Robinson Curriculum Book List   (or pdf version)
         Some titles and authors have been corrected or expanded from the original list.

1.McGuffey's Eclectic Primer William McGuffey
2.McGuffey's First Eclectic ReaderWilliam McGuffey
3.Nursery Rhymes (Altemus' Wee Books)Various Authors
4.The Life of George WashingtonJosephine Pollard
5.McGuffey's Second Eclectic ReaderWilliam McGuffey
6.The Tale of Jolly RobinArthur Scott Bailey
7.The Tale of Solomon OwlArthur Scott Bailey
8.Our Hero General U. S. GrantJosephine Pollard
9.The Tale of Paddy MuskratArthur Scott Bailey
10.The Bobbsey Twins at SchoolLaura Lee Hope
11.Childhood's Happy HoursO. M. Dunham
12.Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New WorldJosephine Pollard
13.Young Folks' BibleJosephine Pollard
14.Fifty Famous Stories RetoldJames Baldwin
15.Four American Naval HeroesMabel Borton Beebe
16.The Rover Boys on the Great LakesArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
17.The Rover Boys on the RiverArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
18.Five Little Peppers and How They GrewMargaret Sidney
19.Five Little Peppers MidwayMargaret Sidney
20.The Rover Boys at CollegeArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
21.Tom Swift and His AirshipVictor Appleton
22.The Rover Boys on the Ocean Arthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
23.Tom Swift and His Air ScoutVictor Appleton
24.The Adventures of Pinocchio (or A Tale of a Puppet)C. Collodi
25.The Rover Boys on a TourArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
26.The Swiss Family RobinsonJohann David Wyss
27.The Rover Boys on Treasure IsleArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
28.Ben PepperMargaret Sidney
29.Uncle Remus (His Songs and His Sayings)Joel Chandler Harris
30.The Rover Boys on Snowshoe IslandArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
31.Aesop's FablesAesop
32.The Rover Boys in Southern WatersArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
33.The Adventures of Joel PepperMargaret Sidney
34.HeidiJohanna Spyri
35.The Rover Boys on Land and SeaArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
36.Tom Swift and His Motor-BoatVictor Appleton
37.Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Kate Douglas Wiggin
38.The Rover Boys Down EastArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
39.Do and DareHoratio Alger
40.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  and  Through the Looking-GlassLewis Carroll
41.The Rover Boys on a HuntArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
42.Uncle Remus ReturnsJoel Chandler Harris
43.Jack's WardHoratio Alger
44.McGuffey's Third Eclectic ReaderWilliam McGuffey
45.Just So StoriesRudyard Kipling
46.Hans Brinker or the Silver SkatesMary Mapes Dodge
47.The Boy Knight  also called  Winning His Spurs or Fighting the SaracensG. A. Henty
48.Tom Swift and His Submarine BoatVictor Appleton
49.Little WomenLouisa May Alcott
50.Bob, Son of Battle  also called  Owd BobAlfred Ollivant
51.Little Men Louisa May Alcott
52.McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader William McGuffey
53.The Pied Piper of HamelinRobert Browning
54.The Friend of Washington; A Young Folks' Life of General LafayetteHenry C. Watson
55.Brave and BoldHoratio Alger
56.Facing the WorldHoratio Alger
57.David Crockett, ScoutCharles Fletcher Allen
58.Up from SlaveryBooker T. Washington
59.Captains CourageousRudyard Kipling
60.Told by Uncle RemusJoel Chandler Harris
61.The Hound of the BaskervillesArthur Conan Doyle
62.Uncle Remus and His FriendsJoel Chandler Harris
63.McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader William McGuffey
64.Picturesque America (Vol. 1)William Cullen Bryant
65.Gulliver's TravelsJonathan Swift
66.The Adventures of Tom SawyerMark Twain
67.Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol. 1)Ulysses S. Grant
68.The Jungle BookRudyard Kipling
69.The Second Jungle BookRudyard Kipling
70.The PathfinderJames Fenimore Cooper
71.Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol. 2)Ulysses S. Grant
72.Life of George Washington (Vol. 1)Washington Irving
73. The Song of Hiawatha Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
74.The Prince and the PauperMark Twain
75.Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe
76.The Pilgrim's ProgressJohn Bunyan
77.Life of George Washington (Vol. 2)Washington Irving
78.Rudyard Kipling's Verse; Inclusive Edition 1885-1918Rudyard Kipling
79.McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic ReaderWilliam McGuffey
80.Life of George Washington (Vol. 3)Washington Irving
81.The SpyJames Fenimore Cooper
82.Picturesque America (Vol. 2)William Cullen Bryant
83.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 1)George Washington
84.The LawFrederic Bastiat
85.Treasure IslandRobert Louis Stevenson
86.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 2)George Washington
