Best Historical Fiction List   (In Chronological Order)   by Jonathan Nield-1902   (or pdf version)
         Books recommended for juvenile reading are marked with (b) for boys and (g) for girls.

SarchedonGeorge J. Whyte-MelvilleAncient Babylon and the Assyrians B.C.
UardaGeorg EbersEgypt--Rameses Sesostris B.C.
ZoroasterFrancis Marion CrawfordZoroaster, the Persian Religious Reformer B.C.
An Egyptian PrincessGeorg EbersEgypt--Amasis & CambysesB.C.
(Callias) The Fall of AthensA. J. ChurchPeloponnesian WarB.C.
A Young MacedonianA. J. ChurchAlexander the GreatB.C.
The Lion's BroodDuffield OsborneRome versus CarthageB.C.
Lords of the WorldA. J. ChurchRome versus CarthageB.C.
The SistersGeorg EbersEgypt--Ptolemy Philometer, and EuergetesB.C.
The HammerA. J. Church & Richmond SeeleyMaccabaean TimesB.C.
DeborahJames M. LudlowMaccabaean TimesB.C.
Helon's Pilgrimage to JerusalemFriedrich StraussJudaism in the century preceding ChristB.C.
PrusiasErnst EcksteinThe Slave Revolt under SpartacusB.C.
Two Thousand Years Ago (or Lucius)A. J. ChurchRome--Spartacus and MithridatesB.C.
Woe to the ConqueredAlfred ClarkRoman Life, B.C. 73-71B.C.
A Friend of CaesarWilliam S. DavisPompey and CaesarB.C.
CleopatraGeorg EbersLatter Years of CleopatraB.C.
NeaeraJohn W. GrahamRome under Tiberius (A. D. 26)1st
PhilochristusEdwin AbbottMemoirs of a Disciple of Christ1st
Ben HurLew WallaceRome in the time of Christ1st
Tarry Thou Till I Come (or Salathiel)George CrolyEarly struggle of Judaism and Christianity1st
As Others Saw HimJoseph JacobsEarly Christianity (A. D. 54)1st
Beric the BritonGeorge Alfred HentyRoman Invasion of Britain1st
OnesimusEdwin AbbottMemoirs of a Disciple of Paul1st
Quo VadisHenryk SienkiewiczRome in the time of Nero1st
NeroErnst EcksteinRome in the time of Nero1st
The Burning of RomeA. J. ChurchRome in the time of Nero1st
ActeHugh WestburyRome in the time of Nero1st
Darkness and DawnDean Frederic W. FarrarPersecutions under Nero1st
The Last Days of PompeiiEdward Bulwer LyttonTime of Vespasian1st
The GladiatorsGeorge J. Whyte-MelvilleFall of Jerusalem1st
DomitiaSabine Baring-GouldTime of Domitian1st
Masters of the WorldMary A. M. Hoppus MarksTime of Domitian1st
Quintus ClaudiusErnst EcksteinTime of Domitian1st
ValeriusJohn G. LockhartTime of Trajan (Rome)2nd
To the LionsA. J. ChurchChristians and the Younger Pliny2nd
AntinousGeorge Taylor (or Adolph Hausrath)Time of Hadrian2nd
Marius the EpicureanWalter PaterTime of Marcus Aurelius2nd
Per Aspera (or A Thorny Path)Georg EbersAlexandria in time of Emperor Caracalla3rd
PerpetuaSabine Baring-GouldNimes--beginning of Third Century3rd
The Camp on the SevernA. D. CrakePersecution in Britain3rd
The Villa of ClaudiusE. L. CuttsRoman occupation of Britain3rd
CallistaJohn H. NewmanNorth Africa persecutions3rd
AurelianWilliam WareRome--late Third Century3rd
The Last Days and Fall of Palmyra (or Zenobia)William WareZenobia and Longinus3rd
Homo SumGeorg EbersChristians in Arabia4th
Our Forefathers (Die Ahnen) [Series]Gustav FreytagStages of German Civilization4th-19th
The Last AthenianViktor RydbergAthens A. D. 364th
The Death of the Gods (#1 of a trilogy)Dmitri MerejkowskiThe Emperor Julian4th
JettaGeorge Taylor (or Adolph Hausrath)Heidelberg under the Romans4th
SerapisGeorg EbersAlexandria A. D. 3914th
A Duke of BritainSir Herbert MaxwellPicts and Romans4th
Gathering CloudsDean Frederic W. FarrarSt. Chrysostom5th
Conquering and to ConquerElizabeth R. CharlesJerome5th
FabiolaCardinal Nicholas WisemanRome early Fifth Century5th
HypatiaCharles KingsleyAlexandria5th
The Count of the Saxon ShoreA. J. ChurchDeparture of Romans from Britain5th
AttilaG. P. R. JamesDecline of Roman Empire5th
FelicitasFelix DahnThe German Migrations, A. D. 4765th
Builders of the WasteThorpe ForrestBritains v. Anglians in Yorkshire6th
A Struggle for RomeFelix DahnThe Ostrogoths and Belisarius6th
AntoninaWilkie CollinsRome in 5466th
Havelok the DaneCharles W. WhistlerDenmark and England6th
Shaven CrownMary BramstonConversion of the Surrey Border6th
The Son of AellaGertrude HollisConversion of Northumbria7th
CaedwallaFrank CowperSaxons in the Isle of Wight7th
The Bride of the NileGeorg EbersEgypt, A. D. 6437th
The InvasionGerald GriffinIreland / N. Europe in 2nd half of 8th Century8th
A Thane of WessexCharles W. WhistlerEthelwulf (mid Ninth Century)9th
The Wooing Of OsythKate T. SizerEdmund the Martyr9th
The King's SonsGeorge Manville FennAlfred and his times9th
In Aelfred's DaysPaul CreswickAlfred and his times9th
Under the Black RavenPaul CreswickAlfred and his times9th
God Save King AlfredEdward GilliatAlfred and his times9th
The Dragon and the RavenGeorge Alfred HentyAlfred and his times9th
King Alfred's VikingCharles W. WhistlerAlfred and his times9th
A Hero KingEliza F. PollardAlfred and his times9th
Alfred the Great, (or 'Twixt Daydawn and Light)Gordon StablesAlfred and his times9th
A Lion of WessexTom BevanAlfred and his times9th
The Little DukeCharlotte M. YongeNormandy--Richard the Fearless10th
EkkehardJoseph Viktor von ScheffelGermany--The Huns, etc10th
Edwy the Fair (#1 in series)A. D. CrakeBritain--Dunstan10th
The Vikings of the BalticGeorge Webbe DasentThe Vikings10th
Olaf the GloriousRobert LeightonRussia and Norway11th
The Fall of AsgardJulian CorbettSt. Olaf's Days11th
King Olaf's KinsmanCharles W. WhistlerEthelred the Unready11th
Wulfric the Weapon ThaneCharles W. WhistlerEdmund Ironside11th
Alfgar the Dane (#2 in series)A. D. CrakeEdmund Ironside11th
Edward the ExileMary DavidsonEdward the Confessor's period11th
Harold (b) (g)Edward Bulwer LyttonThe Norman Conquest11th
William the ConquerorSir Charles NapierThe Norman Conquest11th
The Camp of Refuge (b) (g)Charles MacFarlaneThe Norman Conquest11th
Hereward the Wake (or The Last of the English) (b)Charles KingsleyThe Norman Conquest11th
The Rival Heirs (#3 in series)A. D. CrakeThe Norman Conquest11th
Wulf the Saxon (b)George Alfred HentyThe Norman Conquest11th
Rufus, or The Red KingJames Gregor GrantWilliam II11th
In The Days of St. Anselm (b) (g)Gertrude HollisWilliam II11th
Count Robert of Paris (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottFirst Crusade11th
God Wills ItWilliam S. DavisFirst Crusade11th
Pabo the Priest (b) (g)Sabine Baring-GouldTime of Henry I12th
(Stephen:) A Legend of Reading Abbey (b) (g)Charles MacFarlaneTime of Stephen12th
The Knight of the Golden Chain (b)R. D. ChetwodeTime of Stephen12th
Via CrucisFrancis Marion CrawfordSecond Crusade12th
The Betrothed (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottHenry II12th
Forest Outlaws (b) (g)Edward GilliatHenry II12th
In His NameEdward Everet HaleThe Waldenses12th
The Talisman (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottRichard I12th
Ivanhoe (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottRichard I12th
Richard Yea-and-NayMaurice HewlettRichard I12th
Maid MarianThomas Love PeacockRichard I12th
The Blue BannerLeon CahunCrusades & Mongol Conquest12th
Royston GowerThomas MillerTime of John13th
Runnymede and Lincoln Fair (b) (g)John George EdgarTime of John (the Charter)13th
WaldemarBernhard S. IngemannDenmark, 120413th
