RC & Henty Book List - Chronological Order   (or pdf version)
         (Henty's short stories not listed; only full length novels. Not all RC is listed, just history books.)

676.Those Other AnimalsG. A. HentyAnimalsn/an/a
14.Fifty Famous Stories Retold - See subject/date list.James BaldwinVariousVariousVarious
657.The Cat of BubastesG. A. HentyAncient EgyptEgypt1250 BC
673.The Young CarthaginianG. A. HentyHannibal's CampaignsNorth Africa220 BC
121.Orations (of Marcus Tullius Cicero)CiceroSeries of political speeches and legal argumentsRome, Italy70-44 BC
136.Caesar's Gallic War  also called  The War in Gaul
Julius CaesarCaesar's conquering and invasion of Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Holland and Germany; invasion of Britain)Europe (various areas)58-50 BC
157.De Bello Gallico  also called  Commentaries on the Gallic War or C. Iuli Caesaris CommentariiJulius Caesar and T. Rice HolmesCommentary and translation of book which is about Caesar's conquering and invasion of Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Holland and Germany; invasion of Britain)Europe (various areas)58-50 BC
156.Bellum Civile  also called  The Civil WarJulius CaesarCivil War against PompeyRome, Italy; Greece; Egypt49-48 BC
124.Julius CaesarWilliam ShakespeareCaesar's death, and the events surrounding it.Rome, Italy44 BC
616.Beric the BritonG. A. HentyRoman InvasionGreat Britain61
630.For the TempleG. A. HentyFall of JerusalemPalestine70
100.The Song of RolandAnonymousBattle of Roncevaux PassSpain778
661.The Dragon and the RavenG. A. HentyThe Days of King AlfredGreat Britain870
126.American Historical Documents 1000-1904Various (Harvard Classics 43)Accounts of early exploration, life in early America, life during the Civil war, treaties, early government documents, addresses, etc.United States and Worldwide1000-1904
699.Wulf the SaxonG. A. HentyNorman ConquestGreat Britain1066
130.IvanhoeSir Walter ScottThe time of Richard I and the CrusadesEngland1166
47.The Boy Knight  also called  Winning His Spurs or Fighting the SaracensG. A. HentyThe CrusadesPalestine1190
686.Winning His Spurs also called The Boy Knight or Fighting the Saracens. (Same as RC #47)G. A. HentyThe CrusadesPalestine1190
634.In Freedom's CauseG. A. HentyWallace and BruceScotland1314
654.St. George for EnglandG. A. HentyCrecy & PoitiersFrance1340
662.The Lion of St. MarkG. A. HentyWar of Venice and GenoaItaly1380
606.A March on LondonG. A. HentyWat Tyler's InsurrectionEngland1381
110.The White CompanyArthur Conan DoyleHundred Years WarEngland and Francelate 1300s
618.Both Sides the BorderG. A. HentyGlendower & HotspurGreat Britain1400
614.At AgincourtG. A. HentyHundred Years WarFrance1415
141.King Henry VWilliam ShakespeareBattle of Agincourt (during Hundred Years War) and events before and after it.England and France1415
12.Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New WorldJosephine PollardLife and travels of ColumbusEurope and the Americas1435-1506
605.A Knight of the White CrossG. A. HentySiege of RhodesGreece1480
74.The Prince and the PauperMark TwainTime of Henry VIII (Tudor Period)England1547
621.By Pike and DykeG. A. HentySpanish-Dutch WarHolland, etc.1579
653.St. Bartholomew's EveG. A. HentyHuguenot WarsFrance1580
683.Under Drake's FlagG. A. HentyCircumnavigating the GlobeWorldwide1580
620.By England's AidG. A. HentyFall of Spanish ArmadaHolland1588
622.By Right of ConquestG. A. HentyConquest of MexicoMexico1595
663.The Lion of the NorthG. A. HentyThirty Years WarGermany1630
698.Won by the SwordG. A. HentyThirty Years WarEurope1640
631.Friends Though DividedG. A. HentyEngland's Civil WarEngland1650
685.When London BurnedG. A. HentyAnglo-Dutch WarsGreat Britain1666
642.John Hawke's FortuneG. A. HentyMonmouth RebellionGreat Britain1685
647.Orange and GreenG. A. HentyBattle of BoyneIreland1690
604.A Jacobite ExileG. A. HentySwedish-Russian WarEurope1695
127.The Enterprising AmericansJohn ChamberlainHistory of business and free enterprise in America.United StatesEarly 1700s-1970s
658.The Cornet of HorseG. A. HentyWar of Spanish SuccessionBelgium1703
656.The Bravest of the BraveG. A. HentyWar of Spanish SuccessionSpain1705
87.The Autobiography of Benjamin FranklinBenjamin FranklinFranklin's life, discoveries, inventions and achievements.
