Best Historical Fiction List   by Jonathan Nield - 1902   (or pdf version)
Books recommended for juvenile reading are marked with (b) for boys and (g) for girls.

Abbott, EdwinOnesimusMemoirs of a Disciple of Paul1st
Abbott, EdwinPhilochristusMemoirs of a Disciple of Christ1st
Achard, AmedeeBelle RoseFrance--Louis XIV17th
Achard, AmedeeThe Golden Fleece Turkish Wars (Louis XIV)17th
Aguilar, GraceThe Days of Bruce (g)Edward II; Bruce14th
Aguilar, GraceThe Vale of CedarsJewish Persecution in Spain15th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonThe Lancashire Witches (b)Time of James I17th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonThe Miser's Daughter (b)Time of George II18th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonOld Saint Paul's (b)Time of Charles II (Plague)17th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonSaint James's (b)Time of Anne18th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonThe Tower of London (b)Period of Mary16th
Ainsworth, William HarrisonWindsor Castle (b)Period of Henry VIII16th
Alcock, DeborahThe Spanish BrothersSpain--The Inquisition16th
Alcock, DeborahUnder the Southern CrossPeru--late 16th Cent16th
Alexander, Mrs. (or Annie Hector)The Heritage of LangdaleTime of George I18th
Alexis, WillibaldThe Burgomaster of BerlinGermany15th
Alexis, WillibaldIsegrimmPrussia--Invasion of Napoleon, etc.19th
Alexis, WillibaldRuhe Ist Die Erste BurgerflichtPrussia--Invasion of Napoleon, etc.19th
Allen, James LaneThe Choir InvisibleKentucky, 179518th
Armitage, AlfredRed Rose and White (b) (g)Time of Richard III15th
Armstrong, JessieMy Friend Anne (g)Period of Henry VIII16th
Auerbach, BertholdSpinozaRomance of Spinoza the Philosopher17th
Austin, Jane G.Standish of StandishAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
Bacheller, IrvingD'Ri and IAmerica--War of 181219th
Bacheller, IrvingEben HoldenNY Journalism (Horace Greeley)19th
Bailey, H. C.My Lady of OrangeNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Baker, JamesThe Cardinal's PageBohemia15th
Baker, JamesThe Gleaming DawnThe Hussites15th
Balfour, AndrewBy Stroke of SwordElizabeth I16th
Balfour, AndrewTo Arms!The Jacobites18th
Balfour, AndrewVengeance is MineNapoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Balzac, Honore de(About) Catherine de MediciCatherine de Medici16th
Balzac, Honore deThe ChouansBrittany in 180019th
Banim, JohnThe Boyne WaterBattle of the Boyne (1690)17th
Banim, John and MichaelThe CroppyIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Banks, Mrs. G. L. (or Isabella Varley Banks)The Manchester ManManchester early 19th Cent (Peterloo)19th
Baring-Gould, SabineCheap Jack ZitaThe Fen Riots19th
Baring-Gould, SabineDomitiaTime of Domitian1st
Baring-Gould, SabineGuavas the TinnerThe Devonshire Tinneries16th
Baring-Gould, SabineIn Exitu IsraelChurch and State in France, 1788-918th
Baring-Gould, SabineNoemiGuienne; Time of Charles VII15th
Baring-Gould, SabinePabo the Priest (b) (g)Time of Henry I12th
Baring-Gould, SabinePerpetuaNimes--beginning of Third Century3rd
Baring-Gould, SabineRoyal GeorgieTime of George IV19th
Baring-Gould, SabineUrithJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Barr, Amelia E.Friend OliviaGeorge Fox, the Quaker17th
Barr, Amelia E.The Maid of Maiden LaneNew York, 179118th
Barr, RobertThe Countess TeklaGermany13th
Barr, RobertThe Strong ArmGermany13th
Barrett, FrankA Set of RoguesAlgerine Pirates, etc.17th
Barrett, Wilson with Elwyn BarronIn Old New YorkNew York, mid 18th Cent18th
Belden, Jessie Van ZileAntoniaDutch in Hudson River Area17th
Bell, GertrudeTrue to the PrinceNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Bellamy, EdwardThe Duke of Stockbridge Massachusetts (Shays' Rebellion)18th
Bennett, JohnMaster Skylark (b) (g)Shakespeare16th
Benson, B. K.Friend with the CountersignAmerican Civil War period19th
Benson, B. K.Who Goes There?American Civil War period19th
Benson, E. F.The CapsinaGreek War of Independence, 182119th
Benson, E. F.The VintageGreek War of Independence, 182119th
Besant, Walter and J. RiceBy Celia's ArbourPeriod of Crimean War19th
Besant, Walter, and J. RiceThe Chaplain of the Fleet (g)Manners, mid 18th Century18th
Besant, WalterDorothy Forster (b) (g)The Jacobites18th
Besant, WalterFor Faith and FreedomJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Besant, WalterThe Orange GirlTime of George III18th
Besant, WalterSt. Katherine's by the TowerFrench Revolution pd-England 179318th
Besant, WalterThe World Went Very Well ThenTime of George II18th
Betham-Edwards, MatildaA Storm-Rent SkyFrench Revolution period (Normandy)18th
Bevan, TomA Lion of WessexAlfred and his times9th
Bidder, Miss Mary (or Mrs. Horace Porter)In the Shadow of the CrownEdward II; Edward III14th
Black, WilliamJudith ShakespeareTime of James I17th
Blackmore, R. D.Alice Lorraine (g)Peninsular War19th
Blackmore, R. D.Lorna Doone (b) (g)James II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Blackmore, R. D.The Maid of Sker (g)Time of George III18th
Blackmore, R. D.SpringhavenTime of Nelson (Trafalgar)19th
Blake, Matilda MariaGrantley Fenton (b)Napoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Blayney, OwenThe MacMahonBattle of the Boyne (1690)17th
Blissett, Nellie K.The Most Famous LobaPersecution of the Albigenses; Carcassonne13th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnAcross the Salt SeasTime of Anne, Battle of Blenheim18th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnThe Clash of ArmsWars of Turenne (John Churchill)17th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnDenouncedThe Jacobites18th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnFortune's My FoeCartagena, 175818th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnIn the Day of AdversityFrance--Louis XIV17th
Bloundelle-Burton, JohnThe Scourge of GodFrance--Louis XIV (Huguenots)17th
Bodkin, M. McDonnellThe RebelsIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Bourchier, Miss M. H.The Adventures of a GoldsmithFrance; Royalist Conspiracy19th
Braddon, Mary ElizabethIn High PlacesEarlier years of Charles I17th
Braddon, Mary ElizabethIshmaelFrance; Louis Philippe; Napoleon III19th
Braddon, Mary ElizabethLondon PrideTime of Charles II17th
Braddon, Mary ElizabethMohawksTime of Anne18th
Braine, Sheila E.The King's "Blue Boys"Frederick William I of Prussia18th
Braine, Sheila E.The Turkish AutomatonRussia, time of Catharine II18th
Bramston, MaryThe Banner of St. George (g)Richard II; Wat Tyler14th
Bramston, MaryFor Faith and Fatherland (b)Netherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Bramston, MaryShaven CrownConversion of the Surrey Border6th
Brereton, Captain Frederick S.In the King's ServiceIreland--Cromwellian wars17th
Brereton, Captain Frederick S.A Gallant Grenadier (b)Period of Crimean War19th
Breton, FrederickGod Save EnglandEdward III (Winchelsea and Rye)14th
Breton, FrederickTrue HeartSwitzerland 1514-25 / Erasmus, etc.16th
Briton, E. VincentAmyot Brough (g)England & Canada, mid 18th century18th
Bronte, CharlotteShirleyThe Luddite Riots19th
Brooks, Elbridge S.A Boy of the First EmpireNapoleon, Fouche, etc. (1806-15)19th
Brooks, Elbridge S.A Son of the RevolutionAmerica; time of Aaron Burr19th
Brown, Charles BrockdenArthur MervynPhiladelphia, 1793 (yellow fever)18th