87.The Autobiography of Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
88.Pudd'nhead Wilson  and  Those Extraordinary TwinsMark Twain
89.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 3)George Washington
90.PoemsOliver Wendell Holmes
91.Afloat and AshoreJames Fenimore Cooper
92.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 4)George Washington
93.Life of David Crockett (Autobiography)David Crockett
94.Not Yours to GiveDavid Crockett
95.The Vicar of WakefieldOliver Goldsmith
96.Economic Sophisms  also called  Sophisms of the ProtectionistsFrederic Bastiat
97.The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnL. P. Brockett
98.The Friendly Arctic; The Story of Five Years in Polar RegionsVilhjalmur Stefansson
99.What Has Government Done to Our Money?Murray Rothbard
100.The Song of RolandAnonymous
101.Economics in One LessonHenry Hazlitt
102.On That Day Began LiesLeonard Read
103.The Holy War John Bunyan
104.The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 1)Frank Leslie
105.Annals of a Quiet NeighborhoodGeorge MacDonald
106.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne
107.Heather and SnowGeorge MacDonald
108.Life and Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall)R. L. Dabney
109.The Mysterious IslandJules Verne
110.The White CompanyArthur Conan Doyle
111.Environmental OverkillDixy Lee Ray & Lou Guzzo
112.The Heart of the Antarctic (Vol. 1)E. H. Shackleton
113.Tom Sawyer Abroad, Tom Sawyer Detective, and Other StoriesMark Twain
114.The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 2)Frank Leslie
115.Theodore Roosevelt; An AutobiographyTheodore Roosevelt
116.Oliver TwistCharles Dickens
117.The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark Twain
118.Memoirs of Gen. W. T. ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
119.Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes
120.Life on the MississippiMark Twain
121.Orations (of Marcus Tullius Cicero)Cicero
122.The Federalist (Papers)Alexander Hamilton, et al.
123.The Heart of the Antarctic (Vol. 2)E. H. Shackleton
124.Julius CaesarWilliam Shakespeare
125.On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals, etc. or "Scientific Papers"
         Contains all of the following: (from Harvard Classics Vol. 38)
 On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals - William Harvey
 The Three Original Publications on Vaccination Against Smallpox - Edward Jenner
 The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever - Oliver Wendell Holmes
 On the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery - Joseph Lister
 The Physiological Theory of Fermentation - Louis Pasteur
 The Germ Theory and its Applications to Medicine and Surgery - Louis Pasteur
 On the Extension of the Germ Theory to the Etiology of Certain Common Diseases - Louis Pasteur
William Harvey, et al.
126.American Historical Documents 1000-1904Harvard Classics Vol. 43
127.The Enterprising AmericansJohn Chamberlain
128.My African JourneySir Winston S. Churchill
129.A Constitutional View of the Late War Between the StatesAlexander Stephens
130.IvanhoeSir Walter Scott
131.A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens
132.The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear Petr Beckmann
133.The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (Vol. 1)Jefferson Davis
134.Faraday's Lectures includes: The Forces of Matter  and  The Chemical History of a CandleMichael Faraday
(or Harvard Classics Vol. 30)
135.Fiat Money Inflation in FranceAndrew Dickson White
136.Caesar's Gallic War  also called  The War in GaulJulius Caesar
137.Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln (1832-1865)Abraham Lincoln
138.The World Crisis (Vol. 1)Sir Winston S. Churchill
139.The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (Vol. 2)Jefferson Davis
140.Fifty Years in the Royal NavyAdmiral Sir Percy Scott
141.King Henry VWilliam Shakespeare
142.Two Years Before the Mast (And Twenty-Four Years After)Richard Henry Dana
143.The Common Sense of the Exact SciencesW. K. Clifford
144.Paradise LostJohn Milton
145.(An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of) The Wealth of NationsAdam Smith
146.Paradise RegainedJohn Milton
147.Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol. 1)John Calvin
148.The PrinceNiccolo Machiavelli
149.Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkWilliam Shakespeare
150.Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol. 2) John Calvin
151.The Ultimate Resource 2 Julian Simon
152.Access to EnergyArthur Robinson
153.An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Vol. 1)John Locke
154.An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Vol. 2)John Locke
155.Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. JohnIsaac Newton
156.Bellum Civile  also called  The Civil WarJulius Caesar
157.De Bello Gallico  also called  Commentaries on the Gallic War or C. Iuli Caesaris CommentariiJulius Caesar and T. Rice Holmes
