Series Order
      A number of the books in Robinson Curriculum [marked (RC #_)] are books in a series. The lists below show what order the books go in. I have also included other series books that may be of interest to you.

     Anne of Green Gables (and more) - by L. M. Montgomery
  1. Anne of Green Gables  [1908]
  2. Anne of Avonlea  [1909]
  3. Anne of the Island  [1915]
  4. Anne of Windy Poplars  [1936]
  5. Anne's House of Dreams  [1917]
  6. Anne of Ingleside  [1939]
  7. Rainbow Valley  [1919]
  8. Rilla of Ingleside  [1920]
         Notice that these were written out of order. Books 4 and 6 were written last and are not in the public domain. But as they were written afterward, you can read the other books, skipping 4 and 6, and you won't feel like you've missed any part of the story.
Two More Short Series, also by L. M. Montgomery
  • Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles of Avonlea
  • The Story Girl and The Golden Road

     The Bobbsey Twins - by Laura Lee Hope
  1. The Bobbsey Twins or Merry Days Indoors and Out
  2. The Bobbsey Twins in the Country (RC #318)
  3. The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore (RC #319)
  4. The Bobbsey Twins at School (RC #10)
  5. The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge (RC #320)
  6. The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat (RC #321)
  7. The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook (RC #322)
  8. The Bobbsey Twins at Home (RC #323)
  9. The Bobbsey Twins in a Great City (RC #324)
  10. The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island (RC #325)
  11. The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea (RC #326)
  12. The Bobbsey Twins in Washington
  13. The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West (RC #327)
  14. The Bobbsey Twins at Cedar Camp
  15. The Bobbsey Twins at the County Fair

     The Border Boys - by John Henry Goldfrap
  1. The Border Boys on the Trail
  2. The Border Boys Across the Frontier (RC #362)
  3. The Border Boys with the Mexican Rangers
  4. The Border Boys with the Texas Rangers
  5. The Border Boys in the Canadian Rockies (RC #361)
  6. The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence

     Dick Hamilton - by Howard Roger Garis
  1. Dick Hamilton's Fortune (RC #363)
  2. Dick Hamilton's Cadet Days (RC #364)
  3. Dick Hamilton's Steam Yacht
  4. Dick Hamilton's Football Team
  5. Dick Hamilton's Touring Car
  6. Dick Hamilton's Airship

     Five Little Peppers - by Margaret Sidney
         These were written out of order, so I tried to put them in the order in which the story goes. Of course, you can just read them in the order they were published. Those marked with a * are supposed to be the "main" books of the series.
  1. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew *  [1881] (RC #18)
  2. Five Little Peppers in the Little Brown House  [1907]
  3. The Adventures of Joel Pepper  [1900] (RC #33)
  4. Our Davie Pepper  [1916]
  5. Five Little Peppers Midway *  [1890] (RC #19)
  6. Five Little Peppers Abroad *  [1902]
  7. Five Little Peppers and Their Friends *  [1904]
  8. Stories Polly Pepper Told  [1899]
  9. Five Little Peppers at School  [1903]
  10. Ben Pepper  [1905] (RC #28)
  11. Five Little Peppers Grown Up *  [1892]
  12. Phronsie Pepper *  [1897]

     Little Prudy / Dotty Dimple - by Sophie May
  1. Little Prudy
  2. Little Prudy's Sister Susy (RC #306)
  3. Little Prudy's Captain Horace
  4. Little Prudy's Cousin Grace
  5. (Little Prudy's) Fairy Book
  6. Little Prudy's Dotty Dimple (RC #300)

  7. Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother's (RC #305)
  8. Dotty Dimple at Home (RC #302)
  9. Dotty Dimple Out West (RC #303)
  10. Dotty Dimple at Play (RC #301)
  11. Dotty Dimple at School
  12. Dotty Dimmple's Flyaway (RC #304)

     The Outdoor Girls - by Laura Lee Hope
  1. The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale
  2. The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake
  3. The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car
  4. The Outdoor Girls in a Winter Camp
  5. The Outdoor Girls in Florida
  6. The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View
  7. The Outdoor Girls on Pine Island
  8. The Outdoor Girls in Army Service
  9. The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House
  10. The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point
  11. The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge
  12. The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle
  13. The Outdoor Girls Around the Campfire
  14. The Outdoor Girls on Cape Cod
  15. The Outdoor Girls at Foaming Falls
  16. The Outdoor Girls Along the Coast
  17. The Outdoor Girls at Spring Hill Farm
  18. The Outdoor Girls at New Moon Ranch
  19. The Outdoor Girls on a Hike
  20. The Outdoor Girls on a Canoe Trip
  21. The Outdoor Girls at Cedar Ridge
  22. The Outdoor Girls in the Air
  23. The Outdoor Girls in Desert Valley