Bryden, H. A.An Exiled ScotThe Jacobites (The Cape)18th
Buchan, JohnJohn Burnet of BarnsScotland / Low Countries 1678-8817th
Buchan, JohnA Lost Lady of Old YearsThe Jacobites18th
Buchanan, RobertThe Shadow of the SwordNapoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Burchell, Sidney H.Daniel Herrick Time of Charles II17th
Burchell, Sidney H.The Duke's ServantsThe Duke of Buckingham17th
Burchell, Sidney H.In the Days of King JamesTime of James I17th
Burnett, Frances HodgsonHis Grace of OsmondeSocial Life, end of 17th Century17th
Burnett, Frances HodgsonA Lady of QualitySocial Life, end of 17th Century17th
Bynner, Edwin L.Agnes SurriageBoston, mid 18th Century18th
Bynner, Edwin L.The Begum's DaughterNew York (Jacob Leisler)17th
Cable, George W.The CavalierAmerican Civil War period19th
Cahun, LeonThe Blue BannerCrusades & Mongol Conquest12th
Caine, HallThe Shadow of a CrimeQuakers at the Restoration17th
Caine, O. V.Face to Face with Napoleon (b) (g)Napoleon and his time19th
Caine, O. V.In the Year of Waterloo (b) (g)Napoleon and his time19th
Callwell, Josephine M.A Champion of the Faith (g)Henry IV; Henry V15th
Cantu, CesareMargherita PusterlaItaly14th
Capes, BernardThe Adventures of the Comte de la MuetteFrench Revolution period18th
Capes, BernardLove Like a GipsyAmerican Revolution18th
Capes, BernardOur Lady of DarknessFrench Revolution period18th
Carey, WymondMonsieur MartinSweden from 1699 (Charles XII)17th
Carleton, WilliamBlack ProphetIreland, in 182219th
Carleton, WilliamRedmond Count O'HanlonBattle of Aughrim17th
Castle, Agnes and EgertonThe Bath ComedyBath, middle of 18th Century18th
Castle, Agnes and EgertonThe Pride of Jennico Moravia, 177118th
Catherwood, Mary H.Lazarre Son of Louis XVI / France & US 1795-181519th
Catherwood, Mary H.The Romance of DollardFrench in Canada17th
Chambers, Robert W.Ashes of EmpireFranco-German War Period19th
Chambers, Robert W.CardiganAmerican Revolution18th
Chambers, Robert W.LorraineFranco-German War Period19th
Chambers, Robert W.The Red RepublicParis Commune19th
Charles, Elizabeth R.Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta FamilyThe Reformation16th
Charles, Elizabeth R.Conquering and to ConquerJerome5th
Charles, Elizabeth R.On Both Sides of the Sea (g)Commonwealth period17th
Chesney, Sir GeorgeThe Dilemma Indian Mutiny19th
Chetwode, R. D.John of StrathbournePeriod of Francis I16th
Chetwode, R. D.The Knight of the Golden Chain (b)Time of Stephen12th
Church, A. J.The Burning of RomeRome in the time of Nero1st
Church, A. J.The Chantry Priest of Barnet (b)Wars of the Roses15th
Church, A. J.The Count of Saxon ShoreDeparture of Romans from Britain5th
Church, A. J.(Callias) The Fall of AthensPeloponnesian WarBC
Church, A. J. with Richmond SeeleyThe HammerMaccabaean TimesBC
Church, A. J.Lords of the WorldRome versus CarthageBC
Church, A. J.To the LionsChristians and the Younger Pliny2nd
Church, A. J.Two Thousand Years Ago (or Lucius)Rome; Spartacus and MithridatesBC
Church, A. J.With the King at Oxford (b)English Civil War Period17th
Church, A. J.A Young MacedonianAlexander the GreatBC
Church, Samuel H.John Marmaduke (b)Ireland--Cromwellian wars17th
Churchill, WinstonThe CrisisAmerican Civil War period19th
Churchill, WinstonRichard CarvelAmerican Revolution18th
Clare, AustinThe Carved Cartoon (g)Grinling Gibbons17th
Clark, AlfredWoe to the Conquered Roman Life, BC 73-71BC
Cobban, J. MaclarenThe Angel of the CovenantPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Cobbold, RichardFreston TowerTime of Wolsey16th
Coleridge, Mary E.The Fiery DawnDuchesse de Berri (1831-2)19th
Coleridge, Mare E.The King with Two FacesGustavus III of Sweden18th
Collins, WilkieAntoninaRome in 5466th
Colomb, Col. George H.For King and KentEnglish Civil War Period (Royalist standpoint)17th
Compton, HerbertThe Inimitable Mrs. MassinghamGretna Green & Botany Bay, 179918th
Conscience, HendrikThe Lion of FlandersFrance14th
Conscience, HendrikLudovic and GertrudeNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain (Roman Catholic standpoint)16th
Cooke, John EstenFairfaxShenandoah Valley, 1748-8118th
Cooke, John EstenThe Virginia ComediansVirginia, 1763-518th
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Last of the MohicansMontcalm, 175718th
Cooper, James FenimoreLionel LincolnAmerican Revolution (Bunker Hill)18th
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Pilot American Revolution (Paul Jones)18th
Cooper, James FenimoreThe SpyAmerican Revolution (Hudson District)18th
Corbett, JulianA Business in Great WatersSussex Smugglers / French Conspirators18th
Corbett, JulianThe Fall of AsgardSt. Olaf's Days11th
Corbett, JulianFor God and GoldElizabeth I16th
Cornford, L. CopeCaptain Jacobus (b)Commonwealth period17th
Cornford, L. CopeThe Master BeggarsNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Cornford, L. CopeSons of AdversityElizabeth I16th
Cowper, FrankCaedwallaSaxons in the Isle of Wight7th
Cowper, FrankThe Captain of the Wight (b)Time of Henry VII15th
Craddock, Charles Egbert (or Mary Noailles Murfree)The Story of Old Fort Loudon North America, 1758 (French War)18th
Crake, A. D.Alfgar the Dane (#2 in series)Edmund Ironside11th
Crake, A. D.The Camp on the SevernPersecution in Britain3rd
Crake, A. D.Edwy the Fair (#1 in series)Britain--Dunstan10th
Crake, A. D.The Rival Heirs (#3 in series)The Norman Conquest11th
Crane, StephenThe Red Badge of CourageAmerican Civil War period19th
Crawford, Francis MarionIn the Palace of the KingSpain--Time of Philip II16th
Crawford, Francis MarionMariettaVenice, 147015th
Crawford, Francis MarionVia CrucisSecond Crusade12th
Crawford, Francis MarionZoroasterZoroaster, the Persian Religious ReformerBC
Creswick, PaulIn Aelfred's DaysAlfred and his times9th
Creswick, PaulUnder the Black RavenAlfred and his times9th
Crockett, Samuel R.Black DouglasJames II of Scotland15th
Crockett, Samuel R.The Dark O' The MoonGalloway; early 18th cent18th
Crockett, Samuel R.The FirebrandSpain--Queen Cristina and Carlists19th
Crockett, Samuel R.LochinvarBattle of Killiecrankie17th
Crockett, Samuel R.The Men of Moss HagsBothwell Bridge, 167917th
Crockett, Samuel R.The RaidersGalloway--early 18th Century18th
Crockett, Samuel R.Red AxeThirty Years War17th
Crockett, Samuel R.The Standard BearerPeriod of James II (Covenanters)17th
Croly, George Tarry Thou Till I Come (or Salathiel)Early struggle of Judaism and Christianity1st
Cunningham, Lady F.The Little Saint of God French Revolution period18th
Cuthell, Edith E. with Albert J. FosterThe Robber Baron of Bedford CastlePeriod of Henry III13th
Cutts, E. L.The Villa of ClaudiusRoman occupation of Britain3rd
Dahn, FelixFelicitasThe German Migrations5th
Dahn, FelixA Struggle for RomeThe Ostrogoths and Belisarius6th
Dasent, George WebbeThe Vikings of the BalticThe Vikings10th
Daudet, ErnestRafaelSpain--Charles IV and Napoleon19th
Davidson, MaryEdward the ExileEdward the Confessor's period11th
Davis, William S.A Friend of CaesarPompey and CaesarBC
Davis, William S.God Wills ItFirst Crusade11th
D'Azeglio, MassimoThe Challenge of BarlettaGonsalvo di Cordova, etc.16th
D'Azeglio, MassimoThe Maid of Florence (or Niccolo de Lapi)Florence 1529-3016th
Defoe, DanielHistory of the Plague [in London] (or A Journal of the Plague Year)Time of Charles II (Plague)17th