The Most Famous LobaNellie K. BlissettPersecution of the Albigenses; Carcassonne13th
Philip AugustusG. P. R. JamesFrance in early Thirteenth Century13th
La Battaglia di Benevento (or Manfred: Or, The Battle of Benevento)Francesco D. GuerrazziItaly under Emperor Frederick II13th
The Countess TeklaRobert BarrGermany mid-Thirteenth Century 13th
The Strong ArmRobert BarrGermany mid-Thirteenth Century13th
'Neath the Hoof of the Tartar (or The Scourge of God)Baron Nicolas JosikaHungary--the Tartar Invasion13th
A Clerk of Oxford (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenHenry III; Barons' Wars13th
How I Won My Spurs (b)John George EdgarHenry III; Barons' Wars13th
A Stout English Bowman (b)Edgar PickeringPeriod of Henry III13th
The Robber Baron of Bedford Castle (g)Albert J. Foster & Edith E. CuthellPeriod of Henry III13th
The Thirsty SwordRobert LeightonNorse Invasion of Scotland, 1262-313th
The Prince and the Page (g)Charlotte M. Yonge8th Crusade13th
The King's Reeve (b) (g)Edward GilliatTime of Edward I13th
The Lord of Dyneover (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenTime of Edward I13th
The Scottish Chiefs (g)Jane PorterScotch Wars--Wallace14th
In Freedom's Cause (b)George Alfred HentyWallace and Bruce14th
Castle DangerousSir Walter ScottScotch Wars14th
The Days of Bruce (g)Grace AguilarEdward II; Bruce14th
The Chevalier of the Splendid Crest (b)Sir Herbert MaxwellEdward II; Bruce14th
The Whistling MaidErnest RhysWales in time of Edward II14th
Marco ViscontiTommaso GrossiItaly, early Fourteenth Century14th
Margherita PusterlaCesare CantuItaly, early Fourteenth Century14th
RienziEdward Bulwer LyttonRome, mid Fourteenth Century14th
In the Shadow of the CrownMiss Mary Bidder (or Mrs. Horace Porter)Edward II; Edward III14th
The Countess Alys (in "New Canterbury Tales")Maurice HewlettPeriod of Edward III14th
The White Company (b)Arthur Conan DoylePeriod of Edward III14th
St. George For England (b)George Alfred HentyPeriod of Edward III14th
Crecy and Poitiers (b)John George EdgarPeriod of Edward III14th
The Lances of Lynwood (b) (g)Charlotte M. YongePeriod of Edward III14th
God, The King, My Brother (g)Mary F. Nixon RouletPeriod of Edward III (Spain)14th
Gob Save EnglandFrederick BretonEdward III (Winchelsea and Rye)14th
In the Days of Chivalry (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenCrecy, taking of Calais, etc14th
John Standish (b)Edward GilliatRichard II-- Wat Tyler14th
Robert Annys, Poor Priest (g)Annie N. MeyerRichard II--Wat Tyler14th
The Banner of St. George (g)Mary BramstonRichard II--Wat Tyler14th
A March on London (b)George Alfred HentyRichard II--Wat Tyler14th
OtterbourneEdward DurosBattle of Otterbourne, 138814th
Kate Cameron of BruxJoyce E. MuddockScotland, late Fourteenth Century14th
The Lion of FlandersHendrik ConscienceFrance, late Fourteenth Century14th
The Lion of St. MarkGeorge Alfred HentyVenice, late Fourteenth Century14th
Knights of the CrossHenryk SienkiewiczPoland; The Teutonic Knights14th
Personal Recollections of Joan of ArcMark TwainJoan of Arc15th
A Noble Purpose Nobly WonAnne ManningJoan of Arc15th
A Monk of FifeAndrew LangJoan of Arc15th
The Caged LionCharlotte M. YongeScotland, early Fifteenth Century15th
The Fair Maid of PerthSir Walter ScottScotland, early Fifteenth Century15th
Old MargaretHenry KingsleyGhent, in early Fifteenth Century15th
The Gleaming DawnJames BakerThe Hussites15th
Isabella OrsiniFrancesco D. GuerrazziItaly; The Medicis15th
Both Sides the Border (b) (g)George Alfred HentyPeriod of Henry IV15th
In the Days of Prince Hal (b) (g)Helen ElringtonHenry IV; Henry V15th
A Champion of the Faith (g)Josephine M. CallwellHenry II--Henry V15th
Agincourt (b) (g)G. P. R. JamesHenry V15th
At Agincourt (b)George Alfred HentyHenry V15th
By Weeping CrossLady Laura RiddingSouthern France, 142415th
NoemiSabine Baring-GouldGuienne; Time of Charles VII15th
The Captain of the GuardJames GrantJames II of Scotland15th
Black DouglasSamuel R. CrockettJames II of Scotland15th
The Cardinal's PageJames BakerBohemia, mid Fifteenth Century15th
The Prince of IndiaLew WallaceFall of Constantinople, 145315th
Theodora PhranzaJohn M. NealeFall of Constantinople, 145315th
Two Penniless Princesses (g)Charlotte M. YongePeriod of Henry VI15th
The Last of the Barons (b) (g)Edward Bulwer LyttonWars of the Roses15th
The Black Arrow (b)Robert Louis StevensonWars of the Roses15th
Grisly Grissell (g)Charlotte M. YongeWars of the Roses15th
In the Wars of the Roses (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenWars of the Roses15th
How Dickon Came By His Name (in "The Deserter and other Stories") (b)Harold FredericWars of the Roses15th
Where Avon into Severn Flows (in "The Deserter and other Stories") (b)Harold FredericWars of the Roses15th
The Chantrey Priest of Barnet (b)A. J. ChurchWars of the Roses15th
The Woodman (b) (g)G. P. R. JamesTime of Richard III15th
Red Rose and White (b) (g)Alfred ArmitageTime of Richard III15th
(The Fortunes of) Perkin WarbeckMary ShelleyRichard III; Henry VII15th
The Heir of Hascombe Hall (b) (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenTime of Henry VII15th
The Captain of the Wight (b)Frank CowperTime of Henry VII15th
Wild Humphrey KynastonHenry HudsonShrewsbury (1490-1493)15th
The Yellow FrigateJames GrantScotland, late Fifteenth Century15th
Mary of BurgundyG. P. R. JamesGhent (1456-1477)15th
The Dove in the Eagles NestCharlotte M. YongeTime of Maximilian (1472-1531)15th
The Burgomaster of BerlinWillibald AlexisGermany, late 15th Century15th
Quentin DurwardSir Walter ScottFrance--Louis XI15th
Anne of GeirsteinSir Walter ScottCharles the Bold, Margaret of Anjou15th
MariettaFrancis Marion CrawfordVenice, 147015th
DesiderioEdmund G. GardnerFlorence; Savonarola15th
RomolaGeorge EliotFlorence--Savonarola15th
Notre Dame (de Paris)Victor HugoParis, late Fifteenth Century15th
The Cloister and the HearthCharles ReadeEve of Reformation (Erasmus family)15th
The Resurrection of the GodsDmitri MerejkowskiLeonardo da Vinci15th
The Vale of CedarsGrace AguilarJewish Persecution in Spain15th
The Black DiscAlbert LeeConquest of Granada15th
LeilaEdward Bulwer LyttonConquest of Granada15th
Westward With ColumbusGordon StablesChristopher Columbus, 149215th
The God SeekerPeter RoseggerThe Styrian Alps, 149315th
Little Novels of ItalyMaurice HewlettItalian manners early 14th-late 15th century15th
The Honour of SavelliSidney Levett-YeatsItaly--the Borgias16th
The Challenge of BarlettaMassimo D'AzeglioGonsalvo di Cordova, etc16th
The Maid of Florence (or Niccolo de Lapi)Massimo D'AzeglioFlorence, 1529-153016th
True HeartFrederick BretonSwitzerland, 1514-25 (Erasmus, etc)16th
In the Blue PikeGeorg EbersGermany--time of Maximilian16th
Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta FamilyElizabeth R. CharlesThe Reformation16th
Barbara BlombergGeorg EbersCharles V and Luther16th
LichtensteinWilhelm HauffGermany, early 16th Century16th
In the Olden TimeMargaret RobertsGermany, early 16th Century16th
The Braes of YarrowCharles GibbonJames V of Scotland (Flodden)16th