     The Oz Books - by L. Frank Baum
  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  2. The Marvelous Land of Oz
  3. Ozma of Oz
  4. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
  5. The Road to Oz
  6. The Emerald City of Oz
  7. The Patchwork Girl of Oz
  8. Tik-Tok of Oz
  9. The Scarecrow of Oz
  10. Rinkitink in Oz
  11. The Lost Princess of Oz
  12. The Tin Woodman of Oz
  13. The Magic of Oz
  14. Glinda of Oz
This list only includes the books by the original author, but there are more in the series by other authors.

     The Pony Rider Boys - by Frank Gee (Glines) Patchin
  1. The Pony Rider Boys in the Rockies -- or, The Secret of the Lost Claim (RC #368)
  2. The Pony Rider Boys in Texas -- or, The Veiled Riddle of the Plains
  3. The Pony Rider Boys in Montana -- or, The Mystery of the Old Custer Trail (RC #369)
  4. The Pony Rider Boys in the Ozarks -- or, The Secret of Ruby Mountain
  5. The Pony Rider Boys in the Alkali -- or, Finding a Key to the Desert Maze (RC #370)
  6. The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico -- or, The End of the Silver Trail (RC #371)
  7. The Pony Rider Boys in the Grand Canyon -- or, The Mystery of Bright Angel Gulch
  8. The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers -- or, On the Trail of the Border Bandits
  9. The Pony Rider Boys on the Blue Ridge -- or, A Lucky Find in the Carolina Mountains
  10. The Pony Rider Boys in New England -- or, An Exciting Quest in the Maine Wilderness
  11. The Pony Rider Boys in Louisiana -- or, Following the Game Trails in the Canebrake
  12. The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska -- or, The Gold Diggers of Taku Pass

     The Rover Boys - by Arthur M. Winfield (Edward Stratemeyer)
  1. The Rover Boys at School -- or, The Cadets of Putnam Hall
  2. The Rover Boys on the Ocean -- or, A Chase for a Fortune (RC #22)
  3. The Rover Boys in the Jungle -- or, Stirring Adventures in Africa
  4. The Rover Boys Out West -- or, The Search for a Lost Mine
  5. The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes -- or, The Secret of the Island Cave (RC #16)
  6. The Rover Boys in the Mountains -- or, A Hunt for Fame and Fortune
  7. The Rover Boys on Land and Sea -- or, The Crusoes of Seven Islands (RC #35)
  8. The Rover Boys in Camp -- or, The Rivals of Pine Island (RC #373)
  9. The Rover Boys on the River -- or, The Search for the Missing Houseboat (RC #17)
  10. The Rover Boys on the Plains -- or, The Mystery of Red Rock Ranch
  11. The Rover Boys in Southern Waters -- or, The Deserted Steam Yacht (RC #32)
  12. The Rover Boys on the Farm -- or, The Last Days at Putnam Hall
  13. The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle -- or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht (RC #27)
  14. The Rover Boys at College -- or, The Right Road and the Wrong (RC #20)
  15. The Rover Boys Down East -- or, The Struggle for the Stanhope Fortune (RC #38)
  16. The Rover Boys in the Air -- or, From College Campus to the Clouds (RC #374)
  17. The Rover Boys in New York -- or, Saving Their Father's Honor
  18. The Rover Boys in Alaska -- or, Lost in the Fields of Ice
  19. The Rover Boys in Business -- or, The Search for the Missing Bonds
  20. The Rover Boys on a Tour -- or, Last Days at Brill College (RC #25)
  21. The Rover Boys at Colby Hall -- or, The Struggle of the Young Cadets
  22. The Rover Boys on Snowshoe Island -- or, The Old Lumberman's Treasure Box (RC #30)
  23. The Rover Boys Under Canvas -- or, The Mystery of the Wrecked Submarine
  24. The Rover Boys on a Hunt -- or, The Mysterious House in the Woods (RC #41)
  25. The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck -- or, Stirring Adventures in the Oil Fields
  26. The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch -- or, The Cowboys' Double Roundup
  27. The Rover Boys at Big Bear Lake -- or, The Camps of the Rival Cadets
  28. The Rover Boys Shipwrecked -- or, A Thrilling Hunt for Pirates' Gold
  29. The Rover Boys on Sunset Trail -- or, The Old Miner's Mysterious Message
  30. The Rover Boys Winning a Fortune -- or, Strenuous Days Afloat and Ashore

