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Homeschool Names and ID Cards

Naming Your Homeschool - This link discusses reasons you may want to name your school. It also gives some examples of names people are using.

Why on earth would you want a Homeschool ID card?

 Proof of non-truancy - if your school days or hours don't correspond with the public school, carrying a card might be useful. Especially if you've signed it and your phone number is on it (and maybe Dad's too, in case you're not available.) Even if it's not very official, it's probably better than nothing, and you can be contacted if the authorities suspect your child of skipping school.

 Student discounts - usually only offered if the child shows a card.

 Teacher discounts - Many merchants offer teacher discounts for homeschoolers as well. But many of them also require a card (probably just to photocopy for their records). I've heard of people using cards made on their computer for this purpose without any problem. Find out more about teacher discounts here.

Read more about ID card and stationery ideas, from "A to Z Home's Cool".

What about buying an ID card online?
         They are no more official than what you can make at home. They may sometimes look fancier, but really carry no more weight than something made on your computer. Anybody could go to one of those websites and order a homeschool ID card, whether they were homeschooling or not.

Feel free to use the images below for ID card templates (credit card size or business card size).
         Or make your own. ID card dimensions (same as a credit card) are 3-3/8" x 2-1/8". You can get the same curved corners by tracing over your ID card with a credit card before you cut it out.
         If you prefer, you can make them business card size instead. Business card dimensions are 3-1/2" x 2".

ID card     Business Card

         I made mine on the computer, printed it on cardstock, cut it to the size and shape of a credit card (just trace one over it), and used clear laminating paper (or you can have it laminated for you). I was really pleased with the results. (It looked and felt just as nice as the ID cards we were given in high school. That ought to be official enough!)

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