In the King's FavourJoyce E. MuddockJames V of Scotland (Flodden)16th
Mary of LorraineJames GrantBattle of Pinkie, 154716th
The Shrouded FaceOwen RhoscomylWales in Tudor times16th
By Right of ConquestGeorge Alfred HentyConquest of Mexico16th
The Fair GodLew WallaceConquest of Mexico16th
Montezuma's DaughterH. Rider HaggardConquest of Mexico16th
The Inca's RansomAlbert LeeConquest of Peru16th
The Household of Sir Thomas More (g)Anne ManningPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Henry VIII and His Court (or Catherine Parr)Louise (Luise) MuhlbachPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Windsor Castle (b)William Harrison AinsworthPeriod of Henry VIII16th
Defender of the FaithFrank MathewPeriod of Henry VIII16th
My Friend Anne (g)Jessie ArmstrongPeriod of Henry VIII16th
The Armourer's 'Prentices (b) (g)Charlotte M. YongePeriod of Henry VIII16th
The House of the WizardMary Imlay TaylorPeriod of Henry VIII16th
When Knighthood Was in FlowerCharles Major (or Edwin Caskoden)Period of Henry VIII16th
The White QueenRussell GarnierMary Tudor, 151416th
Freston TowerRichard CobboldTime of Wolsey16th
Westminster AbbeyEmma RobinsonWolsey, Cranmer, etc, 152716th
Like a Rasen FiddlerMary E. ShipleyDestruction of the Monasteries, 153616th
Under Bayard's BannerHenry FrithChevalier de Bayard16th
The Two DianasAlexandre DumasPeriod of Francis I16th
John of StrathbourneR. D. ChetwodePeriod of Francis I16th
Marguerite de RobervalThomas G. MarquisPeriod of Francis I16th
A Ward of the KingKatherine S. MacquoidPeriod of Francis I16th
St. LeonWilliam GodwinBattle of Pavia, 152516th
The Brigand (or Corse de Leon)G. P. R. JamesFrance, mid 16th Century16th
AscanioAlexandre DumasFrance, mid 16th Century(1540)16th
The Page of the Duke of SavoyAlexandre DumasPeriod of Charles V (1528-80)16th
Royal FavourA. S. C. Wallis (or Adele Opzoomer)Melanchthon & Eric XIV of Sweden16th
The Prince and the Pauper (b) (g)Mark TwainEdward VI16th
The Maid of London Bridge (g)S. GibneyEdward VI16th
The Colloquies of Edward Osborne (b) (g)Anne ManningEdward VI--Mary16th
Seething Days (b) (g)Caroline C. HolroydEdward VI--Mary16th
The Tower of London (b)William Harrison AinsworthPeriod of Mary16th
The Royal SistersFrank MathewPeriod of Mary16th
Lest We ForgetJoseph HockingPeriod of Mary16th
The Story of Francis Cludde Stanley WeymanEngland and the Netherlands16th
The Scarlet JudgesEliza F. PollardNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
My Lady of OrangeH. C. BaileyNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
By Pike and DykeGeorge Alfred HentyNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
By England's AidGeorge Alfred HentyNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
LysbethH. Rider HaggardNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
True to the PrinceGertrude BellNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain 16th
In Troubled TimesA. S. C. Wallis (or Adele Opzoomer)Netherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
The Master BeggarsL. Cope CornfordNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Ludovic and GertrudeHendrik ConscienceNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
The BeggarsJacob B. de LiefdeNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain
(Roman Catholic standpoint)
For Faith and FatherlandMary BramstonNetherlands--Inquisition & Revolt against Spain16th
Shut InEvelyn Everett-GreenSiege of Antwerp16th
The Spanish BrothersDeborah AlcockSpain--The Inquisition16th
In Fair GranadaEvelyn Everett-GreenSpain--Time of Philip II16th
In the Palace of the KingFrancis Marion CrawfordSpain--Time of Philip II16th
The Traitor's WaySidney Levett-YeatsFrance--Conspiracy of Amboise16th
(About) Catherine de MediciHonore de BalzacCatherine de Medici and her Policy16th
KlytiaGeorge Taylor (or Adolph Hausrath)Germany--Erastus16th
For the ReligionHamilton DrummondFrance / Coligny, etc16th
A Man of His AgeHamilton DrummondFrance / Coligny, etc16th
Marguerite de Valois (or Queen Margot) - (#1 in the Valois series)Alexandre DumasFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
A Chronicle of the Reign of Charles IXProsper MerimeeFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
The House of the WolfStanley WeymanFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
Count HannibalStanley WeymanFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
The Chaplet of PearlsCharlotte M. YongeFrance / Coligny, St. Bartholomew16th
An Enemy to the KingRobert N. StephensHenry of Guise16th
A Gentleman of FranceStanley WeymanPeriod of the League16th
Under the Spell of the Fleur de LisWilliam H. JohnsonHenry of Navarre16th
The King's HenchmanWilliam H. JohnsonHenry of Navarre16th
The Helmet of NavarreBertha RunkleHenry of Navarre16th
A King's PawnHamilton DrummondHenry of Navarre16th
Chevalier d'AuriacSidney Levett-YeatsHenry of Navarre16th
From the Memoirs of a Minister of FranceStanley WeymanHenry of Navarre16th
La Dame de Monsoreau (or Chicot the Jester) - (#2 in the Valois series)Alexandre DumasFrench Court, etc (1578)16th
The Forty Five (Guardsmen) - (#3 in the Valois series)Alexandre DumasFrench Court, etc (1585)16th
Beatrice CenciFrancesco D. GuerrazziItaly, late Sixteenth Century16th
The Terrible CzarAleksey TolstoyRussia--Ivan IV16th
A Boyar of the TerribleFrederick WhishawRussia--Ivan IV16th
Under the Southern CrossDeborah AlcockPeru--late 16th Century16th
The Flamingo FeatherKirk MunroeHuguenots in Florida16th
The MonasterySir Walter ScottMelrose and District (1550)16th
The AbbotSir Walter ScottMary, Queen of Scots16th
The Queen's MariesGeorge J. Whyte-MelvilleMary, Queen of Scots16th
Unknown to History (g)Charlotte M. YongeMary, Queen of Scots16th
Mary HamiltonLord Ernest HamiltonMary, Queen of Scots16th
One Queen TriumphantFrank MathewMary, Queen of Scots16th
Magdalen HepburnMargaret OliphantMary, Queen of Scots (Knox)16th
Kenilworth (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottElizabeth I16th
Westward Ho! (b) (g)Charles KingsleyElizabeth I16th
For God and GoldJulian CorbettElizabeth I16th
By Stroke of SwordAndrew BalfourElizabeth I16th
Sons of AdversityL. Cope CornfordElizabeth I16th
A Gentleman PlayerRobert N. StephensElizabeth I16th
Sir Ludar (b)Talbot Baines ReedElizabeth I16th
MaelchoEmily LawlessIrish Rebellion16th
Guavas the TinnerSabine Baring-GouldThe Devonshire Tinneries16th
The White King of ManoaJoseph HattonSir Walter Raleigh, etc16th
Penshurst Castle (g)Emma MarshallSir Philip Sydney16th
Master Skylark (b) (g)John BennettShakespeare16th
The Outlaws of the MarchesLord Ernest HamiltonScotland (1587)16th
The Flight of the EagleStandish O'GradyIreland late 16th Century16th
With Essex in IrelandEmily LawlessIreland (1599)16th
The Fortunes of Nigel (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottTime of James I17th
The Lancashire Witches (b)William Harrison AinsworthTime of James I17th
The Black Tor (b)George Manville FennTime of James I17th
In the Days of King JamesSidney H. BurchellTime of James I17th
Romance of the Lady ArbellAlastor Graeme (or Mrs. Frederick T. Marryat)Time of James I17th