Defoe, DanielMemoirs of a CavalierEnglish Civil War Period17th
D'Esterre Keeling, ElsaThe Queen's SerfTime of Anne18th
Dickens, CharlesBarnaby Rudge (b) (g)Time of George III (Gordon Riots)18th
Dickens, CharlesA Tale of Two CitiesFrench Revolution period18th
Dickson, HarrisThe Black Wolf's BreedLouis XIV--Old and New World17th
Disraeli, BenjaminSybilEarly Victorian period (Chartists)19th
Dix, Beulah M.Hugh Gwyeth (b)English Civil War Period17th
Dix, Beulah M.The Making of Christopher FerringhamCommonwealth period (New England)17th
Dix, Beulah M.Soldier RigdaleAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
Dorr, Julia C. R.In King's HousesTime of Anne18th
Doyle, Arthur ConanExploits of Brigadier GerardNapoleon and his time19th
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Great ShadowNapoleon and his time (Waterloo)19th
Doyle, Arthur ConanMicah Clarke (b)James II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe RefugeesLouis XIV--Old and New World17th
Doyle, Arthur ConanRodney StoneEnglish Social Life, early 19th cent19th
Doyle, Arthur ConanUncle BernacNapoleon and his time19th
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe White Company (b)Period of Edward III14th
Drummond, HamiltonFor the ReligionFrance / Coligny, etc.16th
Drummond, HamiltonA King's PawnHenry of Navarre16th
Drummond, HamiltonA Man of His AgeFrance / Coligny, etc.16th
Dumas, AlexandreAnge Pitou (#3 in Marie Antoinette series)French Revolution period18th
Dumas, AlexandreAscanioFrance, 154016th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Black TulipWilliam of Orange, 167217th
Dumas, AlexandreLe Chevalier de Maison Rouge (#5 in Marie Antoinette series)French Revolution period (1793)18th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Companions of JehuNapoleon in Egypt (1799-1800)18th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Forty Five (Guardsmen) - (#3 in the Valois series)French Court 158516th
Dumas, AlexandreLa Comtesse de Charny (or the Countess of Charny) - (#4 in Marie Antoinette series)French Revolution period (1789-94)18th
Dumas, AlexandreLa Dame de Monsoreau (or Chicot the Jester) - (#2 in the Valois series)French Court 157816th
Dumas, AlexandreLe Chevalier d'Harmental (or The Conspirators)France--the Regency (1718)18th
Dumas, AlexandreMarguerite de Valois (or Queen Margot) - (#1 in the Valois series)France / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Dumas, AlexandreMemoirs of a Physician (#1 in Marie Antoinette series)Louis XV-XVI (1770-74)18th
Dumas, AlexandreOlympe de ClevesFrance, Louis XV18th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Page of the Duke of SavoyPeriod of Charles V16th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Queen's Necklace (#2 in Marie Antoinette series)Court of Louis XVI (1784-5)18th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Regent's Daughter (Sequel to "Le Chevalier d'Harmental")France--the Regency (1719)18th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Last Vendee (or The She-Wolves of Machecoul)Duchesse de Berri (1795-1843)19th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Three MusketeersFrance--Richelieu, etc.17th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Two DianasPeriod of Francis I16th
Dumas, AlexandreTwenty Years AfterFrance–Time of Mazarin, 1648-917th
Dumas, AlexandreVicomte de BragelonneFrance--Louis XIV17th
Dumas, AlexandreThe War of WomenFrance-Time of Mazarin, 165017th
Dumas, AlexandreThe Whites and the BluesRise of Napoleon (1793-9)18th
Duros, EdwardOtterbourneBattle of Otterbourne14th
Ebers, GeorgBarbara BlombergCharles V and Luther16th
Ebers, GeorgThe Bride of the NileEgypt AD 6437th
Ebers, GeorgCleopatraLatter Years of CleopatraBC
Ebers, GeorgAn Egyptian PrincessEgypt; Amasis and CambysesBC
Ebers, GeorgHomo SumChristians in Arabia4th
Ebers, GeorgIn the Blue PikeGermany--time of Maximilian16th
Ebers, GeorgPer Aspera (or A Thorny Path)Alexandria in time of Emperor Caracalla3rd
Ebers, GeorgSerapisAlexandria AD 3914th
Ebers, GeorgThe SistersEgypt; Ptolemy Philometer, and EuergetesBC
Ebers, GeorgUardaEgypt; Rameses SesostrisBC
Eckstein, ErnstNeroRome in the time of Nero1st
Eckstein, ErnstPrusiasThe Slave Revolt under SpartacusBC
Eckstein, ErnstQuintus ClaudiusTime of Domitian1st
Eden, Charles H.Afloat With Nelson (b)Time of Nelson (Trafalgar)19th
Edgar, John GeorgeCrecy and Poitiers (b)Period of Edward III14th
Edgar, John GeorgeHow I Won My Spurs (b)Henry III; Barons' Wars13th
Edgar, John GeorgeRunnymede and Lincoln Fair (b) (g)Time of John (the Charter)13th
Eggleston, George C.The Big BrotherAmerica--War of 1812. Indian War, 181319th
Eliot, GeorgeFelix HoltTime of William IV19th
Eliot, GeorgeMiddlemarchTime of William IV19th
Eliot, GeorgeRomolaFlorence; Savonarola15th
Ellis, Edward S.Uncrowning a KingAmerica--King Philip's war17th
Elrington, HelenIn The Days of Prince Hal (b) (g)Henry IV; Henry V15th
Erckmann-ChatrianThe Blockade (of Phalsburg)Napoleon and his time19th
Erckmann-ChatrianThe ConscriptNapoleon and his time19th
Erckmann-ChatrianThe PlebisciteFranco-German War Period19th
Erckmann-ChatrianThe Story of a PeasantFrench Revolution pd (1789-1815)18th
Erckmann-ChatrianWaterloo (Sequel to "The Conscript")Napoleon and his time19th
Everett-Green, EvelynAfter Worcester (g)Commonwealth period17th
Everett-Green, EvelynA Clerk of Oxford (g)Henry III; Barons' Wars13th
Everett-Green, EvelynThe Heir of Hascombe Hall (b) (g)Time of Henry VII15th
Everett-Green, EvelynIn Fair GranadaSpain--Time of Philip II16th
Everett-Green, EvelynIn Taunton Town (g)James II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Everett-Green, EvelynIn the Days of Chivalry (g)Crecy, taking of Calais14th
Everett-Green, EvelynIn the Wars of the Roses (g)Wars of the Roses15th
Everett-Green, EvelynThe Lord of Dyneover (g)Time of Edward I13th
Everett-Green, EvelynThe Lost Treasure of Trevlyn (g)Time of the Gunpowder Plot17th
Everett-Green, EvelynShut InSiege of Antwerp16th
Everett-Green, EvelynTom Tufton's Toll (b) (g)Time of Anne18th
Everett-Green, EvelynTom Tufton's Travels (b) (g)Time of Anne18th
Everett-Green, EvelynThe Young PioneersLa Salle, the French Explorer17th
Falkner, John MeadeMoonfleetSmugglers, 175718th
Farrar, Dean Frederic W.Darkness and DawnPersecutions under Nero1st
Farrar, Dean Frederic W.Gathering CloudsSt. Chrysostom5th
Fenn, Clive RobertFor the Old Flag (b)Indian Mutiny19th
Fenn, George ManvilleThe Black Tor (b)Time of James I17th
Fenn, George ManvilleThe King's Sons (for younger readers)Alfred and his times9th
Fenn, George ManvilleNed Leger (b)Time of George II18th
Field, Mrs. E. M. (or Louise Frances Field)Ethne (g)Ireland--Cromwellian wars17th
Findlater, Jane HelenA Daughter of StrifeThe Jacobites18th
Fletcher, Joseph SmithMistress SpitfireEnglish Civil War Period17th
Fletcher, Joseph SmithWhen Charles I Was King (b)English Civil War Period17th
Ford, Paul LeicesterJanice MeredithAmerican Revolution18th
Forrest, ThorpeBuilders of the WasteBritains v. Anglians in Yorkshire6th
Foster, Albert J. with Edith E. CuthellThe Robber Baron of Bedford Castle (g)Period of Henry III13th
Francillon, Robert E.Ropes of SandNorth Devon, 179318th
Francis, MarianWhere Honour LeadsTime of George II (Fontenoy)18th