Colonial America
French and Indian War
Pre-Revolutionary Era
United States1706-1757 (Died in 1790; book incomplete)
638.In the Irish BrigadeG. A. HentyWar of Spanish SuccessionFrance1710
4.The Life of George WashingtonJosephine PollardWashington's life, campaigns and presidency
Revolutionary War
Founding of the U. S.
United States1732-1799
72.Life of George Washington (Vol. 1)Washington IrvingWashington's life and campaigns
French and Indian War
Revolutionary War
Founding of the U. S.
United States1732-1775
617.Bonnie Prince CharlieG. A. HentyFontenoy and CullodenEurope1745
15.Four American Naval Heroes (part 1)Mabel Borton BeebeLife of Paul Jones
 & the Revolutionary War
United States (mainly)1747-1792
83.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 1)George WashingtonWashington's early life
French and Indian War
United States1748-1770
54.The Friend of Washington; A Young Folks' Life of General LafayetteHenry C. WatsonAmerican Revolution
French Revolution
and Time of Napoleon
United States, France1757-1834
70.The PathfinderJames Fenimore CooperFrench and Indian WarUnited States1759
697.With Wolfe in CanadaG. A. HentyFall of QuebecCanada1759
682.True to the Old FlagG. A. HentyAmerican RevolutionUSA1760
690.With Frederick the GreatG. A. HentySeven Years WarPrussia1760
86.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 2)George WashingtonWashington's life and campaigns
Revolutionary War
Founding of the U. S.
United States1771-1785
77.Life of George Washington (Vol. 2)Washington IrvingWashington's life and campaigns
Revolutionary War
Founding of the U. S.
United States1775-1777
131.A Tale of Two CitiesCharles DickensFrench Revolution / Reign of TerrorFrance and England1775-1793
80.Life of George Washington (Vol. 3)
Download Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 if interested. (Not required.)
Washington IrvingWashington's life and campaigns
Revolutionary War
Founding of the U. S.
United States1777-1779
81.The SpyJames Fenimore CooperAmerican RevolutionUnited States1778
633.Held Fast for EnglandG. A. HentySiege of GibraltarGibraltar1780
625.Colonel Thorndyke's Secret also called The Brahmin 's TreasureG. A. HentyEnglish Society / AdventureEngland1783
15.Four American Naval Heroes (part 2)Mabel Borton BeebeLife of Oliver H. Perry
 & the War of 1812
United States (mainly)1785-1819
89.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 3)George WashingtonWashington's life
Founding of the U. S.
United States1786-1788
57.David Crockett, ScoutCharles Fletcher AllenCrockett's life, Creek War, his years in politics, Texan Independence, Battle of the AlamoUnited States1786-1836
93.Life of David Crockett (Autobiography)David CrockettCrockett's life, Creek War, his years in politics, Texan Independence, Battle of the Alamo (added after his death)United States1786-1836
688.With Clive in IndiaG. A. HentyBattle of PlasseyIndia1786
122.The Federalist (Papers)Alexander Hamilton, et al.United States ConstitutionUnited States1787-1788
92.The Diaries of George Washington (Vol. 4)George WashingtonWashington's life and presidency
Founding of the U. S.