200.The Mechanical UniverseOlenick, Apostol, and Goodstein
201.Answers to the Mechanical UniverseOlenick, Apostol, and Goodstein
202.Beyond the Mechanical UniverseOlenick, Apostol, and Goodstein
203.Answers to Beyond the Mechanical UniverseOlenick, Apostol, and Goodstein
204.Supplementary Physics Problems (Not required. Provided for advanced students.)Foster Strong
205.Statistical Mechanics (Not required. Provided for advanced students.)Norman Davidson
206.Chemical PrinciplesDickerson, Gray, and Haight
207.Thermodynamics (Not required. Provided for advanced students.)Lewis and Randall
300.Little Prudy's Dotty DimpleSophie May
301.Dotty Dimple at PlaySophie May
302.Dotty Dimple at HomeSophie May
303.Dotty Dimple Out WestSophie May
304.Dotty Dimple's FlyawaySophie May
305.Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother'sSophie May
306.Little Prudy's Sister SusySophie May
307.Ruth Fielding of the Red MillAlice B. Emerson
308.Ruth Fielding at Briarwood HallAlice B. Emerson
309.Ruth Fielding at Snow CampAlice B. Emerson
310.Ruth Fielding at Silver RanchAlice B. Emerson
311.Ruth Fielding at Sunrise FarmAlice B. Emerson
312.Ruth Fielding and the GypsiesAlice B. Emerson
313.Ruth Fielding in Moving PicturesAlice B. Emerson
314.Ruth Fielding at CollegeAlice B. Emerson
315.Ruth Fielding in the Red CrossAlice B. Emerson
316.Ruth Fielding at the War Front Alice B. Emerson
317.Ruth Fielding Homeward BoundAlice B. Emerson
318.The Bobbsey Twins in the CountryLaura Lee Hope
319.The Bobbsey Twins at the SeashoreLaura Lee Hope
320.The Bobbsey Twins at Snow LodgeLaura Lee Hope
321.The Bobbsey Twins on a HouseboatLaura Lee Hope
322.The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow BrookLaura Lee Hope
323.The Bobbsey Twins at HomeLaura Lee Hope
324.The Bobbsey Twins in a Great CityLaura Lee Hope
325.The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry IslandLaura Lee Hope
326.The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue SeaLaura Lee Hope
327.The Bobbsey Twins in the Great WestLaura Lee Hope
328.Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle Victor Appleton
329.Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout Victor Appleton
330.Tom Swift and His Wireless MessageVictor Appleton
331.Tom Swift and His Wizard CameraVictor Appleton
332.The Young SalesmanHoratio Alger
333.Strive and SucceedHoratio Alger
334.Slow and SureHoratio Alger
335.Phil the FiddlerHoratio Alger
336.The Erie Train BoyHoratio Alger
337.The Young AcrobatHoratio Alger
338.Making His Way Horatio Alger
339.Only an Irish BoyHoratio Alger
340.Sam's ChanceHoratio Alger
341.Andy GordonHoratio Alger
342.Paul the PeddlerHoratio Alger
343.Charlie Codman's Cruise Horatio Alger
344.Joe's LuckHoratio Alger
345.Frank's CampaignHoratio Alger
346.Andy Grant's PluckHoratio Alger
347.Hector's InheritanceHoratio Alger
348.The Cash BoyHoratio Alger
349.Luke WaltonHoratio Alger
350.Walter Sherwood's ProbationHoratio Alger
351.Bound to RiseHoratio Alger
352.Jed, the Poor House BoyHoratio Alger
353.Risen from the RanksHoratio Alger
354.The Tale of Reddy WoodpeckerArthur Scott Bailey
355.The Tale of Chirpy CricketArthur Scott Bailey
356.The Tale of Old Dog Spot Arthur Scott Bailey
357.Elsie DinsmoreMartha Finley
358.Elsie's GirlhoodMartha Finley
359.Mildred and ElsieMartha Finley
360.Elsie's ChildrenMartha Finley
361.The Border Boys in the Canadian RockiesFremont B. Deering (John Henry Goldfrap)
362.The Border Boys Across the FrontierFremont B. Deering (John Henry Goldfrap)
363.Dick Hamilton's Fortune Howard R. Garis
364.Dick Hamilton's Cadet DaysHoward R. Garis
365.From Office Boy to ReporterHoward R. Garis
366.Harry Watson's High School DaysFrank V. Webster
367.The Boy Pilot of the LakesFrank V. Webster
368.The Pony Rider Boys in the RockiesFrank Gee Patchin
369.The Pony Rider Boys in Montana Frank Gee Patchin
370.The Pony Rider Boys in the AlkaliFrank Gee Patchin
371.The Pony Rider Boys in New MexicoFrank Gee Patchin
372.Camping Out Days at Putnam Hall  also called  The Putnam Hall EncampmentArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
373.The Rover Boys in CampArthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
374.The Rover Boys in the Air Arthur Winfield
(Edward Stratemeyer)
375.The Haunted MineHarry Castlemon
376.The Wonder Island Boys: The CastawaysRoger Finlay
377.The Wonder Island Boys: Capture and PursuitRoger Finlay
378.Nuclear War Survival SkillsCresson H. Kearny
400.Penmanship PracticeBethany Robinson
401-404.Professor Klugimkopf's Old-Fashioned English GrammarJane Orient
405.Professor Klugimkopf's Spelling MethodJane Orient
500-501.Vocabulary ExercisesTim & Joanne Calderwood
 ALSO RECOMMENDED - RC includes exams for these books, but not the books. 
The Chronicles of NarniaC. S. Lewis
1007.The Princess and the GoblinGeorge MacDonald
1008.The Princess and CurdieGeorge MacDonald

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