Francis, Mary E. (or Mrs. Blundell)Yeoman Fleetwood Last Years of the Regency19th
Franzos, Karl EmilFor the RightCarpathian district, 183519th
Frederic, HaroldThe Copperhead and Other TalesAmerican Civil War period19th
Frederic, HaroldA Day in the WildernessAmerican Civil War period19th
Frederic, HaroldThe DeserterAmerican Civil War period19th
Frederic, HaroldHow Dickon Came By His Name (in "The Deserter and other Stories") (b)Wars of the Roses15th
Frederic, HaroldWhere Avon Into Severn Flows (in "The Deserter and other Stories") (b)Wars of the Roses15th
Freytag, Gustav Debit and CreditSilesia, 184819th
Freytag, Gustav Our Forefathers (Die Ahnen) [Series]Stages of German Civilization4th-19th
Frith, HenryUnder Bayard's BannerChevalier de Bayard16th
Froude, James AnthonyTwo Chiefs of DunboyIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Fuller, HulbertVivian of VirginiaVirginia, late 17th Century17th
Galt, JohnRingan GilhaizeBattle of Killiecrankie17th
Gardner, Edmund G.DesiderioFlorence; Savonarola15th
Garnier, Russell His Counterpart Wars of Turenne (John Churchill)17th
Garnier, Russell The White QueenMary Tudor 151416th
Gaulot, PaulThe Red ShirtsFrench Revolution period18th
Gautier, TheophileCaptain FracasseStrolling Players, period of Louis XIII17th
Gay, Madame SophieMarie de ManciniFrance--Time of Mazarin17th
Gibbon, CharlesFor the KingTime of George I18th
Gibbon, CharlesThe Braes of YarrowJames V of Scotland (Flodden)16th
Gibney, SomervilleThe Maid of London Bridge (g)Edward VI16th
Gilliat, EdwardForest Outlaws (b) (g)Henry II12th
Gilliat, EdwardGod Save King AlfredAlfred and his times9th
Gilliat, EdwardJohn Standish (b)Richard II; Wat Tyler14th
Gilliat, EdwardThe King's Reeve (b) (g)Time of Edward I13th
Gleig, George R.The SubalternPeninsular War19th
Godwin, WilliamSt. LeonBattle of Pavia, 152516th
Graeme, Alastor (or Mrs. Frederick T. Marryat) Romance of the Lady ArbellTime of James I17th
Graham, John W.NeaeraRome under Tiberius1st
Grant, JamesAdventures of an Aide-de-CampBattle of Maida, 180619th
Grant, JamesThe Captain of the GuardJames II of Scotland15th
Grant, JamesHarry OgilvieScotland--Cromwellian wars17th
Grant, JamesMary of LorraineBattle of Pinkie 154716th
Grant, JamesPhillip RolloThirty Years War17th
Grant, JamesThe Romance of War (b)Peninsular War19th
Grant, JamesThe Scottish CavalierBattle of Killiecrankie17th
Grant, JamesThe Yellow FrigateScotland15th
Grant, James GregorRufus, or The Red KingWilliam II11th
Gras, FelixThe Reds of the MidiFrench Revolution period18th
Gras, FelixThe TerrorFrench Revolution period18th
Gras, FelixThe White TerrorFrench Revolution period18th
Grier, Sydney C.In Furthest IndEast India Company, 169717th
Grier, Sydney C.Like Another HelenIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Griffin, GeraldDuke of MonmouthJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Griffin, GeraldThe InvasionIreland / N. Europe8th
Grossi, TommasoMarco ViscontiItaly14th
Guerrazzi, Francesco D.Beatrice CenciItaly late 16th Cent16th
Guerrazzi, Francesco D.Isabella OrsiniItaly; The Medicis15th
Guerrazzi, Francesco D.La Battaglia Di Benevento (or Manfred: Or, The Battle of Benevento)Italy under Emperor Frederick II13th
Haggard, H. RiderLysbethNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Haggard, H. RiderMontezuma's DaughterConquest of Mexico16th
Haggard, H. RiderSwallowSouth Africa--the Great Trek, 183619th
Hale, Edward Everet In His NameThe Waldenses12th
Hale, Edward Everet The Man Without a CountryAmerica; time of Aaron Burr19th
Hall, Mrs. S. C. (or Anna Maria Hall)The OutlawRevolution period (1688)17th
Hall, Mrs. S. C. (or Anna Maria Hall)The WhiteboyIreland, in 182219th
Hamilton, ErnestMary HamiltonMary, Queen of Scots16th
Hamilton, ErnestThe Outlaws of the MarchesScotland 158716th
Hancock, Albert ElmerHenry BourlandAmerican Civil War period19th
Harcourt, Col. Alfred F. P.Jenetha's VentureIndian Mutiny19th
Hatton, JosephThe Dagger and the CrossTime of Charles II (Eyam)17th
Hatton, JosephThe White King of ManoaSir Walter Raleigh, etc.16th
Hauff, WilhelmLichtensteinGermany, early 16th Century16th
Hayens, HerbertAn Emperor's DoomMexican War of Independence19th
Helps, Sir ArthurIvan de BironRussia, mid 18th Century18th
Henty, George AlfredAt Agincourt (b)Henry V15th
Henty, George AlfredAt the Point of the Bayonet (b)Battle of Assaye, etc.19th
Henty, George AlfredBeric the BritonRoman Invasion of Britain1st
Henty, George AlfredBoth Sides the Border (b) (g)Period of Henry IV15th
Henty, George AlfredThe Bravest of the Brave (b)Time of Anne (Peterborough)18th
Henty, George AlfredBy England's AidNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Henty, George AlfredBy Pike and DykeNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Henty, George AlfredBy Right of ConquestConquest of Mexico16th
Henty, George AlfredThe Cornet of Horse (b) (g)Time of Anne (Duke of Marlborough)18th
Henty, George AlfredThe Dragon and the RavenAlfred and his times9th
Henty, George AlfredIn Freedom's Cause (b)Wallace and Bruce14th
Henty, George AlfredIn the Irish BrigadeTime of Anne (Foreign Wars)18th
Henty, George AlfredA Jacobite ExileCharles XII of Sweden18th
Henty, George AlfredThe Lion of St. MarkVenice, late 14th Cent14th
Henty, George AlfredThe Lion of the NorthGustavus Adolphus17th
Henty, George AlfredA March on London (b)Richard II--Wat Tyler14th
Henty, George AlfredOne of the 28th (b)Napoleon and his time (Waterloo)19th
Henty, George AlfredOut with GaribaldiWar of Italian Liberation, 185919th
Henty, George AlfredSt. George for England (b)Period of Edward III14th
Henty, George AlfredThrough Russian SnowsNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
Henty, George AlfredTo Herat and CabulFirst Afghan War19th
Henty, George AlfredUnder Wellington's Command (b)Peninsular War19th
Henty, George AlfredWith Clive in IndiaIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Henty, George AlfredWith Frederick the GreatThe Seven Years War18th
Henty, George AlfredWith Lee in VirginiaAmerican Civil War period19th
Henty, George AlfredWon by the SwordThirty Years War17th
Henty, George AlfredWulf the Saxon (b)The Norman Conquest11th
Hewlett, MauriceThe Countess Alys (In New Canterbury Tales)Period of Edward III14th
Hewlett, MauriceLittle Novels of ItalyItalian manners early 14th-late 15th cent15th
Hewlett, Maurice(The Life and Death of) Richard Yea-And-NayRichard I12th
Hillary, MaxThe Blue FlagJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Hinkson, Henry A.The King's DeputyDublin in time of Grattan18th
Hinkson, Henry A.Up for the GreenIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Hocking, JosephThe BirthrightTime of John Wesley (Cornwall)18th
Hocking, JosephLest We ForgetPeriod of Mary16th
Hocking, JosephMistress Nancy Molesworth (g)The Jacobites18th
Hollis, GertrudeIn the Days of St. Anselm (b) (g)William II11th
Hollis, GertrudeThe Son of AellaConversion of Northumbria7th
Holroyd, Caroline C.Seething Days (b) (g)Edward VI--Mary16th
Hope, AnthonySimon DaleTime of Charles II17th
Hopkins, TigheFor FreedomWar of Italian Liberation, 18591859
Hudson, HenryWild Humphrey KynastonShrewsbury15th
Hugo, Victor L'An '93 (or Ninety-Three)French Revolution period18th
Hugo, Victor Les MiserablesFrance, 181519th
Hugo, Victor Notre Dame (de Paris)Paris15th