United States1789-1799
135.Fiat Money Inflation in FranceAndrew Dickson WhiteInflation and the history of an economic experimentFrance1789-1797
639.In the Reign of TerrorG. A. HentyFrench RevolutionFrance1793
619.By Conduct and CourageG. A. HentyNapoleonic WarsEurope1795
644.No Surrender!G. A. HentyFrench RevolutionFrance1795
607.A Roving CommissionG. A. HentyGreat Revolt in HaytiWest Indies1795
670.The Tiger of MysoreG. A. HentyMysore WarIndia1795
613.At Aboukir and AcreG. A. HentyNapoleonic WarsEgypt1798
615.At the Point of the BayonetG. A. HentyMahratta WarIndia1800
15.Four American Naval Heroes (part 3)Mabel Borton BeebeLife of David Farragut
 & the Civil War
United States (mainly)1801-1870
693.With Moore at CorunnaG. A. HentyPeninsular WarEurope1808
97.The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnL. P. BrockettLincoln's life and political career
Black Hawk War
Civil War
United States1809-1865
602.A Final ReckoningG. A. HentyBush Life in AustraliaAustralia1810
667.The Plague ShipG. A. HentyAdventure on the OceanThe Ocean1810
684.Under Wellington's CommandG. A. HentyPeninsular WarEurope1810
672.The Young BuglersG. A. HentyPeninsular WarSpain1810
678.Through the FrayG. A. HentyLuddite RiotsEngland1811
677.Through Russian SnowsG. A. HentyNapoleonic WarsRussia1812
646.One of the 28thG. A. HentyWaterlooEurope1815
94.Not Yours to GiveDavid CrockettHistorical incident concerning government spendingUnited States1820s
118.Memoirs of Gen. W. T. ShermanWilliam Tecumseh ShermanSherman's life
Civil War
United States1820-1891
133.The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (Vol. 1)Jefferson DavisCivil War: events leading up to it and those shortly thereafter. (Confederate View)United States1820 - late 1860s
139.The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (Vol. 2)Jefferson DavisCivil War: events leading up to it and those shortly thereafter. (Confederate View)United States1820 - late 1860s
689.With Cochrane the DauntlessG. A. HentySouth American RevolutionS. America1820
108.Life and Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall)R. L. DabneyJackson's life
Mexican-American War
Civil War (Confederate)
United States1824-1863
645.On the IrrawaddyG. A. HentyFirst Burmese WarBurma1824
635.In Greek WatersG. A. HentyGreek IndependenceGreece1825
137.Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln (1832-1865)Abraham LincolnSpeeches and letters on subjects personal, political and historical (including the Civil War)United States1832-1865
636.In the Hands of the Cave DwellersG. A. HentySouthwestern AdventureUSA1833
142.Two Years Before the Mast (And Twenty-Four Years After)Richard Henry DanaMaritime history (non-military)Various (Boston to California via Cape Horn)1834-1836 and 1859
696.With the British LegionG. A. HentyCarlist WarsSpain1835
15.Four American Naval Heroes (part 4)Mabel Borton BeebeLife of George Dewey
 & the Spanish-American War
United States, Philippines, South America, various other locations.1837-1899
(published 1899; Dewey died 1917)
650.Queen VictoriaG. A. HentyBiography (complete)Great Britain1837
669.The Sovereign Reader (see #650)G. A. HentyBiography (incomplete) Great Britain1837
659.The Curse of Carne's HoldG. A. HentyKaffir WarSouth Africa1840
681.To Herat and CabulG. A. HentyFirst Afghan WarMiddle East1840
671.The Treasure of the IncasG. A. HentyAdventurePeru1844
664.The Lost HeirG. A. HentyAdventureIndia1846
610.All but Lost Vol. IG. A. HentyBritish SocietyGreat Britain1848
611.All but Lost Vol. IIG. A. HentyBritish SocietyGreat Britain1850
624.Captain Bayley's HeirG. A. HentyCalifornia Gold FieldsUSA1850
679.Through the Sikh WarG. A. HentyConquest of PunjabIndia1850