Judith ShakespeareWilliam BlackTime of James I17th
The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenTime of the Gunpowder Plot17th
Standish of StandishJane G. AustinAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
Soldier RigdaleBeulah M. DixAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
Longfeather the PeacemakerKirk MunroeAmerica--Pilgrim Fathers17th
By Order of the Company (or To Have and to Hold)Mary JohnstonOld Virginia, 162217th
Merry-MountJohn Lothrop MotleyPlymouth Colony17th
Mistress BrentLucy M. ThrustonMaryland, 163617th
AntoniaJessie Van Zile BeldenDutch in Hudson River Area 1640-5017th
The Duke's ServantsSidney H. BurchellThe Duke of Buckingham (1624-8)17th
In High PlacesMary Elizabeth BraddonEarlier years of Charles I17th
WhitehallEmma RobinsonEarlier years of Charles I17th
Memoirs of a CavalierDaniel DefoeEnglish Civil War Period17th
The CavaliersSamuel R. KeightleyEnglish Civil War Period17th
When Charles I Was King (b)Joseph S. FletcherEnglish Civil War Period17th
Holmby House (b) (g)George J. Whyte-MelvilleEnglish Civil War Period17th
The Splendid Spur (b)Arthur Quiller-Couch (or "Q")English Civil War Period17th
With the King at Oxford (b)A. J. ChurchEnglish Civil War Period17th
Mistress SpitfireJoseph S. FletcherEnglish Civil War Period17th
Cromwell's OwnArthur PatersonEnglish Civil War Period17th
St. George and St. MichaelGeorge MacDonaldEnglish Civil War Period17th
Hugh Gwyeth (b)Beulah M. DixEnglish Civil War Period17th
Miriam Cromwell (g)Dora McChesneyEnglish Civil War Period17th
The Children of the New ForestFrederick MarryatEnglish Civil War Period17th
For King and KentCol. George H. ColombEnglish Civil War Period (Royalist standpoint)17th
To Right the Wrong (g)Edna LyallHampden17th
In Spite of All (g)Edna LyallFalkland, Laud, etc17th
John InglesantJ. Henry ShorthouseEngland - Charles I / Italy - the Molinists17th
Under Salisbury Spire (g)Emma MarshallGeorge Herbert17th
A Haunt of Ancient Peace (g)Emma MarshallNicholas Ferrar17th
(The Maiden and Married Life of) Mary PowellAnne ManningJohn Milton (1643)17th
Old BlackfriarsBeatrice MarshallVan Dyck17th
The Three MusketeersAlexandre DumasFrance--Richelieu, etc17th
Under the Red RobeStanley WeymanFrance--Richelieu, etc17th
The Man in BlackStanley WeymanFrance--Richelieu, etc17th
Cinq MarsAlfred de VignyFrance--Richelieu, etc17th
RichelieuG. P. R. JamesFrance--Richelieu, etc17th
Captain FracasseTheophile GautierStrolling Players, pd of Louis XIII17th
A Daughter of FranceEliza F. PollardFrance and Acadia17th
The Betrothed (Lovers)Allesandro ManzoniItaly--the Plague in Milan, 1630 17th
Rupert By the Grace of GodDora McChesneyPrince Rupert's time17th
Stray PearlsCharlotte M. YongePrince Rupert's time17th
The Lion of the NorthGeorge Alfred HentyGustavus Adolphus17th
A Brave ResolveJacob B. de LiefdeWallenstein17th
Baron and SquireWilhelm NoeldechenThirty Years War17th
Won by the SwordGeorge Alfred HentyThirty Years War17th
My Lady RothaStanley WeymanThirty Years War17th
Red AxeSamuel R. CrockettThirty Years War17th
The King's Ring (part of series "The Surgeon's Stories")Zacharias TopeliusThirty Years War17th
Der Deutsche Krieg (Series)Heinrich LaubeThirty Years War17th
Phillip RolloJames GrantThirty Years War17th
Twenty Years AfterAlexandre DumasFrance–pd of Mazarin, etc (1648-9)17th
The War of WomenAlexandre DumasFrance--Time of Mazarin, etc (1650)17th
Marie de ManciniMadame Sophie GayFrance--Time of Mazarin, etc17th
The Silver CrossSamuel R. KeightleyFrance--Time of Mazarin17th
Henry MastertonG. P. R. JamesEngland Civil War / France - the Fronde17th
Pretty MichalMor (Maurus) JokaiHungary, mid 17th Century17th
With Fire and SwordHenryk SienkiewiczPoland & Russia, mid 17th Century17th
The Deluge (Sequel to "With Fire and Sword")Henryk SienkiewiczPoland & Russia, mid 17th Century17th
Pan Michael (Sequel to "The Deluge")Henryk SienkiewiczPoland & Russia, mid 17th Century17th
John SplendidNeil MunroPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
The Legend of MontroseSir Walter ScottPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Journal of the Lady Beatrix GrahamJane M. Fowler SmithPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
The Angel of the CovenantJ. Maclaren CobbanPeriod of Montrose & the Covenant17th
Kathleen ClareDora McChesneyIreland, 1637-4117th
John Marmaduke (b)Samuel H. ChurchIreland--Cromwellian wars17th
In the King's Service Captain Frederick S. BreretonIreland--Cromwellian wars17th
Ethne (g)Mrs. E. M. Field (or Louise Frances Field)Ireland--Cromwellian wars17th
Harry OgilvieJames GrantScotland--Cromwellian wars17th
The White King's DaughterEmma MarshallThe Princess Elizabeth17th
In Colston's DaysEmma MarshallBristol, 1636-172017th
Woodstock(b) (g)Sir Walter ScottCommonwealth period17th
Captain Jacobus (b)L. Cope CornfordCommonwealth period17th
After Worcester (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenCommonwealth period17th
On Both Sides of the Sea (g)Elizabeth R. CharlesCommonwealth period17th
The Making of Christopher FerringhamBeulah M. DixCommonwealth period (New England)17th
Deborah's Diary (Sequel to "The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell")Anne ManningMilton's Daughter 17th
Adam Hepburn's VowAnnie S. SwanScotland--Kirk and Covenant17th
Friend OliviaAmelia E. BarrGeorge Fox, the Quaker17th
The Shadow of a CrimeHall CaineQuakers at the Restoration17th
A Gallant QuakerMargaret H. RobertonGeorge Fox and William Penn17th
The Romance of DollardMary H. CatherwoodFrench in Canada17th
Tara(Philip) Meadows TaylorIndia, 165717th
Brambletye HouseHorace SmithCommonwealth--Charles II17th
God Save the KingRonald MacDonaldCommonwealth--Charles II17th
Peveril of the PeakSir Walter ScottTime of Charles II17th
London PrideMary Elizabeth BraddonTime of Charles II17th
Daniel HerrickSidney H. BurchellTime of Charles II17th
I Lived as I ListedArthur L. MaitlandTime of Charles II17th
The Puritan's WifeMax PembertonTime of Charles II17th
Whitefriars (b)Emma RobinsonTime of Charles II17th
The RobberG. P. R. JamesTime of Charles II17th
Silas Verney (b)Edgar PickeringTime of Charles II17th
Cherry and Violet (g)Anne ManningTime of Charles II17th
History of the Plague [in London] (or A Journal of the Plague Year)Daniel DefoeTime of Charles II (Plague)17th
Old Saint Paul's (b)William Harrison AinsworthTime of Charles II (Plague)17th
The Dagger and the CrossJoseph HattonTime of Charles II (Eyam)17th
Traitor of Patriot? (b) (g)Mary C. RowsellTime of Charles II (Rye House Plot)17th
Simon DaleAnthony HopeTime of Charles II17th
Nell Gwyn, ComedianFrankfort MooreTime of Charles II17th
In the Golden Days (g)Edna LyallPd of Charles II (Algernon Sidney)17th
Sir Ralph EsherLeigh HuntTime of Charles II17th
Mary HollisHendrik Jan SchimmelTime of Charles II17th
Old Mortality (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottBothwell Bridge, 167917th
The Men of Moss HagsSamuel R. CrockettBothwell Bridge, 167917th
John Burnet of BarnsJohn BuchanScotland / Low Countries (1678-88)17th
Winchester Meads (g)Emma MarshallBishop Ken17th