Hunt, LeighSir Ralph EsherTime of Charles II17th
Ingemann, Bernhard S.WaldemarDenmark13th
Jacobs, JosephAs Others Saw HimEarly Christianity (AD 54)1st
James, G. P. R.Agincourt (b) (g)Henry V15th
James, G. P. R.AttilaDecline of Roman Empire5th
James, G. P. R.The Brigand (or Corse de Leon)France, mid 16th Cent16th
James, G. P. R.The GipsyTime of George II18th
James, G. P. R.Henry MastertonEngland Civil War / France - the Fronde17th
James, G. P. R.Mary of BurgundyGhent15th
James, G. P. R.Philip AugustusFrance13th
James, G. P. R.RichelieuFrance--Richelieu, etc.17th
James, G. P. R.The RobberTime of Charles II17th
James, G. P. R.The Woodman (b) (g)Time of Richard III15th
Jewett, Sarah OrneThe Tory LoverAmerican Revolution (Paul Jones)18th
Johnson, William H.The King's HenchmanHenry of Navarre16th
Johnson, William H.Under the Spell of the Fleur de LisHenry of Navarre16th
Johnston, MaryAudreyVirginia, in George I-II Period18th
Johnston, MaryBy Order of the Company (or To Have and to Hold)Old Virginia, 162217th
Johnston, MaryThe Old Dominion (or Prisoners of Hope)Virginia, late 17th Century17th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)The Baron's SonsHungarian Revolution, 18481848
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)The Green BookRussia, 182519th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)Halil the PedlarStambul, 173018th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)Hungarian NabobHungary, 182219th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)ManassehItaly and Transylvania, 1848-5919th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)Midst the Wild CarpathiansTransylvania, 166617th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)The Nameless CastleDaughter of Louis XVI (Hungary in Napoleonic pd)19th
Jokai, Mor (Maurus)Pretty MichalHungary, mid 17th Cent17th
Josika, Baron Nicolas'Neath the Hoof of the Tartar (or The Scourge of God)Hungary; the Tartar Invasion13th
Keary, AnnieCastle Daly (g)Irish Famine19th
Keightley, Samuel R.The CavaliersEnglish Civil War Period17th
Keightley, Samuel R.The Crimson SignSiege of Derry (1689)17th
Keightley, Samuel R.The Last Recruit of Clare'sIrish Brigade stories18th
Keightley, Samuel R.The Silver CrossFrance--Time of Mazarin17th
Kennedy, John P.Horse-Shoe RobinsonVirginia, 178018th
Kennedy, John P.Swallow BarnVirginian Life, early 19th Cent19th
Kingsley, CharlesAlton LockeEarly Victorian period (Chartists)19th
Kingsley, CharlesHereward the Wake (or The Last of the English) (b)The Norman Conquest11th
Kingsley, CharlesHypatiaAlexandria5th
Kingsley, CharlesWestward Ho! (b) (g)Elizabeth I16th
Kingsley, HenryMademoiselle MathildeFrench Revolution period18th
Kingsley, HenryOld MargaretGhent15th
Kingsley, HenryRavenshoePeriod of Crimean War19th
Kingsley, HenryValentinFranco-German War Period19th
Kirby, WilliamThe Golden DogQuebec, in the days of Louis XV18th
Lane, Elinor MacartneyThe Mills of GodVirginia and England18th
Lang, AndrewA Monk of FifeJoan of Arc15th
Lang, Andrew with A. E. W. MasonParson KellyTime of George I18th
Laube, HeinrichDer Deutsche Krieg (Series)Thirty Years War17th
Laut, Agnes C.Lords of the NorthCanada--Hudson Bay & NW Companies19th
Lawless, EmilyMaelchoIrish Rebellion16th
Lawless, EmilyWith Essex in IrelandIreland 159916th
Le Breton, JohnMis'ess JoyLast Years of the Regency19th
Lee, AlbertThe Black DiscConquest of Granada15th
Lee, AlbertThe Inca's RansomConquest of Peru16th
Leighton, Robert Olaf the GloriousRussia and Norway11th
Leighton, Robert The Thirsty Sword Norse Invasion of Scotland13th
Lever, Charles JamesCharles O'MalleyPeninsular War19th
Lever, Charles JamesTom Burke (of "Ours")French Wars (Consulate--Empire)19th
Levett-Yeats, SidneyChevalier d'AuriacHenry of Navarre16th
Levett-Yeats, SidneyThe Honour of SavelliItaly--the Borgias16th
Levett-Yeats, SidneyThe Traitor's WayFrance--Conspiracy of Amboise16th
Liefde, Jacob B. deThe BeggarsNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Liefde, Jacob B. deA Brave ResolveWallenstein17th
Lockhart, John GibsonValeriusTime of Trajan (Rome)2nd
Lover, SamuelRory O'MoreIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Lover, SamuelTreasure TroveTime of George II (Fontenoy)18th
Lowe, CharlesA Fallen StarThe Seven Years War18th
Ludlow, James M.DeborahMaccabaean TimesBC
Luther, Mark L.The Favor of PrincesAdventure in time of Louis XV18th
Lyall, EdnaIn Spite of All (g)Falkland, Laud, etc.17th
Lyall, EdnaIn the Golden Days (g)Time of Charles II (Algernon Sidney)17th
Lyall, EdnaTo Right the Wrong (g)Hampden17th
Lytton, Edward BulwerDevereuxTime of Anne (England and Abroad)18th
Lytton, Edward BulwerHarold (b) (g)The Norman Conquest11th
Lytton, Edward BulwerThe Last Days of PompeiiTime of Vespasian1st
Lytton, Edward BulwerThe Last of the Barons (b) (g)Wars of the Roses15th
Lytton, Edward BulwerLeilaConquest of Granada15th
Lytton, Edward BulwerThe ParisiansParis Commune19th
Lytton, Edward BulwerRienziRome14th
MacDonald, GeorgeSt. George and St. MichaelEnglish Civil War Period17th
MacDonald, RonaldGod Save the KingCommonwealth--Charles II17th
MacDonald, RonaldThe Sword of the KingWilliam of Orange17th
MacFarlane, CharlesThe Camp of Refuge (b) (g)The Norman Conquest11th
MacFarlane, Charles(Stephen:) A Legend of Reading Abbey (b) (g)Time of Stephen12th
Macquoid, Katherine S.A Ward of the KingPeriod of Francis I16th
Maitland, Arthur L.I Lived as I ListedTime of Charles II17th
Major, Charles (or Edwin Caskoden)When Knighthood Was in FlowerPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Manning, AnneCherry and Violet (g)Time of Charles II17th
Manning, AnneThe Colloquies of Edward Osborne (b) (g)Edward VI--Mary16th
Manning, AnneDeborah's Diary (Sequel to "The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell")Milton's Daughter17th
Manning, AnneThe Household of Sir Thomas More (g)Period of Henry VIII16th
Manning, Anne(The Maiden and Married Life of) Mary PowellJohn Milton17th
Manning, AnneA Noble Purpose Nobly WonJoan of Arc15th
Manning, AnneThe Old Chelsea Bun House (g)Time of Anne18th
Manzoni, AllesandroThe Betrothed (Lovers)Italy, the Plague in Milan17th
Margueritte, Paul and VictorUne Epoque (contains four novels)
  Le Desastre [Metz 1870]
  Les Troncons du Glaive [La Defense Nationale]
  Les Brave Gens [Episodes]
  La Commune [Paris, 1875]
Franco-German War Period19th
Marks, Mary A. M. HoppusA Great TreasonAmerican Revolution (Benedict Arnold)18th
Marks, Mary A. M. HoppusMasters of the WorldTime of Domitian1st
Marquis, Thomas G.Marguerite de RobervalPeriod of Francis I16th
Marryat, FrederickThe Children of the New ForestEnglish Civil War Period17th
Marryat, FrederickThe King's OwnMutiny at the Nore, 179718th
Marshall, BeatriceOld BlackfriarsVan Dyck17th
Marshall, EmmaBy the North Sea (g)Cromwell's Grand-daughter17th
Marshall, EmmaA Haunt of Ancient Peace (g)Nicholas Ferrar17th
Marshall, EmmaIn Colston's DaysBristol, 1636-172017th
Marshall, EmmaIn the East Country with Sir Thomas BrowneAbout the author of "Religio Medici"17th
Marshall, EmmaIn the Service of Rachel, Lady Russell (g)Period of James II17th
Marshall, EmmaIn the Choir of Westminster AbbeyPurcell the Composer17th
Marshall, EmmaKensington Palace (g)William III17th
Marshall, EmmaThe Master of the MusiciansHandel18th