612.All but Lost Vol. IIIG. A. HentyBritish SocietyGreat Britain1851
648.(Out) On the PampasG. A. HentyMexican-American WarS. America1851
651.Redskin and Cow-BoyG. A. HentyWestern adventureUSA1851
632.Gabriel Allen, M.P.G. A. HentyAdventureEngland1854
641.Jack ArcherG. A. HentyCrimean WarRussia1854
628.Facing DeathG. A. HentyCoal MinesGreat Britain1855
640.In Times of PerilG. A. HentyIndian MutinyIndia1856
668.The Queen's CupG. A. HentyYachting Adventure England1856
652.Rujub, the Juggler also called In the Days of the MutinyG. A. HentyIndian MutinyIndia1856
608.A Search for a SecretG. A. HentyAdventure, search for a willEngland1856
58.Up from SlaveryBooker T. WashingtonLife of an ex-slave; education and the Tuskegee InstituteUnited States1858-1901 (published in 1901; died in 1915)
115.Theodore Roosevelt; An AutobiographyTheodore RooseveltRoosevelt's life and political career
Spanish-American War
Panama Canal
United States
1858-1913 (published in 1913, but he died in 1919)
637.In the Heart of the RockiesG. A. HentyWestern lifeUSA1860
692.With Lee in VirginiaG. A. HentyAmerican Civil WarUSA1860
104.The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 1)Frank LeslieCivil WarUnited States1861-1865
114.The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 2)Frank LeslieCivil WarUnited States1861-1865
129.A Constitutional View of the Late War Between the StatesAlexander StephensCivil War (Confederate view)United States1861-1865
603.A Hidden FoeG. A. HentyAdventure, proving inheritanceEngland1862
649.Out with GaribaldiG. A. HentyLiberation of ItalyItaly1865
140.Fifty Years in the Royal NavyAdmiral Sir Percy ScottNaval history over a span of 50 years. (Including WWI)Worldwide1866-1916
666.The March to MagdalaG. A. HentyAbyssinian CampaignEthiopia1867
120.Life on the MississippiMark TwainPre-Civil War life in Missouri
Life on a steamboat
United StatesEarly 1870s
627.Dorothy's DoubleG. A. HentyFranco-Prussian WarGreat Britain1870
643.Maori and SettlerG. A. HentySecond Maori RebellionNew Zealand1870
655.Sturdy and StrongG. A. HentyEnglish Society / ClassesEngland1870
609.A Woman of the Commune also called A Girl of the Commune or Two Sieges (of Paris), or Cuthbert HarringtonG. A. HentyFranco-Prussian WarFrance1870
675.The Young Franc-TireursG. A. HentyFranco-Prussian WarFrance1870
623.By Sheer PluckG. A. HentyAshanti WarAfrica1873
665.The March to CoomassieG. A. HentyAshanti WarAfrica1873
629.For Name and FameG. A. HentySecond Afghan WarMiddle East1879
626.Condemned as a NihilistG. A. HentyEscape from SiberiaEurope1880
674.The Young ColonistsG. A. HentyFirst Boer WarSouth Africa1880
601.A Chapter of Adventures also called The Young MidshipmanG. A. HentyBombardment of AlexandriaEgypt1882
8.Our Hero General U. S. GrantJosephine PollardU. S. Grant's Life
American Civil War
United States1882-1885
67.Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol. 1)Ulysses S. GrantMexican-American War
Civil War
United States1882-1885
71.Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol. 2)Ulysses S. GrantCivil WarUnited States1882-1885
660.The Dash for KhartoumG. A. HentyNile CampaignSudan1885
680.Through Three CampaignsG. A. HentyTirah, Chitral, AshantiIndia/Africa1896
691.With Kitchener in the SoudanG. A. HentyBattle of OmdurmanSudan1898
687.With Buller in NatalG. A. HentySecond Boer WarSouth Africa1899
694.With Roberts to PretoriaG. A. HentySecond Boer WarSouth Africa1900
695.With the Allies to PekinG. A. HentyBoxer RebellionChina1900
138.The World Crisis (Vol. 1)Sir Winston S. ChurchillWorld War I (this volume only covers through 1915, though the war lasted through 1918)Europe (mainly)1911-1915

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