In the East Country with Sir Thomas BrowneEmma MarshallAbout the author of "Religio Medici"17th
In the Choir of Westminster AbbeyEmma MarshallPurcell the Composer17th
The Carved Cartoon (g)Austin ClareGrinling Gibbons17th
SpinozaBerthold AuerbachRomance of Spinoza the Philosopher17th
'Midst the Wild CarpathiansMor (Maurus) JokaiTransylvania, 166617th
The Black TulipAlexandre DumasWilliam of Orange, 167217th
The Vicomte de BragelonneAlexandre DumasFrance--Louis XIV17th
Belle RoseAmedee AchardFrance--Louis XIV17th
In the Day of AdversityJohn Bloundelle-BurtonFrance--Louis XIV17th
The Scourge of GodJohn Bloundelle-BurtonFrance--Louis XIV (Huguenots)17th
The RefugeesArthur Conan DoyleLouis XIV--Old and New World17th
The Black Wolf's BreedHarris DicksonLouis XIV--Old and New World17th
The King's SignetEliza F. PollardMadame de Maintenon, etc17th
The Marchioness of BrinvilliersAlbert SmithMarquise de Brinvilliers, the poisoner17th
The Golden FleeceAmedee AchardTurkish Wars (Louis XIV)17th
His CounterpartRussell M. GarnierWars of Turenne (John Churchill)17th
The Clash of ArmsJohn Bloundelle-BurtonWars of Turenne (John Churchill)17th
Uncrowning a KingEdward S. EllisAmerica--King Philip's war17th
The Old Dominion (or Prisoners of Hope)Mary JohnstonVirginia, late 17th Century17th
Vivian of VirginiaHulbert FullerVirginia, late 17th Century17th
The Hearth's HighwayMary E. Wilkins (or Mary E. W. Freeman)Virginia, late 17th Century17th
A Reputed Changeling (g)Charlotte M. YongePeriod of Charles II--William III17th
The RebelH. B. Marriott WatsonRising at Taunton, 168417th
Lorna Doone (b) (g)R. D. BlackmoreJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
For Faith and Freedom (b)Walter BesantJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Micah Clarke (b)Arthur Conan DoyleJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
In Taunton Town (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
The Blue FlagMax HillaryJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
UrithSabine Baring-GouldJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Deb Clavel (g)Mary E. PalgraveJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
Duke of MonmouthGerald GriffinJames II--Monmouth Rebellion17th
In the Service of Rachel, Lady Russell (g)Emma MarshallPeriod of James II17th
The Standard BearerSamuel R. CrockettPeriod of James II (Covenanters)17th
The Courtship of Morice Buckler (b)A. E. W. MasonPeriod of James II(1685-7)17th
The Sword of the KingRonald MacDonaldWilliam of Orange17th
The OutlawMrs. S. C. Hall (or Anna Maria Hall)Revolution period (1688)17th
The LifeguardsmanHendrik Jan SchimmelRevolution period (1688)17th
The Scottish CavalierJames GrantBattle of Killiecrankie17th
Ringan GilhaizeJohn GaltBattle of Killiecrankie17th
LochinvarSamuel R. CrockettBattle of Killiecrankie17th
Mistress Dorothy MarvinJohn C. SnaithPeriod of Judge Jeffreys, etc17th
Blue Pavilions(b)Arthur Quiller-Couch (or "Q")William III17th
Kensington Palace (g)Emma MarshallWilliam III17th
My Mistress the Queen (g)Mary Anna PaullMary & William / Charles II - William III17th
By the North Sea (g)Emma MarshallCromwell's Grand-daughter17th
A Man's Foes (b) (g)Euphans Helen StrainSiege of Derry (1689)17th
The Crimson SignSamuel R. KeightleySiege of Derry (1689)17th
In the Wake of King JamesStandish O'GradySiege of Derry (1689)17th
The Boyne WaterJohn BanimBattle of the Boyne (1690)17th
The MacMahonOwen BlayneyBattle of the Boyne (1690)17th
Redmond Count O'HanlonWilliam CarletonBattle of Aughrim17th
The Bride of LammermoorSir Walter ScottEast Lothian, 169517th
On the Red StaircaseMary Imlay TaylorRussia--early days of Peter the Great17th
The Lion CubFrederick WhishawRussia--early days of Peter the Great17th
The Road to FrontenacSamuel MerwinFrench occupation of Canada17th
The Trail of the SwordGilbert ParkerFrench occupation of Canada17th
The Young PioneersEvelyn Everett-GreenLa Salle, the French Explorer17th
The Begum's DaughterEdwin L. BynnerNew York (Jacob Leisler)17th
In Furthest IndSydney C. GrierEast India Company, 169717th
DarienEliot WarburtonWilliam Paterson / Darien Scheme17th
MazeppaFrederick WhishawMazeppa / Cossacks 17th - 18th Century17th
Monsieur MartinWymond CareySweden from 1699 (Charles XII)17th
A Lady of QualityFrances Hodgson BurnettSocial Life, end of 17th Century17th
His Grace of OsmondeFrances Hodgson BurnettSocial Life, end of 17th Century17th
A Set of RoguesFrank BarrettAlgerine Pirates, etc17th
The PirateSir Walter ScottShetland and Orkney Islands, 170018th
(History of Henry) EsmondWilliam Makepeace ThackerayTime of Anne18th
DevereuxEdward Bulwer LyttonTime of Anne (England and Abroad)18th
Saint James's (b)William Harrison AinsworthTime of Anne18th
The Old Chelsea Bun House (g)Anne ManningTime of Anne18th
Across the Salt SeasJohn Bloundelle-BurtonTime of Anne (Battle of Blenheim)18th
The Queen's SerfElsa D'Esterre KeelingTime of Anne18th
MohawksMary Elizabeth BraddonTime of Anne18th
In King's HousesJulia C. R. DorrTime of Anne18th
The Bravest of the Brave (b)George Alfred HentyTime of Anne (Peterborough)18th
The Cornet of Horse (b) (g)George Alfred HentyTime of Anne (Duke of Marlborough)18th
In the Irish BrigadeGeorge Alfred HentyTime of Anne (Foreign Wars)18th
Tom Tufton's Travels (b) (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenTime of Anne18th
Tom Tufton's Toll (b) (g)Evelyn Everett-GreenTime of Anne18th
Esther VanhomrighMargaret L. WoodsDean Swift18th
The Black DwarfSir Walter ScottScottish Lowlands 1706 (Jacobites)18th
An Imperial LoverMary Imlay TaylorRussia--Peter the Great18th
Boris the Bear-HunterFrederick WhishawRussia (from late 17th Century) 18th
A Lost ArmyFrederick WhishawRussia (from late 17th Century)18th
For the KingCharles GibbonTime of George I18th
The Heritage of LangdaleMrs. Alexander (or Annie Hector)Time of George I18th
Parson KellyA. E. W. Mason & Andrew LangTime of George I18th
Duance Pendray (g)G. NorwayTime of George I (Cornish Jacobites)18th
Monsieur BeaucaireBooth TarkingtonBath--early 18th Century18th
The RaidersSamuel R. CrockettGalloway--early 18th Century18th
The Dark O' the MoonSamuel R. CrockettGalloway--early 18th Century18th
Rob Roy (b)Sir Walter ScottThe Jacobites18th
Dorothy Forster (b) (g)Walter BesantThe Jacobites18th
A Daughter of StrifeJane Helen FindlaterThe Jacobites18th
A Loyal Little Maid (g)Sarah TytlerThe Jacobites18th
To Arms!Andrew BalfourThe Jacobites18th
ClementinaA. E. W. MasonClementina Sobieski / Jacobites18th
A Jacobite ExileGeorge Alfred HentyCharles XII of Sweden18th
Times of Charles XIIZacharias TopeliusCharles XII of Sweden18th
Le Chevalier d'Harmental (or The Conspirators)Alexandre DumasFrance--the Regency (1718)18th
The Regent's Daughter (Sequel to "Le Chevalier d'Harmental")Alexandre DumasFrance--the Regency (1719)18th
The YemasseeWilliam Gilmore SimmsSouth Carolina, 171518th
Free to ServeEmma RaynerColonial New York18th
AudreyMary JohnstonVirginia, in George I-II Period18th
Halil the PedlarMor (Maurus) JokaiStambul, 173018th
The Miser's Daughter (b)William Harrison AinsworthTime of George II18th
The World Went Very Well ThenWalter BesantTime of George II18th