Marshall, EmmaThe Parson's Daughter (g)George Romney, the Painter18th
Marshall, EmmaPenshurst Castle (g)Sir Philip Sydney16th
Marshall, EmmaUnder Salisbury Spire (g)George Herbert17th
Marshall, EmmaUnder the Mendips (g)Time of William IV (Bristol Riots)19th
Marshall, EmmaThe White King's DaughterThe Princess Elizabeth17th
Marshall, EmmaWinchester Meads (g)Bishop Ken17th
Martineau, HarrietThe Hour and the ManToussaint L'Ouverture19th
Mason, A. E. WClementinaClementina Sobieski / Jacobites18th
Mason, A. E. W.The Courtship of Morice Buckler (b)Period of James II (1685-7)17th
Mason, A. E. W with Andrew LangParson KellyTime of George I18th
Mathew, FrankDefender of the FaithPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Mathew, FrankOne Queen TriumphantMary, Queen of Scots16th
Mathew, FrankThe Royal SistersPeriod of Mary16th
Maxwell, Sir HerbertThe Chevalier of the Splendid Crest (b)Edward II; Bruce14th
Maxwell, Sir HerbertA Duke of BritainPicts and Romans4th
Maxwell, William H.The BivouacPeninsular War19th
Maxwell, William H.Stories of WaterlooNapoleon and his time19th
McCarthy, JustinMononiaIreland, 184819th
McChesney, DoraKathleen ClareIreland, 1637-4117th
McChesney, DoraMiriam Cromwell (g)English Civil War Period17th
McChesney, DoraRupert By the Grace of GodPrince Rupert's time17th
McDonnell, RandalKathleen MavourneenIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Meredith, GeorgeVittoriaItalian Revolution, 184819th
Merejkowski, DmitriThe Death of the Gods (#1 of trilogy)The Emperor Julian4th
Merejkowski, DmitriThe Resurrection of the GodsLeonardo da Vinci15th
Merimee, ProsperA Chronicle of the Reign of Charles IXFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Merriman, Henry S.FlotsamIndian Mutiny19th
Merriman, Henry S.In Kedar's TentsThe Carlists19th
Merriman, Henry S.The Isle of UnrestFranco-German War Period (Corsica)19th
Merriman, Henry S.The Velvet GloveSpain, 1870--The Carlists19th
Merwin, SamuelThe Road to FrontenacFrench occupation of Canada17th
Meyer, Annie N.Robert Annys, Poor Priest (g)Richard II; Wat Tyler14th
Miller, ThomasRoyston GowerTime of John13th
Mitchell, Silas WeirThe Adventures of FrancoisFrench Revolution period18th
Mitchell, Silas WeirHugh WynneAmerican Revolution (Washington)18th
Moore, F. FrankfortThe Fatal GiftThe Sisters Gunning18th
Moore, F. FrankfortThe Jessamy BrideGoldsmith, Garrick, etc.18th
Moore, F. FrankfortNell Gwyn, ComedianTime of Charles II17th
Moore, F. FrankfortA Nest of LinnetsR. B. Sheridan, Johnson, etc.18th
Motley, John LothropMerry-MountPlymouth Colony17th
Muddock, Joyce E. In the King's FavourJames V of Scotland (Flodden)16th
Muddock, Joyce E. Kate Cameron of BruxScotland14th
Muhlbach, Louise (Luise) Frederick the Great and His Family Time of Frederick the Great18th
Muhlbach, Louise (Luise) Henry VIII and His Court (or Catherine Parr)Period of Henry VIII16th
Munro, NeilJohn SplendidPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Munro, NeilThe Shoes of FortuneJacobites, 175518th
Munroe, KirkAt War With PontiacCanada, mid 18th Century18th
Munroe, KirkThe Flamingo FeatherHuguenots in Florida16th
Munroe, KirkLongfeather the PeacemakerAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
Murray, Eustace C. GrenvilleThe Member for ParisFrance--Napoleon III19th
Napier, Sir CharlesWilliam the ConquerorThe Norman Conquest11th
Neale, John M.Theodora Phranza Fall of Constantinople15th
Newbolt, HenryTaken From the EnemyPd of George IV-Napoleon plot 182119th
Newman, John H.CallistaNorth Africa persecutions3rd
Noeldechen, WilhelmBaron and SquireThirty Years War17th
Norway, G.Duance Pendray (g)Time of George I (Cornish Jacobites)18th
O'Grady, StandishThe Flight of the EagleIreland late 16th Cent16th
O'Grady, StandishIn the Wake of King JamesSiege of Derry (1689)17th
Oliphant, MargaretMagdalen HepburnMary, Queen of Scots (Knox)16th
Osborne, DuffieldThe Lion's BroodRome versus CarthageBC
Paalzow, Henriette W. vonThe Citizen of PragueMaria Theresa, Empress of Austria18th
Page, Thomas NelsonRed RockAmerican Civil War period (Reconstruction)19th
Palgrave, Mary E.Deb Clavel (g)James II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Parker, GilbertThe Battle of the StrongJersey, etc., end of 18th Cent18th
Parker, GilbertThe Seats of the MightyThe Taking of Quebec18th
Parker, GilbertThe Trail of the SwordFrench occupation of Canada17th
Pater, WalterMarius the EpicureanTime of Marcus Aurelius2nd
Paterson, ArthurCromwell's OwnEnglish Civil War Period17th
Paulding, James K.The Dutchman's FiresideNew York, mid 18th Century18th
Paull, Mary AnnaMy Mistress the Queen (g)Mary & William / Charles II-William III17th
Peacock, Thomas LoveMaid MarianRichard I12th
Pemberton, MaxThe Garden of SwordsFranco-German War Period (Strasburg)19th
Pemberton, MaxThe Little HuguenotFrance, Louis XV18th
Pemberton, MaxThe Puritan's WifeTime of Charles II17th
Perez Galdos, BenitoTrafalgarTime of Nelson (Trafalgar)19th
Pickering, EdgarThe Fortunes of Claude (b)The Jacobites18th
Pickering, EdgarIn Press-Gang Days (b)Battle of the Nile, etc.18th
Pickering, EdgarSilas Verney (b)Time of Charles II17th
Pickering, EdgarA Stout English Bowman (b)Period of Henry III13th
Pidgin, Charles FeltonBlennerhassettAmerica; time of Aaron Burr19th
Pollard, Eliza F.A Daughter of FranceFrance and Acadia17th
Pollard, Eliza F.A Hero KingAlfred and his times9th
Pollard, Eliza F.The King's SignetMadame de Maintenon, etc.17th
Pollard, Eliza F.My Lady MarciaFrench Revolution period18th
Pollard, Eliza F.The Scarlet JudgesNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Porter, Anna MariaThe Hungarian BrothersVienna, end of 18th century18th
Porter, Jane The Scottish Chiefs (g)Scotch Wars; Wallace14th
Porter, Jane Thaddeus of WarsawPoland, about 183019th
Potter, Margaret H.The House of de MaillyFrance, Louis XV18th
Prior, JamesForest FolkThe Luddite Riots19th
Quiller-Couch, Arthur (or "Q")Blue Pavilions (b)William III17th
Quiller-Couch, Arthur (or "Q")The Splendid Spur (b)English Civil War Period17th
Rau, HeribertThe Tone King (or Mozart; a biographical romance)Mozart18th
Rawson, Maud StepneyJourneyman LoveFrance (Period of the '48 Revolution)19th
Rawson, Maud StepneyA Lady of the RegencyTime of George IV19th
Rayner, EmmaFree to ServeColonial New York18th
Reade, Charles The Cloister and the HearthEve of Reformation15th
Reade, Charles Peg Woffington The Stage, mid 18th Century18th
Reed, Talbot BainesSir Ludar (b)Elizabeth I16th
Reuter, FritzIn the Year '13French occupation of Mecklenburg19th
Rhoscomyl, OwenFor the White Rose of Arno Wales, in 174518th
Rhoscomyl, OwenThe Shrouded FaceWales in Tudor times16th
Rhys, ErnestThe Whistling MaidWales in time of Edward II14th
Rice, J. and Walter BesantBy Celia's ArbourPeriod of Crimean War19th
Rice, J. and Walter BesantThe Chaplain of the Fleet (g)Manners, mid 18th Century18th
Ridding, Lady LauraBy Weeping CrossSouthern France 142415th
Roberton, Margaret H.A Gallant QuakerGeorge Fox and William Penn17th
Roberts, Charles G. D. The Forge in the ForestCanada, mid 18th Century18th
Roberts, Charles G. D. A Sister to EvangelineCanada, mid 18th Century18th
Roberts, MargaretThe Atelier du LysFrench Revolution period18th
Roberts, MargaretIn the Olden TimeGermany, early 16th Century16th
Roberts, MargaretMademoiselle Mori Italian Revolution, 184819th