     Ruth Fielding - by Alice B. Emerson
  1. Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill -- or, Jasper Parloe's Secret (RC #307)
  2. Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall or, Solving the Campus Mystery (RC #308)
  3. Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp -- or, Lost in the Backwoods (RC #309)
  4. Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point -- or, Nita, the Girl Castaway
  5. Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch -- or, Schoolgirls among the Cowboys (RC #310)
  6. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island -- or, The Old Hunter's Treasure Box
  7. Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm -- or, What Became of the Raby Orphans (RC #311)
  8. Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies -- or, The Missing Pearl Necklace (RC #312)
  9. Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures -- or, Helping the Dormitory Fund (RC #313)
  10. Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie -- or, Great Times in the Land of Cotton
  11. Ruth Fielding at College -- or, The Missing Examination Papers (RC #314)
  12. Ruth Fielding in the Saddle -- or, College Girls in the Land of Gold
  13. Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross -- or, Doing Her Best for Uncle Sam (RC #315)
  14. Ruth Fielding at the War Front -- or, The Hunt for the Lost Soldier (RC #316)
  15. Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound -- or, A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils (RC #317)
  16. Ruth Fielding Down East -- or, The Hermit of Beach Plum Point
  17. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest -- or, The Indian Girl Star of the Movies
  18. Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence -- or, The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands
  19. Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting -- or, A Moving Picture That Became Real
  20. Ruth Fielding in the Far North -- or, the Lost Motion Picture Company
  21. Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass -- or, The Perils of an Artificial Avalanche
  22. Ruth Fielding in Alaska -- or, The Girl Miners of Snow Mountain
  23. Ruth Fielding and her Great Scenario -- or, Striving for the Motion Picture Prize
  24. Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall -- or, A Mysterious Disappearance
  25. Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name -- or, The Rivals of Hollywood
  26. Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures -- or, The Prisoners of the Tower
  27. Ruth Fielding and Baby June
  28. Ruth Fielding and Her Double
  29. Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph -- or, Saving Her Company from Disaster
  30. Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory -- or, Winning Honors Abroad

     Tom Swift - by Victor Appleton
  1. Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle -- or, Fun and Adventure on the Road (RC #328)
  2. Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat -- or, The Rivals of Lake Carlopa (RC #36)
  3. Tom Swift and His Airship -- or, The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud (RC #21)
  4. Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat -- or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure (RC #48)
  5. Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout -- or, The Speediest Car on the Road (RC #329)
  6. Tom Swift and His Wireless Message -- or, The Castaways of Earthquake Island (RC #330)
  7. Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers -- or, The Secret of Phantom Mountain
  8. Toms Swift in the Caves of Ice -- or, The Wreck of the Airship
  9. Tom Swift and His Sky Racer -- or, The Quickest Flight on Record
  10. Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle -- or, Daring Adventures on Elephant Island
  11. Tom Swift in the City of Gold -- or, Marvelous Adventures Underground
  12. Tom Swift and His Air Glider -- or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure
  13. Tom Swift in Captivity -- or, A Daring Escape by Airship
  14. Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera -- or, Thrilling Adventures While Taking Moving Pictures (RC #331)
  15. Tom Swift and His Great Search Light -- or, On the Border for Uncle Sam
  16. Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon -- or, The Longest Shots on Record
  17. Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone -- or, The Picture That Saved a Fortune
  18. Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship -- or, The Naval Terror of the Seas
  19. Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel -- or, The Hidden City of the Andes
  20. Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders -- or, The Underground Search for the Idol of Gold
  21. Tom Swift and His War Tank -- or, Doing His Bit for Uncle Sam
  22. Tom Swift and His Air Scout -- or, Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky (RC #23)
  23. Tom Swift and His Undersea Search -- or, The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic
  24. Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters -- or, Battling with Flames in the Air
  25. Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive -- or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails
This list only includes those in the public domain. See Wikipedia for more.

     The Wonder Island Boys - by Roger T. Finlay
  1. The Wonder Island Boys: The Castaways (RC #376)
  2. The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island
  3. The Wonder Island Boys: The Mysteries of the Caverns
  4. The Wonder Island Boys: The Tribesmen
  5. The Wonder Island Boys: Capture and Pursuit (RC #377)
  6. The Wonder Island Boys: The Conquest of the Savages
  7. The Wonder Island Boys: Adventures on Strange Islands
  8. The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Islands

     What Katy Did (or the Carr Family series) - by Susan Coolidge
  1. What Katy Did
  2. What Katy Did at School
  3. What Katy Did Next
  4. Clover
  5. In the High Valley

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