Hearth of MidlothianSir Walter ScottTime of George II (Porteous Riots)18th
Willowdene WillHalliwell SutcliffeTime of George II18th
The GipsyG. P. R. JamesTime of George II18th
Ned Leger (b)George Manville FennTime of George II18th
Roderick RandomTobias G. SmollettTime of George II18th
Treasure TroveSamuel LoverTime of George II (Fontenoy)18th
Where Honour LeadsMarian FrancisTime of George II (Fontenoy)18th
The House DividedH. B. Marriott WatsonTime of George II18th
Lady GrizelLewis WingfieldTime of George II18th
For the White Rose of ArnoOwen RhoscomylWales, in 174518th
Waverley (b) (g)Sir Walter ScottThe Jacobites18th
Mistress Nancy Molesworth (g)Joseph HockingThe Jacobites18th
The Fortunes of Claude (b)Edgar PickeringThe Jacobites18th
A Lost Lady of Old YearsJohn BuchanThe Jacobites18th
DenouncedJohn Bloundelle-BurtonThe Jacobites18th
Ricroft of WithensHalliwell SutcliffeThe Jacobites18th
The Master of Ballantrae (b) (g)Robert Louis StevensonThe Jacobites18th
An Exiled ScotH. A. BrydenThe Jacobites (The Cape)18th
Sir SergeantW. L. WatsonThe Jacobites18th
Kidnapped (b) (g)Robert Louis StevensonScotland, 175118th
Catriona (or David Balfour) - (Sequel to "Kidnapped") (b) (g)Robert Louis StevensonScotland, 175118th
The Shoes of FortuneNeil MunroJacobites, 175518th
The BirthrightJoseph HockingTime of John Wesley (Cornwall)18th
Humphrey ClinkerTobias G. SmollettManners, mid 18th Century18th
The Chaplain of the Fleet (g)Walter Besant and J. RiceManners, mid 18th Century18th
MoonfleetJohn Meade FalknerSmugglers, 175718th
The Master of the MusiciansEmma MarshallHandel, 1742-175918th
Peg WoffingtonCharles ReadeThe Stage, mid 18th Century18th
The Jessamy BrideF. Frankfort MooreGoldsmith, Garrick, etc18th
Memoirs of Barry LyndonWilliam Makepeace ThackerayFashion, middle to end of 18th Century 18th
The Bath ComedyAgnes & Egerton CastleBath, middle of 18th Century18th
The Dutchman's FiresideJames K. PauldingNew York, mid 18th Century18th
In Old New YorkWilson Barrett & Elwyn BarronNew York, mid 18th Century18th
Agnes SurriageEdwin L. BynnerBoston, mid 18th Century18th
FairfaxJohn Esten CookeValley of the Shenandoah, 1748-8118th
With Clive in IndiaGeorge Alfred HentyIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Ralph Darnell(Philip) Meadows TaylorIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Like Another HelenSydney C. GrierIndia, mid 18th Century18th
Ivan de BironSir Arthur HelpsRussia, mid 18th Century18th
The King's "Blue Boys"Sheila E. BraineFrederick William I of Prussia18th
The Citizen of PragueHenriette W. von PaalzowMaria Theresa, Empress of Austria18th
The Countess of Rudolstadt (Sequel to "Consuelo")George SandTime of Frederick the Great18th
ConsueloGeorge SandTime of Frederick the Great18th
Frederick the Great and His FamilyLouise (Luise) MuhlbachTime of Frederick the Great18th
(The Lively Adventures of) Gavin HamiltonMolly Elliot SeawellThe Seven Years War18th
With Frederick the GreatGeorge Alfred HentyThe Seven Years War18th
A Fallen StarCharles LoweThe Seven Years War18th
Amyot Brough (g)E. Vincent BritonEngland & Canada, mid 18th Century18th
The Forge in the ForestCharles G. D. RobertsCanada, mid 18th Century18th
A Sister to EvangelineCharles G. D. RobertsCanada, mid 18th Century18th
At War With PontiacKirk MunroeCanada, mid 18th Century18th
The Seats of the MightyGilbert ParkerThe Taking of Quebec18th
The Last of the MohicansJames Fenimore CooperMontcalm, 175718th
The Story of Old Fort LoudonCharles Egbert Craddock (or Mary Noailles Murfree)North America, 1758 (French War)18th
Fortune's My FoeJohn Bloundelle-BurtonCartagena, 175818th
The VirginiansWilliam Makepeace ThackerayAmerica and England, George II-III18th
The Golden DogWilliam KirbyQuebec, in the days of Louis XV18th
Olympe de ClevesAlexandre DumasFrance, Louis XV18th
The House of de MaillyMargaret H. PotterFrance, Louis XV18th
The Little HuguenotMax PembertonFrance, Louis XV18th
The Last Recruit of Clare'sSamuel R. KeightleyIrish Brigade stories18th
The Favor of PrincesMark L. LutherAdventure in time of Louis XV18th
Memoirs of a Physician (#1 in Marie Antoinette series)Alexandre DumasLouis XV-XVI (1770-74)18th
The Queen's Necklace (#2 in Marie Antoinette series)Alexandre DumasCourt of Louis XVI (1784-5)18th
The Countess EveJ. Henry ShorthouseBurgundy, 178518th
In Exitu IsraelSabine Baring-GouldChurch and State in France, 1788-918th
The King with Two FacesMary E. ColeridgeGustavus III of Sweden18th
Many Ways of LoveFrederick WhishawRussia, time of Catharine II18th
A Forbidden NameFrederick WhishawRussia, time of Catharine II18th
The Turkish AutomatonSheila E. BraineRussia, time of Catharine II18th
The Pride of JennicoAgnes & Egerton CastleMoravia, 177118th
RedgauntletSir Walter ScottTime of George III18th
Guy ManneringSir Walter ScottTime of George III18th
KaterfeltoGeorge J. Whyte-MelvilleTime of George III (Exmoor)18th
The Orange GirlWalter BesantTime of George III18th
The Rock of the LionMolly Elliot SeawellTime of George III (Siege of Gibraltar)18th
Barnaby Rudge (b) (g)Charles DickensTime of George III (Gordon Riots)18th
The Maid of Sker (g)R. D. BlackmoreTime of George III18th
Miss Angel (g)Miss Thackeray (or Anne Thackeray Ritchie)Art (Reynolds and Angelica Kauffmann)18th
The Fatal GiftF. Frankfort MooreThe Sisters Gunning18th
A Nest of LinnetsF. Frankfort MooreR. B. Sheridan, Johnson, etc18th
The Surgeon's DaughterSir Walter ScottFifeshire, Isle of Wight, India (1780)18th
The Castle InnStanley WeymanEnglish Manners, late 18th Century18th
The Tone King (or Mozart; a biographical romance)Heribert RauMozart18th
The Virginia ComediansJohn Esten CookeVirginia, 1763-518th
Alice of Old VincennesMaurice ThompsonFort Vincennes (Clark's Conquest)18th
The Green Mountain BoysDaniel P. ThompsonAmerican Revolution18th
Lionel LincolnJames Fenimore CooperAmerican Revolution (Bunker Hill)18th
The SpyJames Fenimore CooperAmerican Revolution (Hudson River district)18th
The PilotJames Fenimore CooperAmerican Revolution (Paul Jones)18th
Richard CarvelWinston ChurchillAmerican Revolution18th
Hugh WynneSilas Weir MitchellAmerican Revolution (Washington)18th
A Great TreasonMary A. M. Hoppus MarksAmerican Revolution (Benedict Arnold)18th
A Soldier of VirginiaBurton E. StevensonAmerican Revolution18th
Philip WinwoodRobert N. StephensAmerican Revolution18th
Love Like a GipsyBernard CapesAmerican Revolution18th
Janice MeredithPaul Leicester FordAmerican Revolution18th
The Tory LoverSarah Orne JewettAmerican Revolution (Paul Jones)18th
CardiganRobert W. ChambersAmerican Revolution18th
The ForayersWilliam Gilmore SimmsAmerican Revolution18th
EutawWilliam Gilmore SimmsAmerican Revolution18th
Horse-Shoe RobinsonJohn P. KennedyVirginia, 178018th
The Duke of StockbridgeEdward BellamyMassachusetts (Shays' Rebellion)18th
Ange Pitou (#3 in Marie Antoinette series)Alexandre DumasFrench Revolution period18th
La Comtesse de Charny (or the Countess of Charny) - (#4 in Marie Antoinette series)Alexandre DumasFrench Revolution period (1789-94)18th
Chevalier de Maison Rouge (#5 in Marie Antoinette series)Alexandre DumasFrench Revolution period (1793)18th