Roberts, MargaretOn the Edge of the StormFrench Revolution period18th
Robinson, EmmaWestminster AbbeyWolsey, Cranmer, etc. 152716th
Robinson, EmmaWhitefriars (b)Time of Charles II17th
Robinson, EmmaWhitehallEarlier years of Charles I17th
Rosegger, Peter The God SeekerThe Styrian Alps, 149315th
Roulet, Mary F. Nixon God, The King, My Brother (g)Period of Edward III (Spain)14th
Rowsell, Mary C.Traitor or Patriot? (b) (g)Time of Charles II (Rye House Plot)17th
Ruffini, GiovanniDoctor AntonioItalian Revolution, 184819th
Runkle, BerthaThe Helmet of NavarreHenry of Navarre16th
Russell, W. ClarkAn Ocean Free LancePrivateering in 181219th
Rutherford, Mark The Revolution in Tanner's LaneNonconformity, early 19th Cent19th
Rydberg, ViktorThe Last AthenianAthens AD 3614th
Sagon, AmyotWhen George III Was King (b)Time of Nelson19th
Saintine, Xavier B. (or Joseph Boniface)PicciolaEarlier Napoleonic period19th
Samarow, Gregor (or Johann F. M. O. Meding)For Sceptre and CrownPrussia v. Austria, 186619th
Sand, GeorgeConsueloTime of Frederick the Great18th
Sand, GeorgeThe Countess of Rudolstadt (Sequel to "Consuelo")Time of Frederick the Great18th
Scheffel, Joseph Viktor vonEkkehardGermany; The Huns10th
Schimmel, Hendrik JanThe LifeguardsmanRevolution period (1688)17th
Schimmel, Hendrik JanMary HollisTime of Charles II17th
Scott, Sir WalterThe AbbotMary, Queen of Scots16th
Scott, Sir WalterAnne of GeirsteinCharles the Bold, Margaret of Anjou15th
Scott, Sir WalterThe AntiquaryScotch Manners18th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Betrothed (b) (g)Henry II12th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Black DwarfScottish Lowlands 1706 (Jacobites)18th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Bride of LammermoorEast Lothian, 169517th
Scott, Sir WalterCastle DangerousScotch Wars14th
Scott, Sir WalterCount Robert of Paris (b) (g)First Crusade11th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Fair Maid of PerthScotland15th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Fortunes of Nigel (b) (g)Time of James I17th
Scott, Sir WalterGuy ManneringTime of George III18th
Scott, Sir WalterHeart of MidlothianTime of George II (Porteous Riots)18th
Scott, Sir WalterIvanhoe (b) (g)Richard I12th
Scott, Sir WalterKenilworth (b) (g)Elizabeth I16th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Legend of MontrosePeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Scott, Sir WalterThe MonasteryMelrose and District-155016th
Scott, Sir WalterOld Mortality (b) (g)Bothwell Bridge, 167917th
Scott, Sir WalterPeveril of the PeakTime of Charles II17th
Scott, Sir WalterThe PirateShetland and Orkney Islands18th
Scott, Sir WalterQuentin DurwardFrance--Louis XI15th
Scott, Sir WalterRedgauntletTime of George III18th
Scott, Sir WalterRob Roy (b)The Jacobites18th
Scott, Sir WalterSt. Ronan's WellNear Firth of Forth, 181219th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Surgeon's DaughterFifeshire, Isle of Wight, India (1780)18th
Scott, Sir WalterThe Talisman (b) (g)Richard I12th
Scott, Sir WalterWaverley (b) (g)The Jacobites18th
Scott, Sir WalterWoodstock (b) (g)Commonwealth period17th
Seawell, Molly Elliot(The Lively Adventures of) Gavin HamiltonThe Seven Years War18th
Seawell, Molly ElliotLittle JarvisUS quarrel with France 1798-180018th
Seawell, Molly ElliotThe Rock of the LionTime of George III / Siege of Gibraltar18th
Seeley, Richmond with A. J. ChurchThe HammerMaccabaean TimesBC
Shelley, Mary(The Fortunes of) Perkin WarbeckRichard III; Henry VII15th
Shipley, Mary E.Like A Rasen FiddlerDestruction of the Monasteries, 153616th
Shorthouse, J. HenryThe Countess EveBurgundy, 178518th
Shorthouse, J. HenryJohn InglesantEngland - Charles I / Italy - the Molinists17th
Sienkiewicz , HenrykThe Deluge (Sequel to "With Fire and Sword")Poland & Russia, mid 17th cent17th
Sienkiewicz , HenrykKnights of the CrossPoland; The Teutonic Knights14th
Sienkiewicz , HenrykPan Michael (Sequel to "The Deluge")Poland & Russia, mid 17th cent17th
Sienkiewicz , HenrykQuo VadisRome in the time of Nero1st
Sienkiewicz , HenrykWith Fire and SwordPoland & Russia, mid 17th cent17th
Simms, William GilmoreEutawAmerican Revolution18th
Simms, William GilmoreThe ForayersAmerican Revolution18th
Simms, William GilmoreThe YemasseeSouth Carolina, 171518th
Sizer, Kate T.The Wooing of OsythEdmund the Martyr9th
Sladen, DouglasThe AdmiralNelson, 1798-918th
Smith, AlbertThe Marchioness of BrinvilliersMarquise de Brinvilliers, the poisoner17th
Smith, HoraceBrambletye HouseCommonwealth--Charles II17th
Smith, Jane M. FowlerJournal of the Lady Beatrix Graham Period of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Smollett, Tobias G.Humphrey ClinkerManners, mid 18th Century18th
Smollett, Tobias G.Roderick RandomTime of George II18th
Snaith, John C.Mistress Dorothy MarvinPeriod of Judge Jeffreys, etc.17th
Spender, Harold At the Sign of the GuillotineRobespierre, 179418th
Stables, GordonAlfred the Great, (or 'Twixt Daydawn and Light)Alfred and his times9th
Stables, GordonWestward with ColumbusChristopher Columbus15th
Steel, Flora AnnieOn the Face of the WatersIndian Mutiny (Siege of Delhi)19th
Stephens, Robert N.An Enemy to the KingHenry of Guise16th
Stephens, Robert N.A Gentleman PlayerElizabeth I16th
Stephens, Robert N.Philip WinwoodAmerican Revolution18th
Stevenson, Burton E.A Soldier of VirginiaAmerican Revolution18th
Stevenson, Robert LouisThe Black Arrow (b)Wars of the Roses15th
Stevenson, Robert LouisCatriona (or David Balfour) - (Sequel to "Kidnapped") (b) (g)Scotland, 175118th
Stevenson, Robert LouisKidnapped (b) (g)Scotland, 175118th
Stevenson, Robert LouisThe Master of Ballantrae (b) (g)The Jacobites18th
Stevenson, Robert LouisSt. IvesFrench prisoner in England, 1813-1419th
Stowe, Harriet BeecherThe Minister's WooingUS Manners - late 18th / early 19th century18th
Strain, Euphans HelenA Man's Foes (b) (g)Siege of Derry (1689)17th
Strauss, FriedrichHelon's Pilgrimage to JerusalemJudaism in the century preceding ChristBC
Sutcliffe, HalliwellRicroft of WithensThe Jacobites18th
Sutcliffe, HalliwellWillowdene WillTime of George II18th
Suttner, Baroness Bertha vonLay Down Your ArmsForeign Wars, 1864-7019th
Swan, Annie S.Adam Hepburn's VowScotland--Kirk and Covenant17th
Tarkington, BoothMonsieur BeaucaireBath--early 18th Century18th
Taylor, George (or Adolph Hausrath)AntinousTime of Hadrian2nd
Taylor, George (or Adolph Hausrath)JettaHeidelberg under the Romans4th
Taylor, George (or Adolph Hausrath)KlytiaGermany--Erastus16th
Taylor, Mary ImlayThe House of the WizardPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Taylor, Mary ImlayAn Imperial LoverRussia--Peter the Great18th
Taylor, Mary ImlayOn the Red StaircaseRussia--early days of Peter the Great17th
Taylor, (Philip) MeadowsRalph DarnellIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Taylor, (Philip) MeadowsSeetaIndian Mutiny19th
Taylor, (Philip) MeadowsTaraIndia, 165717th
Thackeray, Miss (or Anne Thackeray Ritchie)Miss Angel (g)Art (Reynolds & Angelica Kauffmann)18th
Thackeray, William Makepeace(History of Henry) EsmondTime of Anne18th
Thackeray, William Makepeace(Memoirs of) Barry LyndonFashion, middle to end of 18th Cent18th
Thackeray, William MakepeaceVanity Fair"High Life," George III-IV19th
