches and sayings.Pieces for recitation
VariousHandy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations  MB - Short selections which may be useful for copywork.Quotations from poetry
VariousMany Thoughts of Many Minds  MB - A Treasury of Quotations from the Literature of Every Land and Every AgeQuotations from Literature
VariousStandard Selections  MB - Contains poetry as well as selections from novels, speeches, etc.Pieces for recitation
Title - This section is small, because biographies of musicians are often not very wholesome. But those listed here were written with young readers in mind.Subject
Brower, HarrietteThe World's Great Men of Music  MB - For young people.25 biographies
Rowbotham, Francis J.Story-Lives of Great Musicians  MB - For young-ish readers.Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert
Scobey, Kathrine Louis and Olive Brown HorneStories of Great Musicians - Written for school use.Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner
Bakewell, EstherThe Book of One Syllable  MB - Collection of short stories.Told in one-syllable words (short words)
Fanny, AuntThe First Little Pet Book with Ten Short Stories in Words of Three and Four LettersTold in one-syllable words (short words)
Godolphin, MaryThe Pilgrim's Progress in Words of One Syllable  MBRetold in one-syllable words (short words)
Godolphin, MaryRobinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable  MBRetold in one-syllable words (short words)
Godolphin, MarySwiss Family Robinson in Words of One Syllable  MBRetold in one-syllable words (short words)
Gorham, J. C.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Retold in Words of One Syllable  MBRetold in one-syllable words (hyphenated)
Putnam, HarrietThe Life of Abraham Lincoln for Young People: Told in Words of One Syllable - Uncorrected OCR text or PDF of scanned book at GB.Told in one-syllable words (hyphenated)
Remy, Jean S.Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable  MBTold in one-syllable words (hyphenated)
Title - Also search this page for poetry in other categories, like the Misc. section.Subject
         I've mostly listed anthologies, for the sake of being well-rounded, and because they were often for students, therefore less likely to contain inappropriate material. For more poetry search Gutenberg for your favorite author, or try the Poetry Section at MB.
AnonymousBeowulf (Gummere's translation)  MB
Or in prose (Kirtlan's translation)
Epic poetry
AnonymousThe Real Mother GooseThe classic rhymes
Field, EugeneLove-Songs of Childhood  MB - The Duel, The Ride to Bumpville, Picnic-Time, etc.Poetry, childhood
Frost, RobertNorth of Boston  MB - Mending Wall, After Apple-Picking, The Wood Pile, etc.Poetry
HomerThe Iliad (Pope's translation)  MB
Or in blank verse (Cowper's translation)  MB
Or the child's version - in HTML.
Epic poetry
HomerThe Odyssey (Pope's translation)  MB
Or in blank verse (Cowper's translation)  MB
Or the child's version - in HTML.
Epic poetry
Paterson, A. B. "Banjo"The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses  MB - The Man from Snowy River, Clancy of the Overflow, A Bushman's Song, etc.Poetry, Australian frontier life
Shakespeare, WilliamThe Sonnets, The Phoenix and the Turtle, etc.  MBPoetry
Stevenson, R. L.A Child's Garden of Verses  MBPoetry
VariousThe Best Nonsense Verses - Includes poems by Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Gelett Burgess, etc.Poetry, humorous
VariousThe Book of Humorous Verse  MB - The Chemist to His Love, The Ballad of Bouillabaisse, Lay of the Deserted Influenzaed, etc.Poetry, humorous
VariousHandy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations  MB - Short selections which may be useful for copywork.Quotations from poetry
VariousIt Can Be Done; Poems of Inspiration  MB - The Gifts of God, Gladness, The Daffodils, etc.Poetry, motivational
VariousPoems Every Child Should Know  MB - Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, Charge of the Light Brigade, Lochinvar, etc. (Arranged by difficulty.)Poetry
VariousPoems of American Patriotism  MB - Paul Revere's Ride, O Captain! My Captain!, The Unknown Soldier, etc.Poetry, Patriotic
VariousPoems Teachers Ask For  MB - The Brook, The First Snowfall, Landing of the Pilgrims, etc.Poetry
VariousPoems Teachers Ask For, Book Two  MB - Annabel Lee, The Legend Beautiful, Our Presidents, etc.Poetry
VariousThe Posy Ring; A Book of Verse for Children  MB - O Lady Moon, Violets, The Fairy Folk, etc.Poetry
VirgilThe Aeneid (Taylor's translation)  MB
Or in prose (Mackail's translation)  MB
Or the child's version - in HTML.
Epic poetry
Wheatley, PhillisPoems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral  MB - On Virtue, On Being Brought from Africa, On Imagination, An Hymn to Humanity, etc. (The first African American woman to publish a book.)Poetry, moral
Bailey, Arthur ScottThe Animal Tale books such as The tale of: Betsy Butterfly, Old Mr. Crow, Nimble Deer, Timothy Turtle, and many more.  MB - These books teach about wildlife in a fun story format for children. They also teach great vocabulary. (Some prefer these to the Burgess books.)Wildlife
Ball, Robert S.Great Astronomers  MBBiographies and discoveries of 18 astronomers