The Story of a PeasantErckmann-ChatrianFrench Revolution pd (1789-1815)18th
The Reds of the MidiFelix GrasFrench Revolution period18th
The TerrorFelix GrasFrench Revolution period18th
The White TerrorFelix GrasFrench Revolution period18th
A Tale of Two CitiesCharles DickensFrench Revolution period18th
L'An '93 (or Ninety-Three)Victor HugoFrench Revolution period18th
My Lady MarciaEliza F. PollardFrench Revolution period18th
The Atelier du LysMargaret RobertsFrench Revolution period18th
On the Edge of the StormMargaret RobertsFrench Revolution period18th
Citoyenne JacquelineSarah TytlerFrench Revolution period18th
La Vendee (or The She-Wolves of Machecoul)Anthony TrollopeFrench Revolution period18th
The Red CockadeStanley WeymanFrench Revolution period18th
Mademoiselle MathildeHenry KingsleyFrench Revolution period18th
The Adventures of FrancoisSilas Weir MitchellFrench Revolution period18th
A Storm-Rent SkyMatilda Betham-EdwardsFrench Revolution period18th
The Adventures of the Comte de la MuetteBernard CapesFrench Revolution period18th
Our Lady of DarknessBernard CapesFrench Revolution period18th
The Red ShirtsPaul GaulotFrench Revolution period18th
A Girl of the MultitudeWilliam TrowbridgeFrench Revolution period18th
The Little Saint of GodLady F. CunninghamFrench Revolution period18th
St. Katherine's by the TowerWalter BesantFrench Revolution pd-England 179318th
At the Sign of the GuillotineHarold SpenderRobespierre, 179418th
The Parson's Daughter (g)Emma MarshallGeorge Romney, the Painter18th
The Maid of Maiden LaneAmelia E. BarrNew York, 179118th
Arthur MervynCharles Brockden BrownPhiladelphia, 1793 (yellow fever)18th
Ropes of SandRobert E. FrancillonNorth Devon, 179318th
A Business in Great WatersJulian CorbettSussex Smugglers / French Conspirators18th
The Whites and the BluesAlexandre DumasRise of Napoleon (1793-9)18th
The Choir InvisibleJames Lane AllenKentucky, 179518th
The Mills of GodElinor Macartney LaneVirginia and England18th
The King's OwnFrederick MarryatMutiny at the Nore, 179718th
The AdmiralDouglas SladenNelson, 1798-918th
The Battle of the StrongGilbert ParkerJersey, etc, end of 18th Century18th
In Press-Gang Days (b)Edgar PickeringBattle of the Nile, etc18th
The AntiquarySir Walter ScottScotch Manners end of 18th Century18th
The King's DeputyHenry A. HinksonDublin in time of Grattan18th
Rory O'MoreSamuel LoverIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Kathleen MavourneenRandal McDonnellIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Two Chiefs of DunboyJames A. FroudeIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
The RebelsM. McDonnell BodkinIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
Up for the GreenHenry A. HinksonIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
The CroppyJohn and Michael BanimIreland (the '98 Rebellion)18th
The Inimitable Mrs. MassinghamHerbert ComptonGretna Green & Botany Bay, 179918th
The Companions of JehuAlexandre DumasNapoleon in Egypt (1799-1800)18th
The Minister's WooingHarriet Beecher StoweUS Manners - late 18th / early 19th century18th
Little JarvisMolly Elliot SeawellUS quarrel with France 1798-180018th
The Hungarian BrothersAnna Maria PorterVienna, end of 18th century18th
The ChouansHonore de BalzacBrittany in 180019th
Rodney StoneArthur Conan DoyleEnglish Social Life, early 19th cent19th
My Lords of StrogueLewis WingfieldIreland at the Union19th
Swallow BarnJohn P. KennedyVirginian Life, early 19th Century19th
BlennerhassettCharles Felton PidginAmerica--time of Aaron Burr19th
A Son of the RevolutionElbridge S. BrooksAmerica--time of Aaron Burr19th
The Man Without a CountryEdward Everet HaleAmerica--time of Aaron Burr 1805-719th
At the Point of the Bayonet (b)George Alfred HentyBattle of Assaye, etc19th
The Hour and the ManHarriet MartineauToussaint L'Ouverture19th
The Adventures of a Goldsmith Miss M. H. BourchierFrance; Royalist Conspiracy 19th
PicciolaXavier B. Saintine (or Joseph Boniface)Earlier Napoleonic period19th
A Boy of the First EmpireElbridge S. BrooksNapoleon, Fouche, etc (1806-15)19th
When George III Was King (b)Amyot SagonTime of Nelson19th
SpringhavenR. D. BlackmoreTime of Nelson (Trafalgar)19th
TrafalgarBenito Perez GaldosTime of Nelson19th
Afloat With Nelson (b)Charles H. EdenTime of Nelson (Trafalgar)19th
Ruhe Ist Die Erste BurgerflichtWillibald AlexisPrussia--Invasion of Napoleon, etc19th
IsegrimmWillibald AlexisPrussia--Invasion of Napoleon, etc19th
RafaelErnest DaudetSpain--Charles IV and Napoleon19th
Tom Burke (of "Ours")Charles LeverFrench Wars (Consulate--Empire)19th
Adventures of an Aide-de-CampJames GrantBattle of Maida, 180619th
Charles O'MalleyCharles LeverPeninsular War19th
Alice Lorraine (g)R. D. BlackmorePeninsular War19th
The Romance of War (b)James GrantPeninsular War19th
With Moore at Corunna (b)George Alfred HentyPeninsular War19th
Under Wellington's Command (b)George Alfred HentyPeninsular War19th
The SubalternGeorge R. GleigPeninsular War19th
The BivouacWilliam H. MaxwellPeninsular War19th
Sons of the SwordMargaret L. WoodsPeninsular War19th
With the Red EagleWilliam WestallAustria, early 19th Century19th
A Red BridalWilliam WestallAustria, early 19th Century (Hofer)19th
War and PeaceLeo TolstoyNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
KennethCharlotte M. YongeNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
Through Russian SnowsGeorge Alfred HentyNapoleon's Russian Campaign19th
ShirleyCharlotte BronteThe Luddite Riots19th
Forest FolkJames PriorThe Luddite Riots19th
An Ocean Free LanceW. Clark RussellPrivateering in 181219th
St. Ronan's WellSir Walter ScottNear Firth of Forth, 181219th
D'Ri and IIrving BachellerAmerica--War of 181219th
The Big BrotherGeorge C. EgglestonUS--War of 1812 / Indian War, 181319th
In the Year '13Fritz ReuterFrench occupation of Mecklenburg19th
Uncle BernacArthur Conan DoyleNapoleon and his time19th
Exploits of Brigadier GerardArthur Conan DoyleNapoleon and his time19th
The Shadow of the SwordRobert BuchananNapoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Grantley Fenton (b)Matilda Maria BlakeNapoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Vengeance is MineAndrew BalfourNapoleon and his time (Elba)19th
Face to Face with Napoleon (b) (g)O. V. CaineNapoleon and his time19th
In the Year of Waterloo (b) (g)O. V. CaineNapoleon and his time19th
One of the 28th (b)George Alfred HentyNapoleon and his time (Waterloo)19th
The Blockade (of Phalsburg)Erckmann-ChatrianNapoleon and his time19th
The ConscriptErckmann-ChatrianNapoleon and his time19th
Waterloo (Sequel to "The Conscript")Erckmann-ChatrianNapoleon and his time19th
Stories of WaterlooWilliam H. MaxwellNapoleon and his time19th
The Great ShadowArthur Conan DoyleNapoleon and his time (Waterloo)19th
St. IvesRobert Louis StevensonFrench prisoner in England, 1813-1419th
Cheap Jack ZitaSabine Baring-GouldThe Fen Riots19th
Les MiserablesVictor HugoFrance, 181519th
LazarreMary H. CatherwoodSon of Louis XVI / France & US 1795-181519th
The Nameless CastleMor (Maurus) JokaiDaughter of Louis XVI (Hungary in Napoleonic pd)19th