Thackeray, William MakepeaceThe VirginiansAmerica and England, George II-III18th
Thomas, R. M.TrewernTime of William IV (Wales)19th
Thompson, Daniel P.The Green Mountain BoysAmerican Revolution18th
Thompson, MauriceAlice of Old VincennesFort Vincennes (Clark's Conquest)18th
Thruston, Lucy M.Mistress BrentMaryland, 163617th
Tolstoy, AlekseyThe Terrible CzarRussia--Ivan IV16th
Tolstoy, LeoSevastopolPeriod of Crimean War19th
Tolstoy, LeoWar and PeaceNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
Topelius, ZachariasThe King's Ring (1st of series "The Surgeon's Stories" )Thirty Years War17th
Topelius, ZachariasTimes of Charles XIICharles XII of Sweden18th
Trollope, AnthonyCastle RichmondIrish Famine19th
Trollope, AnthonyLa VendeeFrench Revolution period18th
Trowbridge, WilliamA Girl of the MultitudeFrench Revolution period18th
Twain, MarkPersonal Recollections of Joan of ArcJoan of Arc15th
Twain, MarkThe Prince and the Pauper (b) (g)Edward VI16th
Tytler, SarahCitoyenne JacquelineFrench Revolution period18th
Tytler, SarahA Loyal Little Maid (g)The Jacobites18th
Vachell, Horace A.John CharityEarly Victoria (Hants and California)19th
Vigny, Alfred deCinq MarsFrance--Richelieu, etc.17th
Wallace, Lew Ben HurRome in the time of Christ1st
Wallace, Lew The Fair GodConquest of Mexico16th
Wallace, Lew The Prince of IndiaFall of Constantinople15th
Wallis, A. S. C. (or Adele Opzoomer)In Troubled Times Netherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Wallis, A. S. C. (or Adele Opzoomer)Royal FavourMelanchthon & Eric XIV of Sweden16th
Warburton, EliotDarienWilliam Paterson / Darien Scheme17th
Ware, WilliamAurelianRome near end of century3rd
Ware, WilliamThe Last Days and Fall of Palmyra (or Zenobia)Zenobia and Longinus3rd
Watson, H. B. Marriot The House DividedTime of George II18th
Watson, H. B. Marriot The RebelRising at Taunton, 168417th
Watson, W. L.Sir SergeantThe Jacobites18th
Westall, WilliamA Red BridalAustria, early 19th Cent (Hofer.)19th
Westall, WilliamWith the Red EagleAustria, early 19th cent19th
Westbury, HughActeRome in the time of Nero1st
Weyman, StanleyThe Castle InnEnglish Manners, late 18th Century18th
Weyman, StanleyCount HannibalFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Weyman, StanleyFrom the Memoirs of a Minister of FranceHenry of Navarre16th
Weyman, StanleyA Gentleman of FrancePeriod of the League16th
Weyman, StanleyThe House of the WolfFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Weyman, StanleyThe Man in BlackFrance--Richelieu, etc.17th
Weyman, StanleyMy Lady RothaThirty Years War17th
Weyman, StanleyThe Red CockadeFrench Revolution period18th
Weyman, StanleyThe Story of Francis CluddeEngland and the Netherlands16th
Weyman, StanleyUnder the Red RobeFrance--Richelieu, etc.17th
Whishaw, FrederickBoris the Bear-HunterRussia (from late 17th Century)18th
Whishaw, FrederickA Boyar of the TerribleRussia--Ivan IV16th
Whishaw, FrederickA Forbidden NameRussia, time of Catharine II18th
Whishaw, FrederickThe Lion CubRussia--early days of Peter the Great17th
Whishaw, FrederickA Lost ArmyRussia (from late 17th Cent)17th
Whishaw, FrederickMany Ways of LoveRussia, time of Catharine II18th
Whishaw, FrederickMazeppaMazeppa / Cossacks17th
Whistler, Charles W.Havelok the DaneDenmark and England6th
Whistler, Charles W.King Alfred's VikingAlfred and his times9th
Whistler, Charles W.King Olaf's KinsmanEthelred the Unready11th
Whistler, Charles W.A Thane of WessexEthelwulf9th
Whistler, Charles W.Wulfric the Weapon ThaneEdmund Ironside11th
Whyte-Melville, George J.The GladiatorsFall of Jerusalem1st
Whyte-Melville, George J.Holmby House (b) (g)English Civil War Period17th
Whyte-Melville, George J.The InterpreterPeriod of Crimean War19th
Whyte-Melville, George J.KaterfeltoTime of George III (Exmoor)18th
Whyte-Melville, George J.The Queen's MariesMary, Queen of Scots16th
Whyte-Melville, George J.SarchedonAncient Babylon and the AssyriansBC
Wilkins, Mary E. (or Mary E. W. Freeman)The Heart's HighwayVirginia, late 17th Century17th
Wingfield, LewisLady GrizelTime of George II18th
Wingfield, LewisMy Lords of StrogueIreland at the Union19th
Wiseman, Cardinal NicholasFabiolaRome5th
Woods, Margaret L.Esther VanhomrighDean Swift18th
Woods, Margaret L.Sons of the SwordPeninsular War19th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Armourer's 'Prentices (b) (g)Period of Henry VIII16th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Caged LionScotland15th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Chaplet of PearlsFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Dove in the Eagles NestTime of Maximilian15th
Yonge, Charlotte M.Grisly Grissell (g)Wars of the Roses15th
Yonge, Charlotte M.KennethNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Lances of Lynwood (b) (g)Period of Edward III14th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Little DukeNormandy; Richard the Fearless10th
Yonge, Charlotte M.The Prince and the Page (g)8th Crusade13th
Yonge, Charlotte M.A Reputed Changeling (g)Period of Charles II--William III17th
Yonge, Charlotte M.Stray PearlsPrince Rupert's time17th
Yonge, Charlotte M.Two Penniless Princesses (g)Period of Henry VI15th
Yonge, Charlotte M.Unknown to History (g)Mary, Queen of Scots16th
Zola, EmileThe DownfallFranco-German War Period (Sedan)19th
Semi-Historical  (depict a bygone era)



Allen, James LaneAftermathAmerican Manners, 185019th
Allen, James LaneA Kentucky CardinalAmerican Manners, 185019th
Austen, JanePride and PrejudiceEveryday Society, early 1800s19th
Blackmore, R. D.PerlycrossEnglish Provincial Life in the 1800s19th
Burney, Frances (Fanny)EvelinaFashionable manners late 1700s18th
Cable, George W.The GrandissimesUSA early 1800s (Creole life)19th
Carleton, WilliamTraits and Stories of the Irish PeasantryIrish Peasant-life, early 1800s19th
Cornish, Francis WarreSunningwellHigh Church and Broad Church, mid 1800s19th
Edgeworth, MariaCastle RackrentIrish character, early 1700s18th
Eliot, GeorgeAdam BedeEnglish Rural Life, early 1800s19th
Ferrier, Susan E.DestinyScotch character, early 1800s19th
Galt, JohnAnnals of the ParishScotch Village Life, 1760-181018th-
Gaskell, ElizabethCranfordEnglish Provincial Life in the 1800s19th
Gaskell, ElizabethMary BartonManufacturing District, mid 1800s19th
Goldsmith, OliverThe Vicar of WakefieldEnglish Rural Life, 1700s18th
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Blithedale RomanceMargaret Fuller and the "Brook Farm" group, under fictitious names19th
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet LetterMassachusetts, late 1600s17th
Hewlett, MauriceThe Forest LoversMedieval LifeMiddle Ages
Meredith, GeorgeBeauchamp's CareerEnglish Politics, mid 1800s19th
Meredith, GeorgeThe Tragic ComediansFerdinand Lassalle, under fictitious name19th
Morgan, Lady (or Sydney Owenson)O'DonnelIrish character, early 1800s19th
Stevenson, Robert LouisTreasure IslandAdventure, mid 1700s18th
Stowe, Harriet BeecherUncle Tom's CabinSlavery in America19th
Thackeray, William MakepeaceThe NewcomesLate Georgian-Early Victorian manners19th
Thackeray, William Makepeace(History of) PendennisLate Georgian-Early Victorian manners19th
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester TowersEnglish Cathedral City, mid 1800s19th

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