Bassett, Sara WareThe Story of Glass, The Story of Sugar, The Story of Wool, Ted and the Telephone, etc.  MBFiction that teaches about science
Bolton, Sarah K.Famous Men of Science  MBBiographies and accomplishments of Galileo, Newton, Linnaeus, Cuvier, Herschel, Von Humboldt, Davy, Audubon, Morse, Lyell, Henry, Agassiz, Darwin [can skip, or discuss], Buckland
Brewster, Sir DavidThe Martyrs of Science, or, The lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler  MBLives and accomplishments of Galileo, Brahe, and Kepler
Burgess, ThorntonBurgess Bird Book for Children, Burgess Animal Book for Children, Bowser the Hound, etc.  MB - These books teach a great deal while still being in an entertaining story format for children. (Similar to the fun Arthur Scott Bailey stories.)Wildlife
Buckley, Arabella B.The Fairy-Land of Science  MBScience for children
Burroughs, JohnSquirrels and Other Fur-Bearers, Birds and Bees, Wake-Robin, etc.  MBNature and Wildlife
Casson, Herbert NewtonThe History of the Telephone  MBBell and the telephone
Doubleday, RussellStories of Inventors - The enthusiastic author called these "stories of adventure in invention" and hoped the reader would feel the thrill of inventing.  MBSteamboats, trains, cars, dirigibles, radios, movies, bridges, submarines, telephones, adding machines, ice-makers, etc.
Dyer, Frank LewisEdison, His Life And Inventions  MBEdison's inventions
Fabre, Jean-HenriLife of the Spider, Life of the Fly, Bramble-Bees, etc.  MBNature (bugs)
Fabre, Jean-HenriThe Story Book of Science, and the second book The Secret of Everyday Things - both in HTML.Many nature topics
Fairbanks, Harold W.The Western United States A Geographical Reader  MB - Covers the geography, geology, and history of the area.Geology in the Western U.S.
Forbes, GeorgeHistory of Astronomy  MBHistory of astronomy and astronomers
Galbreath, C. B.Story of the Aeroplane  MBHistory of aeronautics
Gibson, Charles R.War Inventions and How They Were Invented - in HTMLShells, submarines, guns, etc.
Haseman, LeonardAn Elementary Study of Insects  MB - This book was intended for school use.Insects
Holland, Rupert S.Historic Inventions Printing, steam power, transportation, communication, electricity, machinery, etc.
Kingsley, CharlesMadam How and Lady Why  MBEarly geology
Leathley, Mary Elizabeth S. D.Mamma's Stories about Birds  MBBirds
Lewis, Meriwether / Clark, WilliamThe Journals of Lewis and Clark and History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark Vol. 1-2 (which is an edited version of the journals, with editor's additional material)  MBTheir observations of nature
Matthew, William DillerDinosaurs, with Special Reference to the American Museum Collections  MBDinosaurs
Munro, JohnHeroes of the Telegraph  MBHistory of the telegraph
Munro, JohnThe Story of Electricity  MBElectricity (and its part in history)
Paley, WilliamNatural Theology - at GB. Contains the famed watchmaker analogy. Uses the natural world as evidence that God exists
Runciman, Walter C.Gas and Oil Engines, Simply ExplainedInternal combustion engines
Seton, Ernest ThompsonWild Animals I Have Known, Woodland Tales, Johnny Bear, etc.  MBNature and animal stories taken from his experiences
Smiles, SamuelMen of Invention and Industry, Industrial Biography, Lives of the Engineers, etc.  MBInventors and their inventions
Towers, Walter KelloggMasters of Space: Morse, Thompson, Bell, Marconi, Carty  MBHistory of communication, from the telephone back to ancient times
United States F. B. I.The Science of Fingerprints; Classification and Uses  MBFingerprints
United States Rubber CompanyThe Romance of Rubber  MB - Includes study questions and review.History of rubber / vulcanization
UnknownThe History of Insects - You may want to print the pictures from the HTML version. There is at least one picture per insect mentioned. (It's not a long book.)Bugs
Vivian, Evelyn Charles The History of Aeronautics  MBHistory of aeronautics
Title - While labeled for boys or girls, based on the author's intent, these books can be enjoyed by anyone. Also see the Historical Fiction section above for more historical series.Subject
         For even more series books, see the following: My series books page, Project Gutenberg's Children's Series Bookshelf, and the Series Section at MB. Also try Mary Crosson's page for lists of many series order, and more info about the books.
Aldridge, JanetThe Meadow-Brook Girls  MBGirls Outdoor Series
Alger, HoratioRagged Dick, The Store Boy, Try and Trust, etc.  MB - Rags-to-riches stories where boys achieve success due mainly to hard work and determination.Boys Dime Novels
Allen, Capt. QuincyThe Outdoor Chums  MB - Four boys have adventures and teach how to camp, hunt, fish, canoe, etc.Boys Outdoor Series
Appleton, VictorMoving Picture Boys, Tom Swift  MBBoys Series
Baker, WillardThe Boy Ranchers  MB - Each story is based on historical or scientific fact.Boys Ranch Series
Beach, Charles A.Air Service Boys  MB - An air force series set during WWI.Boys Historical Series
Bonehill, Ralph (aka Edward Stratemeyer)Frontier, Outdoor, and Hunter books  MBBoys Hunter Series
Bowen, Robert SidneyThe Dave Dawson (aka War Adventure) series  MB - Set during WWII.Boys Historical series