Lords of the NorthAgnes C. LautCanada--Hudson Bay & NW Companies19th
The Revolution in Tanner's LaneMark RutherfordNonconformity, early 19th Century19th
The Manchester ManMrs. G. L. Banks (or Isabella Varley Banks)Manchester early 19th Century (Peterloo)19th
Vanity FairWilliam Makepeace Thackeray"High Life," George III-IV19th
Mis'ess JoyJohn Le BretonLast Years of the Regency19th
Yeoman FleetwoodMary E. Francis (or Mrs. Blundell)Last Years of the Regency19th
A Lady of the RegencyMaud Stepney RawsonTime of George IV19th
Taken From the EnemyHenry NewboltPd of George IV-Napoleon plot 182119th
Royal GeorgieSabine Baring-GouldTime of George IV19th
The VintageE. F. BensonGreek War of Independence, 182119th
The CapsinaE. F. BensonGreek War of Independence, 182119th
Black ProphetWilliam CarletonIreland, in 182219th
The WhiteboyMrs. S. C. Hall (or Anna Maria Hall)Ireland, in 182219th
Hungarian NabobMor (Maurus) JokaiHungary, 182219th
The Green BookMor (Maurus) JokaiRussia, 182519th
Thaddeus of WarsawJane PorterPoland, about 183019th
The Fiery DawnMary E. ColeridgeDuchesse de Berri (1831-2)19th
The Last Vendee (or The She-Wolves of Machecoul)Alexandre DumasDuchesse de Berri (1795-1843)19th
The FirebrandSamuel R. CrockettSpain--Queen Cristina and Carlists19th
In Kedar's TentsHenry S. MerrimanThe Carlists19th
For the RightKarl Emil FranzosCarpathian district, 183519th
MiddlemarchGeorge EliotTime of William IV19th
Felix HoltGeorge EliotTime of William IV19th
Under the Mendips (g)Emma MarshallTime of William IV (Bristol Riots)19th
TrewernR. M. ThomasTime of William IV (Wales)19th
SwallowH. Rider HaggardSouth Africa--the Great Trek, 183619th
John CharityH. A. VachellEarly Victoria (Hants and California)19th
Alton LockeCharles KingsleyEarly Victorian period (Chartists)19th
SybilBenjamin DisraeliEarly Victorian period (Chartists)19th
To Herat and CabulGeorge Alfred HentyFirst Afghan War19th
Castle RichmondAnthony TrollopeIrish Famine19th
Castle Daly (g)Annie KearyIrish Famine19th
MononiaJustin McCarthyIreland, 184819th
IshmaelMary Elizabeth BraddonFrance; Louis Philippe; Napoleon III19th
Journeyman LoveMaud Stepney RawsonFrance (Period of the '48 Revolution)19th
Mademoiselle MoriMargaret RobertsItalian Revolution, 184819th
Doctor AntonioGiovanni RuffiniItalian Revolution, 184819th
VittoriaGeorge MeredithItalian Revolution, 184819th
For FreedomTighe HopkinsWar of Italian Liberation, 185919th
Out With GaribaldiGeorge Alfred HentyWar of Italian Liberation, 185919th
Debit and CreditGustav FreytagSilesia, 184819th
The Baron's SonsMor (Maurus) JokaiHungarian Revolution, 184819th
ManassehMor (Maurus) JokaiItaly and Transylvania, 1848-5919th
RavenshoeHenry KingsleyPeriod of Crimean War19th
SevastopolLeo TolstoyPeriod of Crimean War19th
The InterpreterGeorge J. Whyte-MelvillePeriod of Crimean War19th
By Celia's ArbourWalter Besant and J. RicePeriod of Crimean War19th
A Gallant Grenadier (b) Captain Frederick S. BreretonPeriod of Crimean War19th
Seeta(Philip) Meadows TaylorIndian Mutiny19th
The DilemmaSir George ChesneyIndian Mutiny19th
On the Face of the WatersFlora Annie SteelIndian Mutiny (Siege of Delhi)19th
FlotsamHenry S. MerrimanIndian Mutiny19th
For the Old Flag (b)Clive Robert FennIndian Mutiny19th
Jenetha's VentureCol. Alfred F. P. HarcourtIndian Mutiny19th
Eben HoldenIrving BachellerNY Journalism (Horace Greeley)19th
The CrisisWinston ChurchillAmerican Civil War period19th
The Red Badge of CourageStephen CraneAmerican Civil War period19th
With Lee in VirginiaGeorge Alfred HentyAmerican Civil War period19th
The DeserterHarold FredericAmerican Civil War period19th
A Day in the WildernessHarold FredericAmerican Civil War Period19th
The Copperhead and Other TalesHarold FredericAmerican Civil War Period19th
Who Goes There?B. K. BensonAmerican Civil War period19th
Friend With the CountersignB. K. BensonAmerican Civil War Period19th
The CavalierGeorge W. CableAmerican Civil War Period19th
Henry BourlandAlbert Elmer HancockAmerican Civil War Period19th
Red RockThomas Nelson PageAmerican Civil War Period (Reconstruction)19th
An Emperor's DoomHerbert HayensMexican War of Independence19th
Lay Down Your ArmsBaroness Bertha von SuttnerForeign Wars, 1864-7019th
For Sceptre and CrownGregor Samarow (or Johann F. M. O. Meding)Prussia v. Austria, 186619th
The Member for ParisEustace C. Grenville MurrayFrance--Napoleon III19th
The PlebisciteErckmann-ChatrianFranco-German War Period19th
LorraineRobert W. ChambersFranco-German War Period19th
ValentinHenry KingsleyFranco-German War Period19th
The Isle of UnrestHenry S. MerrimanFranco-German War Pd (Corsica)19th
The Garden of SwordsMax PembertonFranco-German War Pd (Strasburg)19th
Ashes of EmpireRobert W. ChambersFranco-German War Period19th
The DownfallEmile ZolaFranco-German War Period (Sedan)19th
Une Epoque (contains four novels)
  Le Desastre [Metz 1870]
  Les Troncons du Glaive [La Defense Nationale]
  Les Brave Gens [Episodes]
  La Commune [Paris, 1875]
Paul and Victor MargueritteFranco-German War Period19th
The ParisiansEdward Bulwer LyttonParis Commune19th
The Red RepublicRobert W. ChambersParis Commune19th
The Velvet GloveHenry S. MerrimanSpain, 1870--The Carlists19th
SEMI-HISTORICAL  (depict a bygone era)
The Forest LoversMaurice HewlettMedieval LifeMiddle Ages
The Scarlet LetterNathaniel HawthorneMassachusetts, end of 1600s17th
Castle RackrentMaria EdgeworthIrish character, early 1700s18th
Treasure IslandRobert Louis StevensonAdventure, middle 1700s18th
The Vicar of WakefieldOliver GoldsmithEnglish Rural Life, 1700s18th
Annals of the ParishJohn GaltScotch Village Life, 1760-181018th-
EvelinaFrances (Fanny) BurneyFashionable manners late 1700s18th
Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenEveryday Society, early 1800s19th
Adam BedeGeorge EliotEnglish Rural Life, early 1800s19th
DestinySusan E. FerrierScotch character, early 1800s19th
Traits and Stories of the Irish PeasantryWilliam CarletonIrish Peasant-life, early 1800s19th
O'DonnelLady Morgan (or Sydney Owenson)Irish character, early 1800s19th
The GrandissimesGeorge W. CableUSA early 1800s (Creole life)19th
(The History of) PendennisWilliam Makepeace ThackerayLate Georgian-Early Victorian manners19th
The NewcomesWilliam Makepeace ThackerayLate Georgian-Early Victorian manners19th
CranfordElizabeth GaskellEnglish Provincial Life 1800s19th
PerlycrossR. D. BlackmoreEnglish Provincial Life 1800s19th
The Blithedale RomanceNathaniel HawthorneMargaret Fuller and the "Brook Farm" group, under fictitious names19th
The Tragic ComediansGeorge MeredithFerdinand Lassalle, under fictitious name19th
Uncle Tom's CabinHarriet Beecher StoweSlavery in America19th
A Kentucky CardinalJames Lane AllenAmerican Manners, 185019th
AftermathJames Lane AllenAmerican Manners, 185019th
Barchester TowersAnthony TrollopeEnglish Cathedral City, mid 1800s19th
SunningwellFrancis Warre CornishHigh Church and Broad Church, mid 1800s19th
Beauchamp's CareerGeorge MeredithEnglish Politics, mid 1800s19th
Mary BartonElizabeth GaskellManufacturing District, mid 1800s19th

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