Brooks, AmyDorothy Dainty, Princess Polly, etc.  MB - For younger readers. These girls are supposed to be good examples to readers.Girls Series
Bruce, Mary GrantBush Maid and Billabong books  MBAustralian Series
Burnham, MargaretThe Girl Aviators  MBGirls Series
Carr, Annie RoeNan Sherwood books  MB - About high school girls.Girls Series
Castlemon, HarryThe Frank Nelson books (The Rocky Mountain Series)  MBBoys Series
Chapman, AllenBart Stirling, Frank Roscoe, etc.  MB - These look similar to Alger books.Boys Series
Coolidge, Susan"What Katy Did" books  MB - About a girl who learns to deal with a spinal injury, plus her later adventures with family and friends.Girls Series
Cox, Stephen AngusThe Dare Boys series  MB - Set during the American Revolution.Boys Historical Series
Durham, Victor G.The Submarine Boys  MBBoys Series
Emerson, AliceBetty Gordon books, and Ruth Fielding books  MB - Betty, orphaned at age 12, begins a new life with her uncle at Bramble Farm. Orphaned Ruth goes to live with her uncle, a miserly miller. Both girls go on to travel and have many adventures.Girls Series
Ferguson, DonaldThe Chums of Scranton High  MBBoys Series
Fitzhugh, PercyThe Pee-Wee Harris, Roy Blakeley, and Tom Slade books  MB - His books have a Boy Scouting theme. See series order here. (Author listed as both Percy K. and Percy Keese at Gutenberg, so search for both.)Boys Series
Flower, Jessie G. (aka Josephine Chase)The Grace Harlowe books  MB - They may not all be online yet, but originally there were 4 series: High school, College, Overseas (serving in the Red Cross), and Overland Riders (outdoor adventures).Girls Series
Garis, HowardUncle Wiggily, some animal stories, and more.  MB (He also wrote under the pseudonym of Laura Lee Hope.)Different serial books, some great for younger children.
Goldfrap, John H. (aka Fremont B. Deering or Wilbur Lawton)The Border Boys, Boy Aviators, Bungalow Boys, Ocean Wireless Boys, etc.  MB and more at MBBoys Series
Hancock, H. IrvingDave Darrin, Dick Prescott, High School Boys, Uncle Sam's Boys, Young Engineers, etc.  MBBoys Series
Hayes, Clair W. (aka Robert L. Drake)The Boy Allies of the Army and The Boy Allies with the Navy  MB - Two WWI series with similar titles. See the army order, and navy order.Boys Historical Series
Hope, Laura LeeBobbsey Twins, Bunny Brown (about children), Six Little Bunkers, Outdoor Girls, etc.  MBDifferent serial books, some for younger children.
Johnston, Annie FellowsThe Little Colonel  MB. Or audio - About a 5-year-old girl and life in Kentucky after the Civil War. Based on real events. See the series order (scroll down) and more titles, with illustrations.Girls Series
Judson, Clara IngramThe Mary Jane Books  MB - A good-natured little girl and her adventures. For younger readers.Girls Series
Langworthy, JohnAeroplane Boys  MBBoys Series
Lavell, EdithThe Linda Carlton series - A girl aviator and her adventures, set in the 1930s.Girls series
Leslie, Lawrence J.At Whispering Pine Lodge, In Camp on the Big Sunflower, With Trapper Jim in the North Woods, etc.  MB - Wholesome outdoor stories for boys.Boys Outdoor Series
Matthews, Stanley R.The Motor Matt books  MB - About a daring racer / inventor.Boys Series
May, SophieDotty Dimple, Little Prudy, and Little Folks books, etc.  MB - For younger readers.Girls Series
Optic, OliverAcross India, Fighting for the Right, Poor and Proud (the fortunes of Katy Redburn)  MB - Most of his books were written with boys in mind, but the last one listed may interest girls.(Mainly) Boys Adventure
Penrose, MargaretDorothy Dale books and The Motor Girls books  MB - Dorothy, age 14, lives in a small town with her father, who runs a weekly newspaper. The Motor Girls have adventures and get involved in mysteries.Girls Series
Rockwood, RoyDave Dashaway, Five Thousand Miles Underground, Lost on the Moon, etc.  MB - Boys adventure stories, and some early sci-fi-type stories.Boys Adventure and Sci-Fi
Smith, MabellThe Ethel Morton books  MBGirls Series
Stratemeyer, Edward (aka Arthur Winfield)Rover Boys, Dave Porter, Putnam Hall, Richard Dare, etc.  MBBoys Series
VariousBoy Scouts Series  MB (scroll down) - More than one series, by multiple authors. See more about these series, including the order. (Scroll down to find.)Boys Series
VariousThe Camp Fire Girls  MB (scroll down) - More than one series, by multiple authors. (Listed under both "Camp Fire" and "Campfire.") See more about these series, including the order. (Scroll down to find.)Girls Series
VariousGirl Scouts Series  MB (scroll down) - More than one series, by multiple authors. See more about these series, including the order. (Scroll down to find.)Girls Series
VariousRadio Boys  MB (scroll down) - More than one series, by multiple authors. See more about these series, including the order. (Scroll down to find.) - Besides being adventure stories, at least one of these series also tells how to make and operate radios.Boys Series
Webster, FrankComrades of the Saddle, Jack of the Pony Express, The Young Firemen of Lakeville, etc.  MB - Similar to Alger's works, but newer.Novels About Boys
Wells, CarolynPatty books and Marjorie books, etc.  MB - Fun stories about the lives of these likeable girls. At the beginning Patty's 14 and Marjorie's 12.Girls Series

There are 4 sites marked with *. Between these sites you can find just about any online book there is. - A nice HTML library, including fiction and non-fiction, The Harvard Classics, and many useful reference materials.

Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project - Beautiful children's books reproduced on the web. They say that "Creating a copy strictly for your own personal use is considered 'fair use'." So fire up that printer!

Explorion - Free e-texts about explorers and travel (many by the explorers themselves.)

Gateway to the Classics - Great place to find public domain texts for children in HTML format. You could probably use any book on this site for homeschool. Some are classic literature, many are educational. (Used to be The Baldwin Project.)

* Google Book Search - Scans of many public domain books, in PDF format. You can load 1 page at a time to preview (works fine with slow connections) or download the entire book. (They also have uncorrected OCR text, but text takes long to load, and seems less accurate than others I've seen.) For easier searching, try the advanced search.

* Internet Archive - Scans of many public domain books, in PDF format. Some are yellowed (how to fix that), but now more black and white are being offered. Enter what you are searching for, and select "Texts" from the drop down menu. For slower connections, save the PDF rather than trying to load it in your browser. (They also offer uncorrected OCR text. If you use that, be sure to copy and paste because using "save link target" causes errors in the text files. [But it works fine for saving PDFs.] )

Kellscraft - HTML books, a fair number of classics and children's books not found elsewhere.

* The Online Books Page - At the University of Pennsylvania. If you can't find something at PG, try here. Though it's not always up to date with what's available at PG (so look at both places), it does have links to books at other sites where you may not think to look.

* Project Gutenberg - My favorite source for books! To find things by subject, try the Category Bookshelves. They don't categorize everything at Project Gutenberg, but can still be helpful.

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